Quilt Quibble

>> I have little to say on V&A's latest Quilts exhibition where I snapped these pics which seemed a bit of a shame to have languishing on the cam.  The V&A of course have PLENTY to say on the subject of their massive retrospective of British made quilts dating from 1700-2010.  All I can surmise is…

… these are the quilts I'd like to see come together in a Lu Flux ruffled and tiered dress as illustrated…


…here in this piece from the A/W 10-11 collection "Dames and Knights".  Except each layer would have to be bigger and more pronounced so you can actually see the quilt.  As opposed to just layering separate pieces of fabrics into a long skirt, it would be made up of layers of the composite quilts so there would be like… a trillion (I calculated that…) patterns in one dress…


…and this Liberty printed Union Jack is perfect all by itself, ready to hang on my wall whenever it's ready to make a move from the V&A…


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  1. Love Love your blog. I am following it for a while and this is my preferred one.
    Bonne continuation,
    Kisses from France,

  2. That dress is immaculate. I wonder how it would look with the quilts instead of the fabrics used. I imagine it being bolder and look more royal. This has tons of DIY potential.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog, when I tweeted I wasn’t meaning to have a go at you! It was nothing personal at all, all I meant was that I knew my blog had gone downhill, as my posts weren’t as interesting recently and i wasn’t posting as regularly as i used to. I realise you’re really busy, and to be honest I didn’t even think you’d read what i tweeted haha.
    Love the dress on this post! I’m going to the v&a soon when the Grace Kelly exhibition opens, as I bet that’s going to be amazing, might have to pop in and have a look at this too 🙂

  4. Great exhibition! Definately not ‘old ladyish’ at all, would recommend it to all fashionistas and DIY fans!

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