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>> I'm dubious about this mythical 'heel come-down' that we're SUPPOSED to be going through as though it's a sort of spring summer detox after a night of heel headonism.  If fashion week attendees were anything to go by, it seems that many a woman (and a few men too!) are pretty much determined to prop themselves right up there with some challenging footwear (let's ignore the fact that the fashion week circus is in itself a bit of a warped reality eh?).  

And so sculptural fantasists like Julia Lundsten who has continued her Finsk Project No. 1 to make these new Project No. 2 shoes may have a problem on her hands since she's not actually putting these feet feats into production, and clearly some die-hard heelists will most certainly want them on her feet for the purpose of stalking across the Tulieries.  I'm not one of those brave souls but I definitely have something inside me raging and wishing I had the shoe balls to do it…



For firmer feet on the ground, for A/W 10-11 Finsk have developed that wedge shape which upturn the point so that it sticks out at the top of the wedge rather than the bottom…

IMG_1832 IMG_1833

IMG_1835 IMG_1836

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  1. oh WOW shoe porn is sooo right on lady!
    Hey ps – you coming to Syd for Fashion Week? We should meet up would love to meet you babe 🙂
    Bel, Lovemore

  2. hello sweet bubble!!
    Oh my god I still not understand how is it possible to wear a pair of shoes like the first ones!!how can you walk with that???

  3. Damn you Susie! I was with Julia Lundsten in her studio today and she said that no one had covered these shoes, so I was going to do a feature tomorrow. And you’ve beat me to it!
    The shoes are incredible, but so is the rest of her collection, I’ve ordered three pairs and bought a Spring Summer pair today.

  4. OMG!! I have to agree with Alicia – Sea Of Ghosts; fabulous shoes that you can’t walk in! =P But hey isn’t that why we love shoes, because they’re pretty?

  5. Hi Susie,
    I passed you and your boyf walking up Wardour street today as I walked in the opposite direction, I really wanted to say Hi but I didn’t want to interrupt you guys. So Hi, I have enjoyed your blog for a few years and haven’t commented before, I wandered if I would see you/other London bloggers at some point around London (this ocured to me when I bumped into Pelayo -literally- in Covent Garden a while ago). Saw Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield about three seconds after seeing you, so an exciting day all round!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jo

  6. Alexandra: Wowzers…three pairs! You are a fan! Apologies…. it was Varg PR’s press day yesterday so a lot of people would have seen them along with myself!
    Jo: You shoulda said ‘Hi!’… I’m not sure about a London bloggers meet up…. I mean, there are more and more events being organised for bloggers specifically so that’s the only time when I ever really see London/UK bloggers… I’m not very proactive though when it comes to organising meet-ups
    Bel: Yup I am indeed coming to Sydney… not sure what my schedule is like but hopefully there’s time to meet up etc… just flag me down if you see me!

  7. Let’s be honest, people are always going to want to be taller and have better legs. And no-one will ever,. EVER want a shoe with a moustache.

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