>> I'm dubious about this mythical 'heel come-down' that we're SUPPOSED to be going through as though it's a sort of spring summer detox after a night of heel headonism.  If fashion week attendees were anything to go by, it seems that many a woman (and a few men too!) are pretty much determined to prop themselves right up there with some challenging footwear (let's ignore the fact that the fashion week circus is in itself a bit of a warped reality eh?).  

And so sculptural fantasists like Julia Lundsten who has continued her Finsk Project No. 1 to make these new Project No. 2 shoes may have a problem on her hands since she's not actually putting these feet feats into production, and clearly some die-hard heelists will most certainly want them on her feet for the purpose of stalking across the Tulieries.  I'm not one of those brave souls but I definitely have something inside me raging and wishing I had the shoe balls to do it…



For firmer feet on the ground, for A/W 10-11 Finsk have developed that wedge shape which upturn the point so that it sticks out at the top of the wedge rather than the bottom…

IMG_1832 IMG_1833

IMG_1835 IMG_1836

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  1. Clare says:

    Wow… I didn’t think I could love Finsk anymore but it seems I can. Those are full on awesome.

  2. Leonidas says:

    oh wow. the first shoes are frightening actually

  3. The nude suede(?) pair is amazing, the colored cut out is so fun!

  4. oh it’s orignial , but difficult to walk with them.

  5. Ugh these are ridiculous in such a good way. I just want to stomp around in them and cause a scene.

  6. Vint Junky says:

    Have to agree the nudey pair with green flash at heel are amazing!

  7. lovemore says:

    oh WOW shoe porn is sooo right on lady!
    Hey ps – you coming to Syd for Fashion Week? We should meet up would love to meet you babe 🙂
    Bel, Lovemore

  8. Grazia says:

    wow, che scarpe fantastiche!!!

  9. isis says:

    hello sweet bubble!!
    Oh my god I still not understand how is it possible to wear a pair of shoes like the first ones!!how can you walk with that???

  10. Damn you Susie! I was with Julia Lundsten in her studio today and she said that no one had covered these shoes, so I was going to do a feature tomorrow. And you’ve beat me to it!
    The shoes are incredible, but so is the rest of her collection, I’ve ordered three pairs and bought a Spring Summer pair today.

  11. Miss Curious says:

    OMG!! I have to agree with Alicia – Sea Of Ghosts; fabulous shoes that you can’t walk in! =P But hey isn’t that why we love shoes, because they’re pretty?

  12. Clara says:

    wow! i love it!!

  13. Allison says:

    I love these! Susie, you could totally pull this off! I love the more conservative ones at the bottom, too. They’re probabaly okay to walk in since it’s a wedge! 😀

  14. Amy Douglas says:

    I don’t know how or where you would even start to try to walk in those heels! Amazing.

  15. I am in LOVE with these shoes!!!

  16. Jo says:

    Hi Susie,
    I passed you and your boyf walking up Wardour street today as I walked in the opposite direction, I really wanted to say Hi but I didn’t want to interrupt you guys. So Hi, I have enjoyed your blog for a few years and haven’t commented before, I wandered if I would see you/other London bloggers at some point around London (this ocured to me when I bumped into Pelayo -literally- in Covent Garden a while ago). Saw Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield about three seconds after seeing you, so an exciting day all round!
    Have a lovely weekend, Jo

  17. Abysm says:

    cool amazing stunning wow

  18. Lora Jane says:

    Those white, black and purple ones are to die for!

  19. susie_bubble says:

    Alexandra: Wowzers…three pairs! You are a fan! Apologies…. it was Varg PR’s press day yesterday so a lot of people would have seen them along with myself!
    Jo: You shoulda said ‘Hi!’… I’m not sure about a London bloggers meet up…. I mean, there are more and more events being organised for bloggers specifically so that’s the only time when I ever really see London/UK bloggers… I’m not very proactive though when it comes to organising meet-ups
    Bel: Yup I am indeed coming to Sydney… not sure what my schedule is like but hopefully there’s time to meet up etc… just flag me down if you see me!

  20. ICO says:

    Wow…This is totally crazy…even looks harder than walking in Japanese Geisha shoes. I’d love to try it!!

  21. 6roove says:

    just amazing! crazy & fantastic
    I want these beige ones!
    Watching the waves

  22. Elin says:

    They look cheap……..

  23. Elle says:

    KER-RAZZAY! Like the black suede pair.

  24. Isabel says:

    The silver pair are my favourite!!

  25. Miss Jeanett says:

    Wow, the first ones look crazy!!

  26. dierdre says:

    They look fabulous but they are unobtainable.

  27. Brigadeiro says:

    Absolutely wicked!

  28. Well those are just ridiculous. On me. It would be awesome to seem them worn by another girl 😀

  29. Milana says:

    I would definitely wear those black ones in the last picturers!
    Milana from http://fashionstyleadvice.com

  30. The Style PA says:

    Hello broken ankles!! They do look amazing though.

  31. Annie says:

    Let’s be honest, people are always going to want to be taller and have better legs. And no-one will ever,. EVER want a shoe with a moustache.

  32. susie_bubble says:

    Annie: Is there something I’m not seeing? Where is this moustache?

  33. Lucy says:

    oh my, I really really really need to have them on my feet… on ward and upward!

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