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>> Whilst I admire a lot of fashion films (ones that accompany collections or are used in place of presentations/shows) that have been produced in the last few years since the medium exploded, I do think that people seem to use the medium very liberally, just for the sake of saying "Oh, I've done a FASHION FILM, you know?" or it has become THE lofty thing to do as a way of adding an intelligent air to their aesthetic.  Of course, we may be getting to that murky territory of 'Is fashion art?' etc etc and obviously I'm not at all against the marrying of art and fashion in films that are truly magnificent. 

Still I do think that in some cases that it has been overthought and overwrought a bit and so it's actually refreshing to see these little tidbit vids that Because magazine have come up with as a way of presenting the products they're loving.  Because is created by the peeps at Tank magazine and in addition to their blog is their site of curated products that they're into.  You may recognise certain Tank peeps through the fashion papping of Mr Ton, such as Caroline Issa, Pandora Lennard (me thinks her signature flame locks have done quite a few blog rounds…) and Chloe Kerman and they're the ones that are choosing these items to be brought to life through these cute little films.  This is probably the opposite of lofty seeing as it is what it is; a hot model doing some hairography in an Alexander Wang sweater or some cute Miu Miu S/S 10 cat prints dancing around on a screen with some equally cute Peter Jensen bunny glasses all backed by snippets of friendly music.

It is an unapologetic frivolous, simple yet effective way of presenting singular products… and all in the 30 second chunks that runs around in the fast stream of the internet, in the same way that the average time spent on this blog is around 2 minutes…

See that bit of fluff blow on these Louis Vuitton clogs // Hula-hooping with a Julian J Smith dress

Tis transparent, that Prada clutch // Marina and the Diamonds goes so well with this Dries Van Noten glass and pearl bracelet

Sturdy Acrobatics


I have quite a few A/W 10-11 shoe fests to delve into so much so that I may have to temporarily hang up this banner and call the blog "Bubble sees Shoes" for a bit but not to worry as I'm most confident that by and large, the majority of you aren't irked off by shoe fests.

Let's get practical first shall we?  Nicole Brundage's secondary line Acrobats of God showed me some mighty fine tricks with lengths of elastic in the debut collection last season and once again, for A/W 10-11, Brundage has our feet firmly encased in yards of elastic which is actually all the better to stretch over and accommodate any wooly socks or chunky tights (at one point last winter, I wore two pairs of tights AND socks all together to keep the legs warm…).    The premise is still that of practicality and so the sole gets a very grippy lug sole (similar to the zig zag ones that Camilla Skovgaard has taken to) which are all the better for slippery surfaces.  See, a sign that I may not be completely away with the fairies and that yes, we must WALK in these damn shoes.  


The light unpolished wood of last season's heels gets a ash-grey finish that also looks fit for trudging in and around wet surfaces.  Oh dear lord… I think this may be my mother talking.  Please make this incessant practical-point talking cease!



The elastic also gets a whole lot chunkier and thicker so that the foot is more covered up.  If feet ever did mysteriously gain weight, this of course wouldn't be a problem with these shoes… incidentally, is it merely a myth that feet don't get fat… I've definitely noticed toes fluctuating in sizes… this could of course be my overactive brain. 

Musca verde Ostea mil

Volta2 Volta3

I kind of wouldn't mind if this boot was entirely made out of elastic from the heel up…


I kind of expect there to be seat belt clasps somewhere in this shoe where the elastic seems to veer off into the little folds that you see in safety straps… 


Elastic may be allowing feet to get acrobatic but safety first…and no whites…!  Beware of broken pavements!  And don't sit too closely to the windows on buses!  (Can you tell I'm missing my mother a little bit?)

FB Note


>> I don't normally get freaked out by these things but seeing as Facebook is an unknown beast and some people do take it semi-seriously I'd just like to make a note…

This Susie Bubble 'fan' page is NOT me writing… 

I know it is just a 'fan' creating a page but when you have a little icon with your pic in it with 'Susie Bubble' saying things like 'H&M sucked' when I have never said any such thing, and people are replying back with comments addressing you as 'Susie'…. then it all just gets a bit confuzzling..

If you are a 'fan' of this page, please just note that anything going on this wall is NOT written by me at all…

**EDIT** Have reported this and I don't mean to rain on this person's parade….hopefully he/she will be relieved at not having to update this fictitious page

**EDIT** I've blocked out the names as a commenter pointed out they didn't want to be 'stalked'… wow…this is the sort of world we live in now apparently.  Me thinks, this is why Facebook went straight over my head…

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Confronting the T Legs


Cooperative-designs-spring-summer-2010-look16>> I'm a loser who backtracks on her words.  I've expressed misgivings about words such as 'tribal' and 'ethnic', words thrown around quite loosely in fashion because more specific terminology is not at hand to give definition.

What do I find myself buying?  Some crochet leg warmers from the Cooperative Designs S/S 10 collection that can only really be described as 'tribal'.  Though strictly speaking, the collection itself is a tribue to all things Bauhaus which confuses the issue further.  Nonetheless, there's no getting away from that t word and no, I cannot tell you what bloody tribe it is other than the aesthetic is from that big, gigantic, continent called Africa (do you despair when you hear kids on buses declaring Africa is a country…?)

T word aside, these legwarmers (hmm… might need to rethink the name here as clearly they're not going to be err… keeping the pins warm..) form quite possibly the trickiest item in my wardrobe.  Once you get the knots and ties all sorted, the panels all in the right place, the loops all hoisted up and plus the fact I needed a suspender belt to keep the whole structure up and running, it does take a good five minutes to ensure everything is a-ok.  Still, it's five minutes well-spent and since their first outing in Paris a couple of weeks ago (complete with flailing hair et goofy expression…), these have been itching to be experimented with more…

Paris1 Paris2
(Photograph by Mr Newton for Refinery 29 // Photograph by Phil Oh of Streetpeeper – wearing Krystof Strozyna blazer over vintage polka dot rainmac, gradiated tights, TUK creepers, White Triumpet dot cut-out tee over Whistles jumper, Jennifer Loiselle headband and Full Circle clutch)

For now though, let's just simply count the knots (14 in both legs), loops (four straight forward straps for the ankles) and toe straps (two…for the big toes)… yes, I now own an item of clothing with TOE straps…let's try and top that, yah?

Oh, and thank you sun for deigning to pop out so that I don't feel bad that these aren't actually warming the legs…

DSC_1243 DSC_1249