On the Grey Beach

I'm one of those peeps that prefers a grey beach to a sunny one.  I like sludgey cement looking sand, choppy waters the colour of pebbles and faded beach huts that look like they might fall down.  When I went to Calla Haynes' showroom in Paris and she told me she was possibly going to shoot her sophomore collection on a grey beach, a *ding ding* sound went off in my head as I exclaimed "Yes, this collection definitely needs a grey slightly rain-sodden beach!".  So the lookbook images are in for her A/W 10-11 collection and there are no beaches to be found which obviously gives ME the perfect excuse to see how I can get my hands on some of these beautiful melancholic pieces for my own grey beach consumption… I get a good deal of that going often to Westgate-on-Sea, Steve's hometown.

From fish skins and peachy pastel prints of her first collection, the tone becomes more sombre but actually more ethereal with this A/W 10-11 collection.  Yet at the same time with this collection, Calla has also gone with the 'grounding down' by catering to have more of a complete wardrobe – the boyfriend jacket that was the star piece of last season becomes quilted, there are coat dresses, printed jersey pieces and cigarette trousers for day.  The signature dress – the robe gaine – with its sweetheart neckline and elastic/mesh corset support becomes pleasingly l o n g e r in sheer printed chiffon which is an added bonus for me.  The dress also comes with a detachable ten layer skirt that flounces out at the waist if you're feeling a little more frivolous…


Calla2 Calla3


Calla5 Calla6


Calla8 Calla9

Another star jacket of the collection…


IMG_1079 IMG_1098

I know Breton has been done done done but I love the 'dirtied/texturised' feel of these stripes… // I never thought burgandy leather panelled leggings could look so good

IMG_1092 IMG_1088

I love the iridescent quality of this jacquard…

IMG_1080 IMG_1102

I love that along with print, Calla's speciality, there's also an element of texture which she manages to incorporate quite seamlessly so that there is this organic synergy.  So along with actual texture, she replicates textures from abstract paintings, flamingo feathers as well as a Breton stripe which looks like it has been pencil-shaded.  Then she has this wool/lurex jacquard that sort of mirrors the strokes of her prints as well as a handwoven Ikat and moir√© silk (I had this stuff hanging as curtains for ages at home… never thought it could looks so good as skirt/trousers) to make things more pronounced.  I'm glad she's given us an upclose look of her prints on her website to ensure everyone knows what Calla is all about!


32 Replies to “On the Grey Beach”

  1. Hi Susie,
    This collection is stunning – I’m especially in love with the ikat jacket. Do you know if the collection is availabble in the UK – and where?
    Thanks for finding all this amazing stuff.
    Collastro *x

  2. I prefer cold, grey beaches too!
    This collection is beautiful – the first dress is just perfect. I love the chiffon layer.

  3. i love love love her designs!
    im trying to find a studio contact on her website, but I cant figure it out. does anyone have an email or address for calla?

  4. yesss.. Calla is something amazing! I wish to pop in their shop a.s.a.p, next time when i’ll be in Europe! and stay there for a long hours…)) tnx for sharing!
    I would be glad to see you in my blog!

  5. I discovered Calla on your blog when you did a post on one of her earlier collections and I am not disappointed with this collection – so amazing! I am obsessed with her prints.

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