Verifying the Patternity

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Suuuuuuuupermarket Sarah (sorry, I just can't get the Supermarket Sweep reference out of my head) head been busy busy busy since I last wrote about her.  She's been curating up a storm on her website, collaborating with many peeps to create these clickable walls that are part commerce, part labours of love reflecting each collaborator's personality. as well as incorporating pieces of Sarah's own vintage stash.  Already accessories designer Fred Butler, embroidery genius Scott Ramsay Kyle, Ravensbourne grad Marie Molterer and 90s-addicts DJs duo Work It have made contributions amongst others. 

The latest wall comes courtesy of, a site that you could quite easily drop a couple of hours on as they pick out geometry, pattern sense and symmetry in all walks of life in a highly addictive website as well as operating as a studio and shop.  What with a ton of Ikat/Aztec/random geometric shapes flooding vintage (and some designers' work…), it makes for a fairly pattern-tastic wall on Supermarket Sarah and a few of the items I hearted such as the cream cropped jacket on the left hand side have already been sold…


We have Patternity's own products which are these screenprinted tights which I envision would give some interesting leggyness if you start layering over colours…


We have some choice vintage pieces sourced by Patternity which slot right into the affordable category…



Then we have more one-off options such as this dress by RCA grad Siofra Murphy


I'm not exactly what sure this is…animal, mineral or some kind of deformed vegetable but Georgina Bacchus' creation that I think was used in a Tinie Tempah video is most definitely patternated….


The pi√®ce de r√©sistance though belongs to Tour de Force's gigantic headpiece with incorporated sleeves that that unapologetically scales the heights of adornment… it's some kind of African tribal/Viking/Mexican bonanza that designer Camille Roman has created here which would require standing in some high places where no man made contraptions like errr… doors or ceilings can stop it from existing. 


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  1. Hey there Susie, I just did a search of your blog, looking for a black dress with the “shirt front” in the back. I can’t remember where I saw it, and it’s driving me nuts. Anyways, I love doing the scrolling tour of your blog like that once in a while, it’s always a treat. Just thought you should know. xo d

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