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I haven't had a huuuuge amount of time to wander around Hong Kong like I did last time round I was here and in fact, I'm getting ready to check out as we speak so this really was whirlwind-esque.  Hong Kong may not be my natural hunting ground for shopping given that I'm not completely savvy with all the latest going-ons.  I have to thank an organised dinner two nights ago for finding Kapok.  Steve befriended the store's founder Arnault, a Frenchman who has been in Hong Kong since 1996 over very very fresh sashimi and amaaaazing desserts at Zuma.  Yesterday we took a five minute walk from our hotel to visit Kapok on the edges of Wan Chai (G/F 5 St. Francis Yard) which like a lot of the more interesting HK boutiques is a little tucked away.  It's quite hard to pinpoint the exact aesthetic of Kapok but its emphasis is mainly on independent designers, eco-led products and in terms of clothing; a touch preppy, simple yet-well-made with a slight veering towards menswear.  There are small selections of brands like Our Legacy, Patrik Ervell, Hooked and Commune de Paris, some of which are on the e-store with trainer selections from Common Projects, Feiyue and Veja, all of which can be delved into more via Kapok's regularly updated blog.   


Their accessories selection was far more eclectic though with picks like Stephanie Simek honeycomb and eyelash pieces, Cassius sunnies and Mixko accessories…

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Always nice to see labels like Daydream Nation being supported on their own turf…


I particularly love the paint splatter shorts by Daydream Nation on the right… 

Arnault says that he's touching onto womenswear buying at the moment but isn't completely confident in his choices… I'd say the few pieces that were there were pretty spot-on so… as locals would say "Add Oil!" on the womenswear front!  

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Around the corner on 3 Sun Street, Arnault has just recently opened Kapok's second store which comprises a cafe, an exhibition space and a second floor.  Hong Kong label CCCHU has currently taken over the space with their S/S 10 collection "Crush".  CCCHU is quite literally a duo of CC and Chu who work from a remote part of Hong Kong trying to create story-telling garments.  Their latest collection is about the collision of 'fong' and 'yuen'…. 'angles' and 'curves' joshing around with each other to create these shapes.  I think it takes a live human being to bring these pieces to life because the raw edges and the jutting out shapes can look a little misleading on a static mannequin but I do love how they've set up the pieces with their accessories and local deities…


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Get limber and, oh dear…that dreaded word…'tribal'…  though seriously I'm not completely adverse to the T word in this case…  

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I love how the jewellery has been presented on these carved deities… I *THINK* they're supposed to be modern interpretations of the charms that you get given to you in silk pouches when you're a baby… 

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  1. Augustine says:

    I think their selection of clothes from Kapok is really coherent as their vision of style is a easy, simple but the material and the quality is good…. especially I adore their accessories collection. Hopefully Kapok can move somewhere easily accessible.

  2. Bex says:


  3. ohhhh my! i super love the closet item in here! =) very fashionable! luvn’ it much!!!

  4. Brigadeiro says:

    The knitted skirt is too cute! What a brilliant store! Love the pleating and accessories too!

  5. Interesting, I’m loving the wood carved statues, what a great way to display!

  6. TB says:

    Great to hear you in Honkers 🙂

  7. Poppy says:

    love the amazing jewellery! it’s similar to this shop …
    … but more sculptural

  8. moi says:

    I came across this store online a month ago…for some reason I assumed it was in Paris. Oops. It was an accident though, it was because they carry some organic fruit drink. FIREFLY tonic..that’s it, can buy it at Waitrose.

  9. Katie says:

    love Kapok! love CCCHU’s clothing line!

  10. Catherine says:

    I like those faces and arms

  11. Rachael says:

    Love the blog – if you have time check out Brikolage it’s a magazine designed to inspire creative young minds!

  12. katy says:

    really cool!

  13. Calypso says:

    Wow what fabulous things… I love the way everything is displayed especially the clever use of statue heads. Want those splatter shoes… Yum.
    Love from Calypso

  14. Charms in silk pouches? I’ve never heard of them before, what are they? it sounds really interesting…
    the CCHU (is that how you write it?) skirt is fantastic, as indeed are those shorts, as well as that crocheted skirt in the first few photos.
    wow, how do you get so much into a post?

  15. Stevie says:

    This place is so bad ass. Great photos and I love that leather harness.

  16. YVE says:

    goodness, I’ve seen stores displaying jewelry in many creative ways, but never on carved deity statues! So clever!
    I really wanna go to HK again!

  17. Jules says:

    That store is awesome! It’s so neat.
    The Brown Mestizo

  18. Pony says:

    i would kill to know who makes that pink & black satchel …

  19. Kapok says:

    thanks susie for this amazing report ! it was really such a pleasure to meet with you – and we will keep on “adding oil” and hunt for nice finds and designers.
    Pony, this satchel is designed by 78% – a HK-based designer
    we have added them on the webshop : (we have also added the daydream nation shorts !)

  20. Shai says:

    Well done Arnault & the Kapok team. You created a beautiful sanctuary!

  21. ccchu says:

    Thankyou for the nice comments Susie & Everyone.
    FlorenceGreen- our name is CCCHU, a couple cc+chu based in HK, the collection you see in the photos is our “CRUSH” exhibition which showcases our very first spring summer collection.
    Katie- we are still working on our online shop, meanwhile, we’ll put up a PDF lookbook which you could download & email us for orders.
    neonsprinkles, Calypso, YVE- the chinese statues are used in the exhibition here to celebrate life & the first launch of our works. a mix of eastern & western way of celebrating an event. The wooden deities are hand-carved by a local artist we found in China.
    If you are interested to know more abt the “CRUSH” exhibition & our works, here’s the link:
    glad to hv met you all here,
    cc fm ccchu

  22. Belinda says:

    Hi, Susie. I’m sorry I missed you in kapok! I happened to be in your neck of the woods at the time.
    The women’s collection is expanding as I write. Thanks for all your kind words; we’d love to have you back!

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