Heaven is Under the Sea

>> What would be the perfect accompaniment to the anemone-esque beading of Dean Quinn?  Why, a heavy dose of ostentatious accessories that completely goes against the grain of the season's desire to pare back and tone down that ALSO happens to be inspired by the movements of anemone wafting in the sea, courtesy of Heaven Tanudiredja's new A/W 10-11 collection…








Wearing any of Tanudiredja's pieces makes me want to actually do a shimmying action…and I categorically NEVER shimmy…


I can't quite find the right National Geographic-esque documentary of anemone.  Instead, I'll turn to my good old faithful Disney for illustrative support…

39 Replies to “Heaven is Under the Sea”

  1. It would go perfectly with Dean Quinn’s work, good call. Love the elaborately sea creature-esque details and want to wear them all over the place.

  2. The first few look a bit like some bib necklaces that Marni were doing a while back, love them. Love the bracelet too.

  3. Tr√®s belle collection d’accessoires. Merci pour toutes ces d√©couvertes de chaque jour qui font la part belle aux nouveaux cr√©ateurs.

  4. I always get chills whenever I see the Little Mermaid, I didn’t realise how much I love that film!
    The necklaces are beautiful, I especially love the second one down.

  5. when i come back here my head always pops and i donn’t even think i can comment under all the things i love. but in rushed and messy summary-
    -these gems are amazing especially love the headband, night on your head
    -your outfit in Seals and Cobbles, with the Acne pants held up by elastics, love that too
    -so glad sandra buckland is working in fabric, those dresses are so math-smart like frothy math, you know, on the frothy ones
    -roses on outfits, J.W. Anderson menswear, YES!
    -i have a vintage capelet in that same rose fabric on your oversize blazer
    -rita the flower girl! just beautiful work. and yes agree about acknowledgment going to all
    -gremlin-shaped bag from the Giles A/W 10-11 collection (should I decide to spank some money on it…)—the answer is YES
    -Anthony Vaccarello, especially on Lou Doillon, f’ing brilliant. those pieces are the perfect progression out of 80s, mixed with deco, and somehow with a victorian feeling too, a perfect progress for right now.
    -Fern Kinney, soft-ice-cream-dream love
    The End for now.

  6. Beyond beautiful jewelry.
    Even though I’ve seen The Little Mermaid, like, a bajillion times, I watched your clip anyway. It always makes me feel a little emotional, I think that’s Disney’s special “emotional hostage” touch. Did you know that if you pause when King Tritan swims past the audience, you will see Mickey, Goofy, and Donald among the spectators? True.

  7. Oh Its really nice and much beautiful necklaces. After few days later i want to buy this type of Necklace for my wife. Can i buy it and where it available? What is price?

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