Grounding to Spring

I find it very difficult talking about the 'big gun' designers without feeling a little bit like a retreading tool, adding nothing new to the streams of dialogue that is in full flow on all the blogs.  Alexander Wang is a particular sore point.  What do I say that people haven't touched upon many, MANY times before?  All I can say is that I'm with the consensus that his past two seasons have shown more thorough scope, an expansion of ideas and have actually made me more intrigued about him, but of course other people feel this way as well. 


Well, I've gone for the easy way out of this little conundrum.  The shopping coward's route if you will. In Hong Kong at Joyce, I got rather taken with these 'Trish' loafer wedge mules (I had to look that one up as I'm not one to remember shoe names‚Ķ) in tan.  It's the fuddy duddy-ness and the overall practicality of them that swayed me.  They are sort of refreshingly unremarkable yet not without interest all at the same time.  Anyhow, eschewing the leopard print mules that other peeps were urging me to buy instead, I plumped for a pair of shoes that I'll be kicking off at the end of many hot, sweaty days over the next few months.  Have you ever kicked off mules whilst simultaneously plonking yourself down on the sofa?  It's weirdly satisfying as the shoes clack around on the floor and you then take a good hard look at your swelled up, ruddy feet, thinking the day has ended and you can now settle down to Masterchef.  Ah… bliss…

These grounded shoes have also instigating my own version of 'spring sensible' dressing.  I've never shied away from trendwhoring to the point of obnoxiousness so lo and behold…out comes all of those S/S 10 strands that would inevitably manifest themselves some time or another‚Ķ camel/tan/beige, denim shades, nautical, slightly prepped-out modes of dressing, borrowing boy bits‚Ķ there's a trend-ho in the house!     

(Vintage printed skirt and matching jacket, Carolyn Massey denim shirt, Whistles denim knitted jumper, vintage patent bag)

(Vintage lace top with DIY white beading, vintage gingham check skirt, Topshop plaid shirt tied around waist, Topshop nude lace stockings, Luella saddle bag)

(Vintage beige cashmere jumper, rope skirt worn as top, Lanvin belt, Digitaria poofy shorts, Raf Simons sheer trousers, vintage straw boater)

(Creature de Keis white tee from Liger, Steve J and Yoni P for Topshop chambray jumpsuit, vintage breton top, vintage denim jacket from The Urban Collection, Postalco envelope clutch, vintage beige leather gloves)

(Vintage camel coat, vintage polka dot raincoat, Sibling skull breton jumper, Collection Privee leather skirt, Falke socks)

(Krystof Strozyna teal blazer, Adidas SLVR floppy hat, Antipodium leopard print sequin dress, Richard Nicoll gold trousers, Sou Brette necklace, Acne scarf)

56 Replies to “Grounding to Spring”

  1. I LOVE your loafer/wedge mules, I wore my last pair of wedge’s to death and have been looking for a new pair… these fufill my new shoe need prefectly.
    Kayleigh Ann x
    Kayleigh Ann Style Blog

  2. The shoes are a lot of fun in very “un-fun” way…pretty great. I’ll admit what caught my attention the most, however, was the Collection Priv√©e leather skirt…beautiful.

  3. Just want to say … yr effort in mix and match… is damn bad…… work hard gurl… alot of works to do with yr styling…………

  4. The wedge mules are gorgeous, and so many well put togehter outfits, I love them all. if you get a minute, please check out my blog at leather, lace and studs. my 200th follower receives a gift from my wardrobe 🙂

  5. That peeps skirt look great worn as a top! I would never have thought to do that.
    I have never been a wedge girl, but there are so many interesting versions of them this spring, that I may have to try them out. I’ve heard they are very comfortable…
    Clare x

  6. The leather on those shoes looks really soft, they must be comfortable! Having shoes that you can pair with anything and everything is great, and being able to just kick them off is such a nice convenience on top of it which is probably why my lazy self always tends to just slip my feet into a pair of loafers and run out the door. That Collection Privee leather skirt is such an incredible piece, I would never have guessed it was leather from the way it drapes.

  7. You’re right; they DO ground your outfits and they look great! I really like them and I’m not much into the clog trend either. I also really like your bag in that first picture– fantastic vintage find!

  8. Oh Susie, you did it again, your layering is fantastic as always. I think my favourite outfit is the one with that gorgeous vintage camel coat!

  9. The mix of all these clothes always creates a magical effect on you. Just incredible.
    I just do not really like the last outfit, i find it a little “old” (sorry for my bad english).
    When will you come in France? Did you see the Yves Saint Laurent exposition at the Grand Palais? If you didn’t, come to visit it, it is worth a travel here.
    Kisses from France,

  10. You edited. And I’m finding your new arrogance hard to take. You need to embrace fellow bloggers and their Alexander Wang fixation. As that’s where YOU started. Don’t undermind the minions Susie. That’ll fade you away…….. Especially with the DAZED loss.

  11. ^Edited? You mean the post…? I haven’t touched it since it first went up and I’ve been out all day… you can verify that with Typepad if you like?
    As for when I first started… I don’t recall an Alexander Wang fixation back in March 2006…?
    When did I undermind/undermine the minions? I simply said I felt I had nothing new to say about the matter… ? Which is true… what else can I say about Alexander Wang that hasn’t been said before?
    And as for fading away…that’s completely fine with me as long as I still get to blog and last I checked, nobody needs thousands of readers to carry on blogging…

  12. To further clarify… I would like to say that bloggers and journalists alike have all made fine points about Wang’s work… so really I was questioning what I could say that didn’t feel like rehashing other people’s work…it is afterall a form of plagiarism!

  13. fantastic, absolutely brilliant and perfect in every detail … I have it all wrong in my life, every time I come to your blog makes me want to throw away everything from my closet and start over with a different style!!! I wish I could be like you!!!

  14. indeed, that comment’s ridiculous, there has been no re-edit in here, read it yesterday! as for the outfits, very inspiring, brilliant combinations. i especially like the shirt-as-skirt!

  15. Oh Susie, you da woman! I’m in awe again at your styling skill. you’re the mistress of mixing – colour, texture and pattern. BTW, the map scarf – are map patterns around generally?I want anything with maps on it!

  16. oh no you didn’t….!
    And too right about wang, everyone hearts him so much there isn’t much left to say. And people come back to your blog because you are a leader, not a follower so what’s the point in trying to think of something new to say about a very blogged about designer? except that the shoes are very nice of course.

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  19. sorry for late commenting, still catching up on google reader! i halted the scrolling when i saw your nude stockings, wow i’ve never seen that before! all the naughty connotations of stockings almost disappear because they are nude, so arguably they could not even be there! they’re not making a statement but they’re still visible, i love it!

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