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>> I don't normally get freaked out by these things but seeing as Facebook is an unknown beast and some people do take it semi-seriously I'd just like to make a note…

This Susie Bubble 'fan' page is NOT me writing… 

I know it is just a 'fan' creating a page but when you have a little icon with your pic in it with 'Susie Bubble' saying things like 'H&M sucked' when I have never said any such thing, and people are replying back with comments addressing you as 'Susie'…. then it all just gets a bit confuzzling..

If you are a 'fan' of this page, please just note that anything going on this wall is NOT written by me at all…

**EDIT** Have reported this and I don't mean to rain on this person's parade….hopefully he/she will be relieved at not having to update this fictitious page

**EDIT** I've blocked out the names as a commenter pointed out they didn't want to be 'stalked'… wow…this is the sort of world we live in now apparently.  Me thinks, this is why Facebook went straight over my head…

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  1. Sorry to hear that, but i’m afreid that’s a price of fame 🙁 still if i hear someone mistaking you with that Susie girl i’ll expalin it, and i advice everyone else to do so. Take care and don’t worry. Love,

  2. well, duh, you aren’t at school, and I think everyone knows about H&M. dear me, there are some freaks out there. Be flattered, though!

  3. That’s too amusing considering all the H&M adds on here…Or maybe!!! this is a conspiracy to drum up increased advertising for H&M… 😉 Touche

  4. Yikes! This is why I do run my own fan page… you think she could have at least titled it “I love Style Bubble” or something akin to that, to distance it from you and the confusion of others thinking you do run it…

  5. ‘I’m supposed to be doing homework’ … Is Style Salvage Steve making you do the hoovering ? *I want to be able to eat my dinner off this floor bitch!*

  6. might be worth setting up your own ‘official’ fan page – people obviously want it!! If you use twitter you could just get your ‘tweets’ to appear as your status, saving having to update too much stuff… just an idea!!

  7. I think Tavi has one of those confusing “fan” pages too. You should definitely have your own official page. You don’t want this thing to come up in searches instead of you.

  8. Susie, chill *smile*
    Fan pages rarely are hosted by the “real celebrity”… so the Elvis fan page is – in fact – a fan page, hosted by a fan for other fans (such as the Queen’s, President Obama’s and so on). It’s totally regular!!! That’s how things work!!!

  9. Rosanna: I’m aware of that but I just thought the fan pages posted nothing but err… things like “Elvis feature in New York magazine” etc etc… as opposed to things like “H&M sucks!”
    It’s really really bizarre to me, anyway, the idea of a fan page… why not just connect on Facebook or Twitter direct seeing as I’m pretty active on Twitter?
    As for an official fan page…again, just sounds like another thing to do… I wouldn’t want it to be just a bot page where tweet and blog updates go… gah… I’m such a bonehead when it comes to these things…

  10. If you want to make your own fan page you can connect your page with Bloglovin for automatic updates too. I know I would prefer seeing your actual updates and tweets rather than some weirdo posing as you and making random updates.

  11. Well, the fact that this person does nothing to dissuade others from thinking it’s actually you is disturbing. Honestly, why would she update with fashion stuff unless she were trying to impersonate in some way?
    She may just be a fan, someone weird, or someone trying to get famous at your expense. Definitely needs to be reported by anyone who sees it.

  12. i had an incidence where someone was stealing photos from my page and set up a fake profile. this world is tiny anf i found out about it and got their account shut down.
    some people just have too much time on their hands.
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  13. yeaah, you need to chill because they obviously love you this much. i love that page quit frankly. i think random people interviewing you on the side of the street, as someone did before is creepy. the page it just love.P.s. you could’ve smudged the names so no one gets stalked upon, because I’m on there.

  14. Princesschica: Apologies…I will remove the image now…
    It’s just a note to let people know that it ISN’T me writing that stuff because as demonstrated by some of the replies, some people DO think it is me…
    I honestly don’t mind fan pages… just as long as things are a bit clearer…
    Obviously…this could be my own ignorance about Facebook as I simply don’t understand it!

  15. Oh no, so the Susie i’ve been messaging for months isn’t really you? :'(
    Joking, that is fookin weird!! you know you’ve made it when people wanna BE you that much
    Claire @ young-shields.blogspot.com

  16. Hey there. So, I have an LLG Facebook Fan page, which IS me, & I find it really useful for updating my friends etc with LLG news, as lots of them don’t use Twitter & are in London whilst I am in NYC. Regarding time spent, I don’t auto tweet new blog posts, so it’s the work of seconds to update my Facebook page simultaneously with my tweeting of new post info.
    I always thought the point was that it was for fans OF you, not for a fan to run… LLGxx (altho I *hate* the word fan. Sounds so self-aggrandising.)

  17. I have a fan page to post extra photos and musings, kinda like if my blog were a person and had a facebook page. I agree it does take up a lot of time, which makes the fact that a fake Susie maintaining this page so ridiculous. Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
    Kb from I Want You To Know

  18. I started a facebook fan page because people asked me for it and I started to get a lot of requests on my personal page…but yeah facebook has taken me ages to understand (I’m the same age as you) I’ve done friendster, myspace and now I’m on bloody facebook. Can’t deal with another change in social network preferences! But yes it is weird and disturbing that she is pretending to be you. I think most people would be able to tell it isn’t you by the writing style but its stil a worry. I think making a facebook fan page yourself could errase this problem, and like LLG said it takes no time to update your twitter and facebook simultaneously and there are a lot more people on facebook than there are on twitter so it gives them access to your updates too.

  19. Ummm… WEIRD. And yes, social media has taken stalking to a whole new level. I wonder if this misdirected fan realized she kind of stole your identity? I feel like that couldn’t have possibly escaped her notice, but people often surprise me. Sorry you had to deal with that!

  20. Hey Susie!
    I’m a fan of the page and was a little confused about wether or not it was infact you. Asked the faux Susie a wee question- figure now is probably a good time to ask the real susie haha.
    The Poltock & Walsh baby jumpsuit, the AW09 one? Is there anywhere I can find one now?
    Any help would be absolute awesomeness!

  21. ^Kelleigh… it’s a bit tricky as Poltock & Walsh have now split up…. I believe Katie Walsh is still designing… I’d contact either RelativeMO who still rep their A/W 09 collection and also Poltock & Walsh via their website to see whether the baby jumpsuit is still available…

  22. Ack! Why? Why???
    I love the whinging ‘everyone is finding out about H&M’ – which until now was retail fashion’s best kept secret! Their marketing people will be so pleased that consumers are finally coming in and buying stuff.

  23. Susie Bubble: thanks so much. i really think it’s just fan love. The page got deleted. i know the person who made it 🙂

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