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>> Whilst I admire a lot of fashion films (ones that accompany collections or are used in place of presentations/shows) that have been produced in the last few years since the medium exploded, I do think that people seem to use the medium very liberally, just for the sake of saying "Oh, I've done a FASHION FILM, you know?" or it has become THE lofty thing to do as a way of adding an intelligent air to their aesthetic.  Of course, we may be getting to that murky territory of 'Is fashion art?' etc etc and obviously I'm not at all against the marrying of art and fashion in films that are truly magnificent. 

Still I do think that in some cases that it has been overthought and overwrought a bit and so it's actually refreshing to see these little tidbit vids that Because magazine have come up with as a way of presenting the products they're loving.  Because is created by the peeps at Tank magazine and in addition to their blog is their site of curated products that they're into.  You may recognise certain Tank peeps through the fashion papping of Mr Ton, such as Caroline Issa, Pandora Lennard (me thinks her signature flame locks have done quite a few blog rounds…) and Chloe Kerman and they're the ones that are choosing these items to be brought to life through these cute little films.  This is probably the opposite of lofty seeing as it is what it is; a hot model doing some hairography in an Alexander Wang sweater or some cute Miu Miu S/S 10 cat prints dancing around on a screen with some equally cute Peter Jensen bunny glasses all backed by snippets of friendly music.

It is an unapologetic frivolous, simple yet effective way of presenting singular products… and all in the 30 second chunks that runs around in the fast stream of the internet, in the same way that the average time spent on this blog is around 2 minutes…

See that bit of fluff blow on these Louis Vuitton clogs // Hula-hooping with a Julian J Smith dress

Tis transparent, that Prada clutch // Marina and the Diamonds goes so well with this Dries Van Noten glass and pearl bracelet

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  1. I’m probably not supposed to say this, but I really didn’t care for these videos. The music, shure, but the videos struck me as boring and left me with a bit of an eerie feeling. Love the actual pieces, though! Maybe it’s just not my thing…

  2. I’m doing my thesis on ‘fashion films’! πŸ™‚
    did you know that the first time fashion got a leading role in a film (or better in a newsreel feature), was in 1910? πŸ™‚
    back then filming a fashion show and presenting it on the big screen was a perfect way for film producers, such as Pathé, to attract more women to the theaters …
    later on, simple plots and story lines were added to the fashion shows featured in the film,
    which then evolved into movies such as funny face
    add some tie-ins, product placement and star identification to that and you’ve got yourself Sex and the City…
    the recent trend of live streaming fashion shows or setting up a story line in an experimental film is based on the original 1910 kind of ‘fashion film’

  3. Tiffany: I’ve vaguely heard of that but have never seen real examples…wonder if the BFI has any examples in their archives…?
    Raggedy Ann: No of course, you are! I personally love the brevity and sort of ‘frivolity’ about them… and also seeing clothes and pieces move… I think it’s just that the singularity of them mean that these can’t really be viewed as films with narrative or anything…that they are sort of like moving images…

  4. I was looking for some of those early fashion film-newsreels but I only found some ‘fashion related’ pieces in Pathé’s online archive. πŸ™‚
    Elisabeth Leese is a pioneer when it comes to fashion films in the early days. You can find some of the movie titles in her book “Costume design in the movies”, pp. 9-17. You can find it easily on Google Books.
    If my thesis was in englisch, I would send you the document. But I’m still too busy with finishing it, let alone translate it! πŸ˜‰ If however, you would like to see my bibliography, just let me know.
    greetings from Belgium.

  5. In the Prada bag 30 second fashion video, does anyone know the name of the song and who its by? I really like what I hear of it and I can’t hear any of the lyrics other than “take me”.
    Please let me know! πŸ™‚

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