Some of you already know. A tiny proportion of you have you heard some false things flying around. The majority of you don't know and probably don't care as what I do outside of this 1280 x 1024 screen doesn't impact on you at all.

I've resigned from my role as commissioning editor of  By the by, it's ok if you didn't know/care that I had a job outside of popping around the screen in cute outfits.  I'll still be contributing to Dazed in some capacity but I have decided for reasons I won't go into that I wish to concentrate on the blog and other projects.  I didn't want to have to write this at all because it is completely pointless in relation to the blog but there were some horrid rumours flying around that I had been fired, which literally gave me red bulbous hives at fashion week and in my own nitpicking defensiveness, I had to set the record straight.

I have no concrete plans, no next job lined up, no clue as to what I'm going to do. This could well mean I'm going to be looking at tins of baked beans for a while, at odd job ads that I would never have considered and perhaps I'll be spending a bit more time scrubbing away at stubborn floor stains that just won't go away.  A listless housewife existence is calling to me I feel.

A Few Practical Points that Might Impact on your Blog Reading Time…

Obviously working for Dazed afforded me some very fortunate opportunities – namely going to shows during fashion weeks.  Ah, the obsession of every fashion blogger coming up the ranks.  So much has been said this season in particular, about the number of bloggers sitting in front row, sitting elsewhere or merely being present.  It does need to be stated that most shows I've attended in the past two years has been on behalf of Dazed which has put me in a weird position for the future.  As a blogger and nothing else, as of this moment now, I don't think I'll be fighting my way into shows purely because I don't feel like I've earned that right yet.  I've witnessed enough smirks, catty remarks and jeering comments to know that bloggers from the point of view of certain parts of the industry, aren't really gaining the respect that many people think they are and I'm including myself in that category.  If I'm brutally honest, I'm not even all that riled up about it either.  There are many that do deserve to be there but I'm not sure if I'm one of them.  I for one would rather stay away from the battleline especially when much of what I write about doesn't really need to involve a show ticket bumfight.  So, in short.  Less shows.  Less "Look what I wore outside at the Tulieries".  Unless the job situation changes that is.

I will be blogging a bit more frequently.  I always do have a lot of post
ideas on the go of which many I've had to kill off due to time
constraints.  Hopefully this new period of err‚Ķwell‚Ķnothingness will
mean more blogging and maybe some more evolved ideas.

There are *gasp* ads on the side of the blog.  Sometimes, there are *double gasp* two.  Hopefully they haven't been completely killing your time on the blog.  If so, you can always surf away.  They will continue to be there.  Just think of it as Susie's rent floating around there in chunks.  That might make me a sell-out in some respects but that doesn't make me impartial either.   Not unless an ad for Roberto Cavalli popped up.  That would be taking it too far.

I may give the blog a further design tweak but nothing dramatic.

If I'm honest I'm scared of the future but I'm also secretly excited too… it's going to be a rough ride traversing between fear and intrepidness.

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  1. ellio100 says:

    all the best girl, sure you’ll do just fine. pretty brave/scary/exciting step, but ‘you can’t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart’ (thanks bruce) and they’re the best steps to take

  2. Banshee says:

    Susie, I see bright things in your future. It is sooo scary, I decided to leave my job as a fashion buyer over a year ago to take a year off to go travelling. No regrets what so ever, except I cannot get back into fashion!!! Yikes, maybe there is regret there!!! This is not to put you off, your blog is so inspirational to me and many others. I know you will be go onto even greater things, and all down to all your hard work. Good Luck Miss Bubble!! xx

  3. all the best susie, i have no doubt you will pave your own path of creativity and general awesome-ness. i think a lot of us are facing changes this year, which is so exciting and hopefully only breeds more creativity. take some time to breathe before your next leap – make sure it is the right one for you! look forward to seeing more big things. the style co-op x

  4. Jennifer L. says:

    Good luck Susie, I know there are bigger and brighter things out there for you…A rather selfish note, but on the plus side for us readers, more posts! xx

  5. Ampoule says:

    God luck!
    I admit I didn’t always read all of your posts, but your honesty in this one definitely makes me one of your future readers!
    With that attitude I am sure you are going to Rock! 😉

  6. Tessa says:

    Good luck Susie! I quit my job with nothing to go to a couple of years ago and it was scary at first but it totally worked out in the end. I got to move direction to something I liked better and managed to pick up a bit of freelance work too.

  7. Clément says:

    I wish you the best Susie!

  8. jeno says:

    Miss Susie,
    Losing a job is always a scary thing but yes you are right, it is damn exciting too. With your talent, I am sure you will go a long way. With your reputation as a blogger I am sure you wouldn’t need to chase for fashion show tickets, they will come to you. I have been following your blog ever since you started and I can feel that being out of Dazed is the start of something big for you. Cheer up and keep the creativity coming! Your fans are here for you. Besos from Spain! xxx Jeno

  9. Clare says:

    I’m really quite proud of you! I know dazed was such an amazing opportunity but I loved early Susie and felt you were happier then, probably just my opinion though.
    I’m sure whatever you go on to in the future, you’ll be incredibly successful and there’s no need to worry.
    Looking forward to seeing more of you in the blogosphere 🙂

  10. Trisha A says:

    Oh Susie, you’re so terribly talented that I think your worrying is rather unfounded. I’ve no doubt that mags et al will be swooping down to poach you as soon as you’ve hit ‘publish’ on this post. I wish you all the best and I suspect in a few weeks’ time, you’ll be reporting wonderful news. Much love, Trisha x

  11. Hanna says:

    I am soooooo egg-cited for you! (haha)
    You do whatever you want to do! don’t do the things you don’t want to do. I lurrrveee your blog I check it daily.

  12. JP says:

    Tis true, the future freaks me out too. But you are SUSIE BUBBLE, fashion extraordinaire. Don’t forget it.
    An Earful Of

  13. J'oess says:

    Don’t be afraid of tat, Susie. There must be some ways out.
    I love reading yr blog, juz keep it up !!
    All the best !

  14. moi says:

    Woah…what happened there… (you should totally dish the dirt!!!). Good luck, you’ll find your way, job offers lining up? With the success of DazedDigital and a few other multimedia resources, there’s totally the scope to launch a fully focused Online Mag which maximises the potential of the Internet. Food for thought……… ay ay ay…. Not sure on your opinion of things at present, but it’s something I’ve felt is a huge gap currently. There’s nowhere online to get really good journalism with a wealth of multimedia content, such as designer interviews on camera and so on. Recently ‘the corner’ interviewed Masataka Matsumara of Giuliano Fujiwara which was so insightful and obviously Diane interviewing Rad…no? There’s a few online resources, but the content on a whole is rather poor.

  15. Zoe says:

    congratulations on being so brave! I’m sure everything will work out brilliantly 🙂

  16. Shini says:

    We knew all your opportunities to fly around the world for fashion weeks and sit in front rows etc were all part of the D&C job but would still have accepted and praised if it what this blog gave them all to you, you deserve it with all the talent you have. I don’t mind the ads you have, heck I can even click on it everytime I come, if that helps in any way 😛 There are professional bloggers that earn a living ( namely)from the ads on their blog, but then again just give it a week or two you’ll have jobs lining up around the block for you.
    Ah this is only the beginning 😉
    Much love!

  17. Shini says:

    And hey, if you need any help with Graphic Design or coding you know who to come to 😛

  18. we’re here for you!!! good luck with stuff, i’m sure something good will find it’s way onto your path

  19. Tuesday says:

    All the best to you Susie, you’re very talented and for sure there’ll be no time you’ll get offer left and right. I’ve always fascinated with your style and blogposts, keep it up!

  20. You shouldn’t be scared, you’re too awesome. I imagine people will want you at their shows and will invite you regardless of whether you have a job or not. x

  21. Susie, you will no doubt be in-undate with job offers now – everything happens for a reason and I strongly believe this will be a majorly positive turning point for you.
    Keep up the good work…I am excited to see what the future holds for you 🙂
    (…and don’t feel bad about the ads – you put so much time and effort into this blog – why shouldn’t you make some moeny from it?) xx

  22. Lou Lou says:

    Good luck! I’ll even click on your ads if it means I still get to enjoy your writing and you get to pay your rent. All the best! xo

  23. Tina Surelia says:

    Well Done Susie! I did the same and have never felt better. Its an exciting time to be free!!! xx

  24. Good luck, scary I’m sure but very exciting too. x

  25. Ginta says:

    Good luck, Susie! I love your blog, it was the one which long, long 🙂 ago made me to start to follow blogs. So, take your time, develop, find what you’re searching for and what makes you happy!
    And despite your modesty, I think that you’re totally the one who should be at the shows.

  26. Babette Wendy says:

    I wish you all the best.
    I’ll be clicking your ads daily now!!!

  27. Oh, you brave soul. I worry for you not, my dear. You obviously have good reasons for your choice. Go with the flow and things will work out. (I hate philosophical drivel but I actually believe what I’m saying!) I gave my career a total shake-up two years ago and it was the best thing I ever did, and there was not a shred of a plan in place, it was borne of necessity rather than opportunity. This is a good thing. xx

  28. 10mh says:

    Sometimes you just have to take a chance and give up some security in return for the excitement of not knowing what comes next.
    As someone who’s done something similar recently (and who only ever eats baked beans because she fancies them!) all I can say is a really cheesy high-five-style ‘go for it!’ You won’t regret it for a minute I’m sure!

  29. Eline says:

    I don’t know which bloggers are actually at fashion shows but Tavi but I really do think you deserve a place there albeit not on the front row because not only do you have an obvious great passion for fashion but you also have the insight and writing talent to be reporting about them. Anyway, good luck in this new step!

  30. Good luck, Susie! I’m sure the future will be bright for you. Nx

  31. Michael K says:

    A brave decision. I wish you all the best in your future ventures and project.
    I read both Style Salvage and your blog frequently (although I hardly ever comment, so you are probably none the wiser to my existence!) Michael

  32. Laurrren says:

    good luck for the future! you’d be top out of any blogger I would think deserves front row status.
    for some reason I always think of you as the first EVER fashion blogger…not necessarily true but your blog was the one that sparked my interest/OBSESSION with fashion blogs and always the one I come back to when all others fail. x.

  33. Good luck with the many directions you’re going! I know you’ll do amazing with every endeavor!

  34. jessie says:

    all the best, susie! i’m pretty sure the next job will be just around the corner. if somebody deserves a big place in the fashion scene, it is def. you!

  35. Hebden says:

    Wanted to add my voice to the well wishers. I know from personal experience that sometimes you just have to do what feels right for you (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve left a job with absolutely no idea of what I was going to do next)…if you do, things usually turn out okay.
    Good luck!

  36. Sarah says:

    Props as usual, love. Besides, beans on toast is still a fave of mine.

  37. christina says:

    I wish you all the best. I can image that you are afraid. I would be too. But maybe you succeed in earning money with a blog and in blogging for a living. would be a great example!

  38. Scary but exciting stuff! I really admire you for getting out of a job that didn’t feel right anymore and having faith that something will come up in the future (and having read your blog for quite some time now, I strongly believe that it will!) Look forward to seeing how the blog and your life evolve with this dramatic change 🙂

  39. It’s sad that you have to defend yourself, as it’s really no one elses business! But good for you, Susie – all the best for what I’m sure will be a very successful future x

  40. Nat says:

    Sometimes you have to do what you feel is right. Good luck, I’m sure you will be brilliant at whatever you decide to do. And how exciting!

  41. Nardjisse says:

    I like your point of view. It’s honest and sincere. I crossed your eyes during last Paris FW shows, i felt this distance you can make between the hystery of being there, asking for a tiny standing opportunity to let you in, or taking some street look pics of people, and the reality of the “job” as a blogger : writing, tell a story, giving your point of view… I hope you will like your new future ! Good luck !

  42. kim says:

    Hi Susie, all the best for the future! I never came here for fashion show shoots anyway, you can see those on any site. I come here for your style. Taking some time out may work out great for you. One of my former colleagues was unemployed for 14 months and he took the time to learn how to cook, took several classes and started working out. Best thing that ever happened to him. This could be a great opportunity for you (designing?).

  43. amanda says:

    everything will find its place! it’s great to see someone taking risks and following their gut…good luck 🙂

  44. Claudine says:

    This is an unusual post for you. You sound really down. It will get better, and those people who were spreading rumors about you will pretend to be your friends again before long. Good luck and please keep up with your wonderful blog.

  45. My gut tells me this is a good thing for you, and my gut has been right a lot lately 😉
    You know about the “leap” I had to take to become independently employed and how much YOU helped me, so you should also know that you’ve already done the hardest part…the leap! And also know that if there’s any way I can help YOU now…I’m here. I think you will have unlimited success doing things your own way. Have you ever thought of taking on some work as a stylist? Maybe you should set up some creative shoots with some photographer/model/designer friends to see if it could be your cup of tea. If only I lived in London…playdate!

  46. maya says:

    good luck. I’ve been in just this position – to some extent still am – and I can say from experience it is hard, scary nerve-racking stuff. but stick by your guns and the people you love, and it will all work out!

  47. danielle says:

    ” I don’t think I’ll be fighting my way into shows purely because I don’t feel like I’ve earned that right yet.”
    That has to be the most bullshitty thing ever. I don’t know you, but I’d feel fairly confident in saying that you deserve a seat at the shows (if that’s not already a petty statement) more than most all. You are creative and gutsy and seemingly very much YOU in a sea of one…keep it up. I think, from reading your blog through the past few years that you have deserved anything you want in this business.

  48. Having recently left my well paid, flexible job to concentrate on my writing and to live on a four hour a week job I am on a par with you dear girl. Feel the fear and let it drive you to what ever it is that makes you happy in life. You’ll have time to dream more, think more and I guarentee you’ll end up happier.
    Good luck lovely…Here’s to living the dream.

  49. My goodness Susie, my heart was pounding really hard when I read this…literally nearly had a near-stroke experience.
    There are plenty of opportunities out there who are willing to take you, you’ve worked your butt off and we witnessed that. *Add oil*
    I can’t wait to see new tweeks in your blog.
    I wish you all the best, and you need anything like photography-wise I’ll be here 🙂
    Kit x

  50. Ondo Lady says:

    Good luck to you Susie, whatever you do I am sure it will be a glittering success cos you are good like that. Sometimes you just have to follow your dream.

  51. lisa says:

    Wishing you lots of success with the path you’ve chosen! You’re much too modest, Susie. If any blogger deserves the opportunities and show invites, it’s you!

  52. wafflesss says:


  53. Alexander says:

    You HAVE to do the shows! I’ll have no-one to gossip with!
    No Tesco’s in your future Susie my darling. Much love from the crew as always.

  54. Isabelle says:

    Jump into the void!
    I’m really excited to hear what happens next, I’m sure it will be great…

  55. Duck says:

    I wish you so much good luck! Personally I’m looking forward to the even more frequent posts 🙂 As for the ads – if they had been there from the start, it would probably have put me off, but knowing you’re probably in need of a bit of dosh at the moment, I don’t see the problem in making a little cash out of something you clearly devote so much time/energy/money (i.e. clothes) to.
    Best wishes for the future

  56. BobbinTalk says:

    Good luck with everything and anything you do next!
    I am sure new opportunities will present themselves to you and you will be happy with how things work out! 🙂
    Looking forward to all your blogging no matter what the format!
    All the best Suzie!!

  57. Nicole says:

    I wasn’t commenting a lot on your posts in the past, but alsways reading them. Now I have to comment to wish you all the best and good luck for the future. I’m excited to hear that you will blog more and can’t wait to see the new tweaks.

  58. katie says:

    Awesome and all the best. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. If the reasons are somewhat hazy right now, i’m sure they will unfold and turn into sheer brilliance. Probably when you least expect it..( ie- on the way to purchase some beans)
    Total bonus= more blog posts.

  59. WendyB says:

    I’m sure you’re going to have tons of opportunities. Congrats on your new adventure.

  60. rollergirl says:

    Congrats on Doing The Right Thing hon. You’re in for a great adventure. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next (hah, no pressure then!). xxx

  61. Sonia Luna says:

    How exciting! Scary, but exciting, I wish you all the best dear Susie, you know really good opportunities will come your way. You are a passionate, honest and beautiful (inside and out)person and you deserve great things to come your way!

  62. I love your blog. Of course you deserve to be at the shows. It seems as though the squeaky wheels get the grease so shout LOUD. (One blogger in particular who I really *don’t* believe should be at the shows seems to just SHOUT LOUD and get what she wants. And then doesn’t even write about fashion.)
    YOU live and breath fashion, it seems to me. So keep on keeping on!

  63. Gerlinde says:

    oh dear … what happened?
    whatever, good luck to you!
    hope you will find a new job soon,
    you really are an awfully intelligent person,
    there’s no way this can be hidden from the world 🙂

  64. frances says:

    If there is ANY blogger existing in the universe who deserves to be at shows, you are she.

  65. susie_bubble says:

    I can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time to wish me luck…I really didn’t think I needed to post about it but I think it is good to be honest about these things…
    I’m still not feeling 100% optimistic but I’ll get there… or at least…I’ll try and get there…

  66. The Style Pa says:

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do from here on in. I’m sure you’ll be successful whatever it is. And I certainly don’t care about a couple of ads here and there. A blog takes time and effort to keep going, especially to the level you have built up… it should be able to give something back to the person who has spent so much time on it.

  67. A G says:

    Susieeeee you have the best of all the fashion blogs!
    I’ve never commented here before, but I just wanted to let it be known (even if you never ever read comments, don’t know?)that I’ve been tracking your blog for at least 2 years now.
    While other blogs (& mags, oi!) have come and gone … within my bubble of interest, that is… yours has consistently remained fun, BS-free, has lead me to discover loads of new designers & is that lovely rare thing…self-centred without being egoistic.
    I’ll stop before this turns into a thesis but I thought it was important ( & I’ve got some time to kill waiting for my MRI 😉 to say that you’re fantastic. And you should start your own damn magazine..or e-zine. I’d definitely cough up the cash for it.
    much love from the middle east

  68. PRIMOEZA says:

    congratulations! enjoy the ride. i’ll be reading 🙂

  69. Good luck Susie, I’m sure you’ll figure out where you want to go :o)
    Me on the other hand….you’d laugh if you knew of the bloody terrible minimum wage UNIFORMED job I’ve had to take for the summer to pay the rent…***shudder*** Sort of feel like I’m dying a bit inside but it won’t be forever…and I’m sure things will never be that bad for you! x

  70. Steff says:

    All the best Susie! I find that quitting a job is always for the best, even if it takes a little while to figure that out. Add all the ads you need. 🙂

  71. Kat George says:

    Susie I have no doubt you’ll excel at whatever you do next- you’re my dream girl and you’re tough and intelligent and funny and incredibly capable.
    As for the rumour mongers, just flip them the bird. It’s all jealousy and gossip anyway, and we all know what I think about jealous gossipers.
    Hopefully you’ll be in London in July for a catch up… Maybe you can drop me an email and let me know your best contact details, seeing as I only have your Dazed mail!

  72. Linda Nguyen says:

    and that’s how you project yourself through fashion. bold, courageous, and creative. all the best susie!

  73. odie says:

    Dear Susie,
    I’ve been avidly reading your blog for ages and always thought you to be most informative,witty,inspiring writer.
    Good luck with everything and keep those great posts coming our way.
    And if ever the sadness creeps in, just remember to: always look on the bright side of life…

  74. fashionemma says:

    Well done on handling it so professionally x That is why you deserve to be in fashion and as someone else said earlier, I think any mag would be silly not to take you on to their team! Enjoy a little time to chill . . then decide what you want and go for it!!!! . . . . Really should take my own advice haha xxx

  75. jess says:

    Susie- I admire you for having the courage to leave your job and to begin a new yet unknown path. I know that the future is bright for you as you are very talented! For us readers it is good news as you’ll be spending more time with us – at least for now! I wish you all the best for the future!

  76. Shelley says:

    Change and uncertainty (especially about one’s income) is always scary, but your quirky, adorable personality is what has made you so popular, and that’s not going to change, so there are going to be great opportunities out there for you.

  77. Emma says:

    You’re the most self-deprecating blogger out there, and the one with the least cause to be. If anyone questions your presence at any fashion show, they.. should have their head examined. All the very best for what lies ahead!

  78. Kb says:

    Good luck, not that you need it. I see an exciting destiny for you and look forward to seeing what comes your way…

  79. Jess Lee says:

    Susie, whatever you do you’ll be a star! Your perspective on fashion is wholly unique and interesting.

  80. Becca says:

    A big change but I’m sure you’ll come through fabulously.

  81. whoosh! wow, that is a change. here’s to courage! this last move i made was the scariest thing i’ve done in my life, i let go of all safety nets. but once i did it, so many more wonderful things came to me. your support has changed my life from the beginning of SWANclothing. and your wondrous [and i really mean that] bloggings make my head explode like a pinata and make me want to sew maniacally. i’m sad to hear about the snideness. but am not surprised. that’s a rough crowd. Paris did me in a couple of times. i think you have real insight. and are evolving symbiotically with the internet. and you’ll be more than fine.

  82. lucia says:

    Congratulations! Really, I think it is a brave thing and one that you clearly feel is the right decision. By the way, I just read “The 4 Hour Work Week” – very inspiring and all about doing exactly what you have just done!

  83. sioux says:

    welcome to the club! or rather, welcome to the tribe, the Sioux tribe of creative … a tribe made up of freelances living on seasonal contracts, no pension, no sickness, no rights, people who work so hard, who have talent but are often at the mercy of the economic crisis and of the moods of the art director … I too have lost my job 2 months ago, after 17 years working in the fashion industry as a fashion designer … I fully agree with your feeling of vertigo at this time of change … I just want tell you that you’re good and talented, do not let anyone make you believe otherwise!

  84. katy says:

    As stated a million times above, you really are very brave! Congratulations for being strong enough to make a real choice in life. I am literally bursting with pride that you are taking this journey… I really look forward to seeing where your path takes you!

  85. Kazz says:

    I look forward to seeing/reading all about your new venture good luck Susie.

  86. lyrebirdgully says:

    Oh Susie, you have given us readers so much delight with your blog, and we have taken it all for free…I am sure if we could, we would pay you back by giving you a bright and shiny future. Long may you blog – and everything else you care about.
    So here’s another wish to add to the tide of best wishes heading your way.Surf’s up…

  87. TheLicentiate says:

    I know how scary it is to leave a job that, for whatever reasons, just isn’t viable anymore. Welcome to the Dark Side. And congratulations – this marks a new phase!

  88. Nadine says:

    Don’t worry Susie I think you will get some other good jobs and I’m really interested in your new projects. You really making a good job at fashion shows reporting and featuring all kinds of runway shows or fashion events. Keep your tail up!

  89. dust says:

    she who dares, wins!

  90. Oh also… “show ticket bumfight” cracked me up 😉

  91. koko says:

    If you ever get tired of baked beans and SPAM (the myster-meat kind, not the digital kind…) you can always rent a bus and give London shopping tours! I will be first in line.
    Also, what’s to stop you from taking an outfit picture in front of the Tuileries? Doesn’t have to be fashion week!
    Cheers and good luck with the housewifing. Maybe you can come over and weatherstrip my windows…

  92. meredith says:

    congratulations on taking the leap! sometimes we have to go where life takes us, and i, for one, fully support you. selfishly, i love the idea of more posts!! best of luck from a devoted reader.

  93. Raquel says:

    Go girl. This is my favourite blog ever, and i´m happy you´ll be focusing on it now. Money (and fashion week invitations) will come around, you´re very talented.
    love and all the best

  94. Mathilde says:

    well done! a hard thing to do but these things always work out for the best in the end. I am a big fan of ditching jobs as soon as they don’t feel right anymore. and I dopubt you will be sitting at home for long! but in the meantime rest, sleep, relax… seriously you must be bloody knackered you never seem to stop.

  95. Annie says:

    good luck, I’m sure everything will work out if it’s not already

  96. PJ Kane says:

    Carry on exactly what you’re doing.We read because your exciting, honest and informative. 🙂 pj

  97. jennine says:

    I have been soo bad at getting the time to read other blogs lately, and had missed this post, though I heard you were quitting before the email went out (I didn’t want to say, but I did NOT hear you got fired though…)
    The thing is, you brought so much value to Dazed, and I think you can do for yourself what you did for them. The fact you were able to maintian this blog while working for them doing both sites at such high levels, your future in fashion media is nothing short of blaringly bright.
    I personally am really looking forward to your new ventures my dear!!

  98. Winnie says:

    Wow Susie, I’m a little late in the game to be reading this now but I just wanted to say that I think your humbleness/honesty is one of the reasons I love reading your blog. You might not agree but you’re the biggest blogger out there and funnily enough, so many of us can relate to you- you’re so down to earth and normal! Both in writing and in person!
    I realise that your trips to various fashion weeks were part of the job…but even with all the debate around the place of bloggers, I think you most certainly have a place there, no question!
    Anyway, I know you’ve a bright future ahead and It seems mad that you’re worried about jobs etc, you’ll have lots of opportunities coming your way I’m sure, but I expect it’s nice to take a breather for now!

  99. Just to begin – I completely admire you. I have no clue about anything you mentioned (rumors, etc) and I really don’t care about that catty stuff. You’ve opened my own little eyes to so many intriguing inspirations and for that I am totally thankful that you have shared your world with so many of us anonymous viewers. I think that most people end up at some point in their lives standing on a shaky precipice, determined to go forward despite the risk of uncertainty and failure. Going into it – that sea of the unknown – that is what makes a strong and memorable artist. Your blog itself is art, and you a talented artist.
    I wish you the best of luck, success and happiness.

  100. matthieu says:

    good luck! send you all the best for the upcoming project!!
    kiss from antwerp

  101. susie,
    only the best with the “new” chapter in ur fashion journalism career – the sky’s the limit,

  102. aline says:

    Good luck with wverything! Please consider doing a media kit with ad pricing!
    “Risky is being safe”

  103. Marketa says:

    Sorry to hear about all the craziness and rumors, Susie.
    Best of luck and much success for your future projects.

  104. Jillian says:

    Wishing you the best Susie! You’re an inspiration, whatever you decide to do next!

  105. graciela. says:

    Honestly, I read your blog to see YOUR outfits. So I’m okay if there are less fashion shows and coverage of designers (though, that’s nice too). It’s really your styling that got me hooked on your blog and I’m sure lots of other people here are looking forward to seeing more of you.
    And good luck with the future! As a late 20-something who gave up her health benefits and salary to go back to school and start all over, I know how scary it seems. You’ll do great!

  106. Hey Susie,
    I introduced myself to you after the Lanvin show a couple of weeks ago. I told you it was my second fashion show ever–only I failed to mention that I had actually hustled my way in, as I did with the previous one, lol. I’m just a Nobody blogger who recently moved to Paris and had always dreamed of seeing a d√©fil√© one day–so I made it happen.
    On that note, bollocks to all this “who deserves and who does not” business. I’m not saying I feel it is all plebeians’ god-given right to sit front row, but I do wish shows would become more accessible to those who rabidly love the art. As you do, as I do. And your success has been so inspiring to many like myself. Your writing is fabulous, and you clearly know your way around design/fabric terminology, so no more of this self-deprecation!!
    Can’t wait to see where this new development takes you.

  107. In more than one way you inspire me Susie, and this forthright post shows why. You are terribly real, and put yourself, and your passions out there. I have no doubt you will find yourself in a very advantageous situation, but I admire the honest scare as well as the excite of your present. I hope you get paid to be you, and get paid well. As always, I look forward to your blog posts, and I don’t mind the ads. Take care, adorable one! xo. -Bella Q

  108. Susie! Sad to hear that you won’t be contributing full time to Daze anymore, but I guess this will be good for me and other readers b/c more blog posts! I’m sorta in the same boat as you, as I left my cushy job just back in January to focus on blogging and other projects…I’m still not eating canned beans…but it’s a bit of a tight rope when it comes to things that used to come easily. Le sigh.
    Eagerly awaiting any face lifts to the bubble….

  109. Gloria says:

    Whatever your reasons were for leaving, I wholeheartedly wish you the best!! and yes, that line between blogger/”professional” at fashion weeks is difficult..

  110. Ria says:

    I recently just quit my job too! I did it to focus on my online boutique though because I really feel like if I put in all my effort there may be something there but it is terrifying to know I don’t have that guaranteed income and may potentially be eating cup o noodles for the next few months but I’m taking the plunge anyway.
    Good luck to you on your similar journey. 🙂

  111. Susie your incredible!
    no need to be scared!
    i’m confident you can do what ever you set your mind to do
    I will be cheering you on! 🙂

  112. Intiz says:

    Good luck Susie..I’m sure you will find a great job 🙂

  113. a says:

    Good luck, lady. You can do anything.

  114. Bonbon says:

    This sound like a “come and get me” post really – Please do not do your own range, that would be unfair to us trained fashion designers if you get advantage because of your online fame!

  115. susie_bubble says:

    Bonbon: Own line? I don’t think so… how did that thought even cross your mind!?! This was a post to set the record straight about my leaving Dazed (see second paragraph) and also to notify readers about ads/posts/shows etc… points which to impact on the blog’s content…

  116. Mer says:

    People may forget all the work you are putting into this blog (and all that it may include: comments, twitter, facebook, my god…mails!). Is so easy to gossip around…I wish you all the luck to you in this new path, we now you’ll be fine.

  117. ceezee says:

    Good luck. I’m sure you’ll be just fine. And for the ads, I don’t think you should apologize for trying to earn a few bucks for the hard work that you do.

  118. gualetar says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  119. geri says:

    you will land on your feet, you are a star! best of luck, would love to work together in the future. xo

  120. andrea says:

    firstly good luck on your new venture…something will happen.
    i wanted to comment on the press/ blogging/ rights to shows situation…etc.
    Having worked in fashion I know that…….
    1. Fashion editors get free product. 2. Fashion Directors get lots of free product 3.Editor of the magazine get everything.This comes from advertisers, designers and companies interested in getting editorial space. Simple. sometime they like you and what you have done and send you a thank you.
    Magazines…front cover shots are always advertisers and sometimes beauty and perfume advertisers are mentioned just to add more space to their exposure quota.
    Nasty comments? are they threatened by your front row position? well you are there because a designer and a press person wants you there…maybe they just like what you do and say!
    So we know fashion is all about a bitchin session and there is a lot of time to kill waiting for shows to start.frankly i would prefer to read your blog than a magazine that is truly tide into advertising dollar spends on all pages with little room for the new and the interesting. with some exception, the only ones who get away with great images are the ones that are not buying into it.
    So big bloggers from big corporations and big corporate mag editors take a look at yourself and see if there is more to your comments than your saying.
    thats all.

  121. Good job Susie! All the best, you have the excellent creativity. I am sure peoples definitely loves your creation like me. carry on!

  122. Fash ho' says:

    hey sooze
    big-up from an old tfs-er, fash ho’.
    sounds like a brilliant plan and I’m looking forward to your focus on the blogging because that’s what i always loved about stylebubble, really interesting posts on thought-provoking matters.
    its been fascinating to see your evolution and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  123. selina says:

    ah so annoyed i’ve got to this post a million years late! amazing that you got the chance to experience the whole editor thing and how many people get to do that?! something tells me you won’t be pushing in with the standing crowds at fashion week now you are beyond a blogger and i feel you’ve earned the rights of a writer at least. i’m too not so bothered that people were picking at bloggers over this fashion month, as most bloggers haven’t had the careers most of the attendees have and don’t necessarily need that view of the shows, what’s wrong with watching the live stream now?

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