Quilt Quibble


>> I have little to say on V&A's latest Quilts exhibition where I snapped these pics which seemed a bit of a shame to have languishing on the cam.  The V&A of course have PLENTY to say on the subject of their massive retrospective of British made quilts dating from 1700-2010.  All I can surmise is…

… these are the quilts I'd like to see come together in a Lu Flux ruffled and tiered dress as illustrated…


…here in this piece from the A/W 10-11 collection "Dames and Knights".  Except each layer would have to be bigger and more pronounced so you can actually see the quilt.  As opposed to just layering separate pieces of fabrics into a long skirt, it would be made up of layers of the composite quilts so there would be like… a trillion (I calculated that…) patterns in one dress…


…and this Liberty printed Union Jack is perfect all by itself, ready to hang on my wall whenever it's ready to make a move from the V&A…


Splitting from the Parentals


>> Remember those Proud Parents, the Jakarta-based label that consisted of Muqliza Imroni and Resida Irmine?  Well Muqliza has flown the nest away from her parentage and has continued her speciality of resin based jewellery label Sou Brette, which has resulted in these pieces that form her latest collection 'Runic'.  Nothing to do with the runic alphabet but instead with a lot of resin trapping clusters of safety pins, polished metal and reassuringly thick ropes, according to Imroni, the "future is ancient".  Safety pin adornment may have been overkilled by the affliction of watered down 'punk' tributes but when trapped in a cluster inside a sleek and sharp mould of resin, suddenly those pins have been spun into something unexpected.  The polished metal piece reminds me that I reaaaaally need a mezzaluna aka a herb chopper which might be an odd thing for a piece of jewellery to remind you of but I take parsley/coriander chopping VERY seriously. 

It took a rather long winded journey for these Runic pieces to make their way over here but I'm mighty glad that I have them as strong ammunition against any moo days that might come along in these brooding times…


DSC_1170 DSC_1182



(Wearing vintage Tadashi jumpsuit from The Urban Collection – Dree, when are ya coming back???)


Project Continued


>> I'm dubious about this mythical 'heel come-down' that we're SUPPOSED to be going through as though it's a sort of spring summer detox after a night of heel headonism.  If fashion week attendees were anything to go by, it seems that many a woman (and a few men too!) are pretty much determined to prop themselves right up there with some challenging footwear (let's ignore the fact that the fashion week circus is in itself a bit of a warped reality eh?).  

And so sculptural fantasists like Julia Lundsten who has continued her Finsk Project No. 1 to make these new Project No. 2 shoes may have a problem on her hands since she's not actually putting these feet feats into production, and clearly some die-hard heelists will most certainly want them on her feet for the purpose of stalking across the Tulieries.  I'm not one of those brave souls but I definitely have something inside me raging and wishing I had the shoe balls to do it…



For firmer feet on the ground, for A/W 10-11 Finsk have developed that wedge shape which upturn the point so that it sticks out at the top of the wedge rather than the bottom…

IMG_1832 IMG_1833

IMG_1835 IMG_1836