Wedge Up

>> I may be feeling weird and stunted but moments of cheer are still dropping into my inbox.  I'm a bit confuzzled as to why Copenhagen Fashion Week clashed with New York rendering me unable to attend the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair show but their S/S 10 stock has landed in their e-store and I think you'll agree that these wedges are surely the natural progression of my Clarks desert boots that both use the exact same Liberty paisley print…



Oh and liberty print mixing to the max as demonstrated by these two looks definitely needs to be attempted… if purely as a spirit-lifting excercise…



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  1. the paisley wedge is a winner, but even the black are good, simple and striking. the grey platform sandals do one better than that they’re scrumptious. the draping in some of their garments is really delicious, seal of approval from my end! and yes, i will stop using food adjectives to describe inanimate objects, i’m not quite sure where they all came from, but the did feel right at the time!

  2. wow, loveeeeeeeeeeeee the shoes and photos!
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  3. I LOVE these wedges! They remind me a tiny bit of all the printed doc martens that were hot last year. I couldn’t see myself wearing those, but these are much easier to work into an outfit.
    ~Robyn, Chi-Chi

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