Stockholm Bits and Bobs

>> This is quite possibly the most nonsensical amalgamated post but it is exactly that; amalgamated because individually, each component would be even more fluffy as a post.  Instead, why not bosh them altogether so that you can traverse around the corners of my My Pictures folder on my laptop – FUN times.  I'll try and be orderly about it and use numbered items eh?

Item 1) Why am I NOT feeling the cold wearing some heat tech, a Natascha Stolle for ASOS jacket, a Mary Katrantzou dress over vintage polka dot trews and my creepers…?  

Because this snow is lush, white, fluffy and incredibly satisfying to walk through.

If this was meh-London-grey-sludgey snow, I'd be freezing my tits off and walking around with a scowl.

Seriously though, why is it I'm NOT feeling the cold here?  Even falling down a couple of times left me with a smile on my face.  

Thanks Mr Newton for putting me in front of the vibrant snow plough too…


Item 2) Stockholm Vintage Finds –  Spotted these gloves at the Cheap Monday show which apparently belonged to the girl's grandmother and also these shoes on a Finnish blogger who bought them in Stockholm.  I think I love that they both have unexpected metallic elements.  Sadly this time round, I haven't the time to shop about…



Item 3) What to do in a hotel room with ACTUAL clean and dust free mirrors.  Get me some dry shampoo, put it up in a messy bun and stick the Karl Lagerfeld brooch (via Claire Inc) in it so that I can wish everyone 'Bonne Chance' as I walk past…

IMG_0690 IMG_0675

Item 4) So finally, I managed to unearth this LaModeLaModeLaMode 'Une Fille, Un Style' feature which was broadcasted in Paris sometime in December where I let someone loose filming me in my messy flat.  This is hilarious on two accounts really…. I've been dubbed by a French voice and can't be sure whether the translation is correct and just generally look like and sound like a loon sans dubbing anyway… the video is not embeddable but you can watch it here


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  1. haha the video is brills! but you need to watch your posture my dear, otherwise you’ll become a hunchback! :-p

  2. Perfect style for Stockholm and the shoes… the shoooes… Love them! Such great finds. I’m trying to watch the video, but it takes ages to load. I’ll give it another 1/2 hour.

  3. Your voice actually sounds nothing like I expected it to. And not as in, like, French. Random fact while I am commenting. The Telegraph magazine (I think?) informs me that Style Salvage Steve’s surname is Salter. Snap! I wonder how distantly we are related…

  4. Susie! You are amazing, I love amalgamated, slapdash, cabinet of wonders type assortment lists! Heat technology is sort of amazing, even if it verges on being creepy amazing.
    My co-blogger Meggy and I are having a little giveaway at our blog: Fashion for Writers. Please take a look and enter if you are so inclined!

  5. The Mary Katrantzou is super!
    There is NOTHING quite like Scandinavian snow, and whilst the temperatures there are lower, it’s a lovely dry cold that is easy to snuggle up warmly against! I am a huge fun, and intensely envious of you being there at the moment, I miss it so!

  6. Laura: I do have EXTREMELY poor posture – a childhood affliction unfortunately… something to do with when I was bullied at school… I’ve seen people about it but it’s more of a psychology thing rather than a physical thing…. ack… I hate it intensely…

  7. Didn’t realise that was a snow truck hahaa, looks like a giant festival truck… You’re not feeling the cold because the air is dry, whereas in the UK with the moist air we always feel the changes in temperature yaddiyaddiyaddah πŸ™

  8. Oh I apologise, I did not mean to seem insensitive! I still think you’re style is fabulous πŸ™‚

  9. don’t worry.. you’re not the only one with bad posture..! my dad used to call me Quasimodo.. ok i don’t have a face like his, but the hunch-ness is uncanny
    Also, I reckon they’d be better off with subtitles in the video lol

  10. You look absolutely amazing in that first photo! Gaad, I wish I could pull of something like that. That extremely cute hairdo, though, I think I might have to try.
    Also, I think you would have gotten a frostbite in Oslo this time around. Total blizzard going on…

  11. Susie, I can’t hear everything you’re saying over the dubbing obviously but the translation sounds pretty accurate to me! I mean, it’s not all literal but definitely the same sense.
    Loving your topknot hairdo by the way! And it’s great to see all your clothes like that, reminds me just how many jealousy-inducing items you have…


  13. Snowy snow not like slushy London snow!!! woohooh lucky you!!
    Susie, you have soooo many clothes I had no idea it was that extreme! I am only 15 though so it’s something to aim for! All I can think about is fashion!
    On my facebook profile it says that I live in this kind of virtual bubble whereby only fashion and inspiration for fashion can get in! Everything else just bounces off, hence extreme forgetfullness about stuff apart from fashion!!!
    le video etait genial! Je pense que susie est inspirante! sorry crap french!!!!
    your hair looks gorgeous up like that!

  14. Loving your messy bun! I’ve tried it and I found that another way of doing it (instead of using dry shampoo) is to use moose on wet hair before drying! i think it works better with moose + a bit of back brushing! πŸ˜€
    Really enjoyed watching the video – almost a susie bubble ‘fashion cribs’ :p

  15. You know the jealousy stings whenever I see you in that dress.
    I love the way she says your name in the video. That was fun to watch, I wish my French was better, though as you say who knows if the translation is accurate!

  16. WOW i didn’t realise you had soooo many clothes! all pilled up on the white metal shelves! heaven!
    also it’s really nice to hear the tiny snippets of your voice (before the crazy dubbing lady talks over you) it makes a nice change than just reading what you’r thinking
    love it πŸ˜€

  17. Cannot believe that you don’t find Stockholm cold! Though I’ve heard from several international friends that the cold in the UK is bitter that apparently the air is wet so it seems so much colder? May have some truth behind it!
    Love the video! Very very cute when you were doing the whole Kawaii thing πŸ˜‰

  18. the video is awesome, and (hopefully this isn’t patronizing to say) your accent in particular is super endearing to my american ears.

  19. oh my goodness! how adorable are you in that video!!! we need more of you in videos or interviews. when i saw you in that proenza schouler vid on i squealed in excitement!

  20. love your roll and squeeze in method in your wardrobe, same in mine! Too many clothes no flippin space! Wish I could understand french, the whole time during the video i was like noooooo let me hear susie!!!

  21. I love you so much more now that I’ve watched the video. Its hysterical and I think your apartment is like a dressing room!

  22. I love this post….
    First of all because you visited my hometown…. I know exactly where you took that picture, I love Stockholm and I miss it when i’m in Paris…. You’re right the air is dry and the snow is fluffy so you don’t freeze as one might think…
    two…… I saw lamodelamodelamode….. my god you’re really like one would imagine you… ( only I was fascinated when I realized how important your blog is, I mean it’s my favorite blog ever but I didn’t know it was 15.000 other addicted people / day with me….)
    and just so that you know, the dubbing is correct….. she even translated Bitch ha ha ha
    Three…. they used a sound I love cause it was used in the Marie Antoinette….Hong Kong Garden… I mean I listen to that at least twice a week…

  23. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed that video. It was fun hearing your voice – and as far as I could hear your English coming through the French translations were pretty accurate πŸ™‚

  24. envy you1 love go on a trip to a place where you can always see snow…love the snow and the rain…
    nice look even if you leave me say the your pants are a little pijamas, but i`m just say it.
    check my blog.

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