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>> I still have a TON of things to plough through and just to clarify, I'm not at New York Fashion Week for my blog so unfortunately, my no. 1 priority is here, not the blog.  I will be squeezing in as muchie as possible though.  First up, am I predictable or what?  I very nearly didn't walk into Suno's presentation at Mac x Milk studios on Saturday because I was rather pre-occupied with err…fish tacos and getting hold of Gary Graham who was presenting next door.  That said when no less than three people said to me "Suno is So You", and given my track record of being highly predictable with my taste factor, I took a gander…

And… what do you know…

…Suno-Tastic.  Suno-Sunny-Delight.  Sassy-Suno… let's suggest some more shall we? 

For some reason, their website does funny things to my ickle PC but I gather that Suno takes fabrics from Kenya artisans and imports them here to do all the design/development work.  I'm reminded of ASOS' upcoming Africa project which uses a small production unit in Kenya called Soko.  Except with Suno's pieces, plenty of effort has been put into the shapes and print mixing so that ethnic origins aren't the primary eye-catching point.  It's pretty much a smorgasbord of prints here that are ripe for intermixing.  I've learnt my lesson well and truly now.  No more fish tacos and yes, siree, you can read me like a blank sheet of paper.   


IMG_0395 IMG_0396


IMG_0400 IMG_0401


IMG_0404 IMG_0407



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  1. Wow, stunning collection. The styling is perfect for it, love their hair! The shoes in the last picture are amaze, I might have to do a crude DIY with sweets or something…
    I want.

  2. I love the mixes of patterns. A great collection. Love the way they have combined the prints so cleverley. Like you said the collection is so not just about the prints, there is so much more there.

  3. Ah yes! I thought you would post about them here! 😀
    I hadn’t heard about this brand before and I’m so impressed! I spent some time googling them and the kanga fabrics were made in Kenya thus supporting people that have a lot of need for it. The designer has spent about a decade or so in Kenya studying or working with the fabrics and decided to design 2 years ago. I looked up their other collections (look for them on facebook, the site isn’t working with me either) and I love them too but so far I think this is the best. Can’t wait to see what they’ll do next.

  4. Oh My gosh Susie! thanks so much for sharing this. Not much has been tickling my fancy recently and the Suno collection is just astounding. I really need (not want) some, if not all, of these pieces in my possession. Absolutely brilliant and great styling too!

  5. wow! thanks for posting this… so many great shoes and i spy lots of things that i could mix into my wardrobe with ease 🙂

  6. Lovvvved this presentation. It was so packed but I’m glad I fought my way through the crowd to see every look. I need one of the hats. NEED!

  7. great post! i love the sparkly dress in the 2nd to last picture 🙂 and the hair is pretty amazing.

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