One Happy Smile…

>> Why no daily "What did I wear today..blah blah blah" posts for London Fashion Week like I did as a cheeky bit of filler in New York?  Because after the point this picture was taken (by Tommy of Jak and Jil), the weather has gotten progressively shitty and the smile has faded to a fatigued grimace… where most of the time I'm gritting my teeth, smiling during some pretty sweeping key moments (more about those later.  I'll keep this as a happy momento of a day (Saturday) when I was STOKED and GUNNED for fashion week (did I just make two Premier League football references there?  I blame Steve.).  This beauty of a Eudon Choi trench also befitted the day of blue skies and the Louise Gray/Holly Fulton/Maria Francesca Pepe/Mary Katrantzou sensory overload. 

(Eudon Choi trench, Sibling skull sweater, Acne dress and tulle underskirt, ASOS jeggings, Uniqlo socks, Irregular Choice patent brogues)

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  1. At first I thought the dress was part of the trench, like a shorter under-layer. Good choice wearing them together! And the pants, shoes and socks combination is so perfect, I really love all of these colors together, so happy.

  2. Oh Susie, you look so pretty!
    Those jeggings are brilliant – I didn’t expect them to be from ASOS. They look great with the blue socks.
    Clare x

  3. Was a bit let down by Eudon Choi’s AW 10 line…i got ‘papped’ 3 times at Somerset on Saturday…was more of a bemused than happy smile look on my face! No idea who they were, I didn’t ask…otherwise I’d have looked ‘uncool’…

  4. You have such a unique and lovely style. I love the smile- it fits the look perfectly and makes me happy. I get sick of seeing bloggers grimacing in their pics all the time.

  5. in love with this whole outfit – i think i need this mac it is such an amazing colour (my fave) and those shoes – love! yeah it was super cold during fashion week friday was the worst i went home at 5 so i could stand under boiling water in the shower for half an hour to de thaw xxx

  6. You are the MISTRESS OF THE MIX. I love this look. Perfect. (please note, I am NOT saying cute or adorable, although I’m definitely thinking the latter.) xo. -Bella Q

  7. you look such a sweetie on the photo – no frozen smile at all!! I really like the stripes of the t-shirt together with the flowers of the legging and the pink colours and and and – really like your style!!!

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