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  1. It’s such a shame, a brilliant mind and so much more good was bound to come from him. What a shame. At least the world saw his talent, he has so many fans that will be heartbroken!

  2. What a loss! he was such an inspiration to so many and really pushed the enveloppe for fahsion. He will be missed as a designer and I’m sure as a person as well…

  3. The fashion industry have lost a huge person with a great talent. I personally love McQueen, and this for me was a very sad thing. I couldn’t believe it yesterday 🙁

  4. I am still in shock! I wonder whats going to happen to his brand, because know one is so unique and characteristic as he was.RIP. He will be remembered.

  5. God this is so sad, i feel like crying. All the beautiful, exciting things we’ll never see from him. That sentiment might sound shallow but its hard to articulate the loss you feel for someone you didn’t know but really admired.My heart goes out to his poor family and friends.

  6. I’m so, so saddened by his untimely death. He was a brave, innovative man and his art inspired me in so many ways over the years.
    RIP McQueen. I’m thankful for all the beauty you created that so greatly inspired me, and will continue to do so.
    Thankyou Susie for this touching post. I hope you are doing ok.

  7. RIP Alexander McQueen. Couldn’t believe it when I heard…so sudden… Why do the most talented people die??

  8. is so sad, even the i wasn`t a bif fan of his work allways a dead make me feel sad, at first i donpt realy get his direccion but the last season really woa me…
    so sad…and unexpected for everyone.

  9. I’m so glad you posted this. When I found out yesterday I cried for hours. My eyes have been filling up periodically throughout today. When I was ten, and people asked who my favourite famous person was, I always said him. I used to scrapbook his dresses cut out from the Vogues, Elles, and i-D magazines I bought. I dreamed about being able to afford one of his beautiful, unique gowns. Maybe one day I will, but it’ll most likely be from eBay or stuffed into a vintage shop without its hanger and labels.
    I hope you’re in peace now Lee, you beautiful, talented man. We’re all so lucky to have been blessed with your art.

  10. So disrespectful the oficial comm
    unication , they name him as “lee, founder and designer” and they leave the name Alexander Mc Queen for the label and themselves (investors).
    I doubt very much the label can exist without his uncomparable talent, they are just thinking in money.

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