>> A closer look at the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte heels which sort of ties up all the NYFW stuff for now and leads nicely into the sunny Somerset House (more weather like this please!).  I think in terms of design are the most evolved and complex yet and echoes the piecing and patchwork elements of the collection in a seamless way.  It's all about the mixing it up!  They're on display at London Fashion Week at the bottom of the stairs leading to the Portico Rooms if you want to take a gander…






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  1. clackers says:


  2. em says:

    LOVE these shoes!!!

  3. They’re so original ! I love them !

  4. nora says:

    speechless! those shoes do take my breath-away.

  5. Catherine says:

    I do love the intricacy of those!

  6. klee says:

    love them all !!

  7. Annie says:

    my socks have been knocked off!!

  8. elli says:

    wow. this is awesome! i like very single pair of them – goorgeous!

  9. Rosie says:

    wow, imagine buying two pairs and wearing one of each, patchwork footwear on so many levels! they’re a bit odd, really, but with something simple and whimsical i can imagine them being good!

  10. Snow White says:

    Wow they are perfect – almost Daliesque looking

  11. Carly Day says:

    I want them just to display them in my flat. Ooooo they’re beautiful. Enjoy Somerset House and Fashion Week.

  12. bonzie says:

    killer heels! absolutely wearable art!
    Great Find!

  13. You’re definitely right in that they are a bit of a play with mixing stuff up! The second to last ones are gorgeous. It’s nice to see the details up close, something you can’t appreciate or often even notice from the catwalk photographs usually.
    Great post – thanks 🙂

  14. Monica says:

    Amazing!! I’m in lust with them

  15. Dru says:

    These remind me on some level of those Kron by KronnKron shoes you posted about way back….only way more intricate, but oh god they’re amazing.

  16. kelly says:

    once again, more is more!

  17. KD says:


  18. Julia says:

    wow, just amazing! like candle wax or something.

  19. ghanes14 says:

    Quite interesting collection.

  20. FrenzyMind says:

    Those shoes look so surreal and just brilliant:D
    And the combination of pastel colors with bold red…genius.

  21. Karoline says:

    The heels are amazing, this is art in shoe form!!

  22. ursula says:

    AWESOME shoes!! Surreal!!

  23. caviardreams says:

    nice, nothing better to let them know you’re hot

  24. Mette says:

    Wonder if you can dance ballroom in them…?
    If I could, I’d wear them to dancing class!

  25. amalie says:

    ehh woow! amaazing shoes!

  26. Dani says:

    so cool. i can totally see you wearing them 🙂

  27. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-licious sky scraper heels!!!
    Great find Susie, thanks for sharing!!!

  28. Shini says:

    Ayccch I is melting here, I didn’t realise those details, (and my my how high are they :P) Really great meeting you btw <3 Sorry I kinda creeped you out with the stalking note, I meant online..not hide around the corner type..

  29. Love the melty waxy heel…but not the rest of the shoe.

  30. OMG so awesome. I will not wear. Just look at them. Haha

  31. Sta says:

    ZOMG. amazing.
    fall in love with a shooting star…

  32. i love heels, these melted heels are amazing. i also have some fabulous pairs of shoes. if you are interested then visit this link

  33. Kirkwood is the most inventive shoe designer right now. Love him!!

  34. M says:

    seriously pretty

  35. The first pair! The first pair! And what, they glow in the dark? Ooooooh

  36. Jael Paris says:

    Hands down my favorite part of the show. Thanks for the detail shots!

  37. Lovely and lil bit different shoes…

  38. I never see these kinds of shoe before.What a fashionable shoes :).Thanks for sharing.

  39. These shoes are looking so gorgeous. I like them.

  40. Really exceptional shoes.

  41. From where these shoes can be bought?

  42. micle says:

    Gorgeous and glorious post what we expect from you,this post like that…

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