>> I was waiting out on posting on Chau Har Lee just because I was thinking that once her own domain name was set up, perhaps her own proper line is being established and that she won't JUST be remembered for her structural RCA graduate collection.  Her graduate collection along with a few new styles were on display before the Fashion East show started down in the vaults at Somerset House and I'm hoping the wooden styles in particular will make it to some shop floor or another. Structural shoes that are merely editorial props are a painful affair, which is why I got extra happy when Atalanta Weller had ventured into retailable shoes. Me thinks that Chau Har Lee has a slightly easier task on her hand transferring her sculptural, laser-cut visions into functional shoes because that was her intention from the very beginning when she embarked on her graduate collection. So please, less on the "OMG, this is ART!" comments, seeing as we're encouraging Chau Har Lee to venture into shoes that are more than just plinth decorations.












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  1. Catherine says:

    So amazingly awesome undescribably lovelovelove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I really love the sculpting!

  2. Jocelyne says:

    Spectacular, they are so sculptural. I have always wanted to design shoes……

  3. Paddy Razzi says:

    Wow these are like pieces of art not footwear!!!

  4. Olivia says:

    I want them all. Right now.

  5. These are so beautifull and interesting, Suzy you have such an eye!
    And your platforms at LFW were amazing!
    XX Noa

  6. Zenobie says:

    Mmm Hmm right you are. Well the last two (and possibly three) defiantly fit into the wearable category. The metal heels are divine. The magnificent creation in the first photo can only be described as a work of art though – sorry Susie!

  7. PixelHazard says:

    I wait with baited breath for the wearables

  8. The Style PA says:

    These shoes are really awesome. I saw a few others at the exhibition which I’ve made a note of but I must have missed these.

  9. Rhai Laborte says:

    Awesome!! They are really unique shoes..

  10. Theresa says:

    Amazing and beautiful. I’d suffer blisters, blood and pain for these – fantastic and so visionary. Beautiful! Beautiful! It would be a shame to turn them into something more wearable!

  11. KD says:

    Love the first pair of black ones especially, and would wear them in an instant!

  12. SOS! says:

    i want to wear every single one! and thanks for the awesome lfw cover 🙂
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  13. moi says:

    sales sales sales baby…drive that commercial wagon…drive it to moneyville…population? Chau Har lee

  14. moi says:

    In all seriousness, I can see posh Eastern European, daddy girls totty sporting these…you know, the sort of girls that walk into lifts and automatically dictate what floor you’re going too…ye, that sort…the sort you tell to get out cause you’re going to the embankment floor…ye, she knows who she is…

  15. Erica says:

    woww crazy shoes! i lovvve them

  16. katherine says:

    very lovely…wow, i like the last, the orange was so fun!
    (believe me, i have very fun stuffs to read)

  17. WendyB says:

    The first one makes me think of Saturn.

  18. Sarah Mele says:

    I actually think these could be really functional. Like many of them I would wear without any alteration for like “everyday use” they’re amazing! I especially love the 4th, 6th and 10th shoes. sooo original. (i hope she sells them!!!)

  19. NATHALIE says:

    these shoes remind me of buildings…

  20. fie says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!

  21. Solo says:

    Oh my! If i could just be there right now. I would definitely capture my own shots! ;D
    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

  22. SHOES OF THE FUTURE! Amazement! xo

  23. Brigadeiro says:

    A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  24. EMUOYYEK says:

    can this be wearable? cause i would love to wear them so bad!

  25. ml says:

    AM-AZ-ING !!
    I compoletely love these shoes !

  26. Oh. My. God. Shame you can’t actually wear some of those…

  27. delilah says:

    these shoes are simply to die for!!

  28. Olga says:

    wow, really cool !

  29. emma‚ô• says:

    wow! these shoes are incredible 🙂

  30. clea walford says:

    luuuuuve the shoes and want to have them all – real art – but not quite sure where and when to wear them yet.

  31. Sum says:

    Absolutely amazing!! I really like the shoes collection, it bring me into the space age.
    love the material what she used.

  32. Appleday says:

    I think Lady Gaga will Buy the entire collection! 😀

  33. Ishii says:

    fashion is art and those shoes are gorgeous.

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