Battle of the Bretons

Well, aren't we a couple of slothy fashion bloggers with too much time on our hands?  I've just recently noticed how strange it must seem to the general public that both my boyfriend and I are fashion bloggers and even then, I only noticed because there's a little 'eyebrow' raise and a bemused smile when I tell people.  Still, I suppose I make things nauseatingly worse when I think of *ahem* "fun" (heavy on the air quotes) things to do like this… Battle of the Bretons! 

You wrangle it out PS3/X-Box etc… I pit hidden skulls against classic stripes in knitwear.  To each their own, yah?

So Steve got himself a very lovely and soon-to-be overworn E. Tautz breton striped jumper for his S/S 10 wardrobe.  He's already taken it back to the grandparents, they approve and he's got the by-the-sea pics to prove it. 

A week later, a different kind of Breton arrived in the office.  I'd been salivating over its impending arrival whilst I was in Stockholm.  Sibling London's intarsia Noah skull Breton from their outstanding third collection (wait for the monsters from the fourth one…) is finally mine.  And I look forward to resisting pushing my thumbs through the sleeves making ratty holes in it. 

As it so happens Sid from the Sibling trio also consulted on E. Tautz's knitwear too which makes the pairing all the more apt.  I always knew the Noah Scalin-inspired skull would always win me over despite the fact that E.Tautz's version is probably likely to be worn a few more times.  Like all my other so-called fun ideas though, this is a pretty fruitless battle given that either way… we can both steal each other's Bretons whenever we're feeling less/more of a classic mood… do you guys need a bucket? 



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  1. ok. i officially know too much: i think i may have actually had a dream about the two of you…
    i appologise for subconsciously invading your personal life!

  2. i read your boyfriend’s post the other day and loved it, but your take on the breton is so refreshing. i haven’t seen any designer play with the concept in such a fresh way before as Sibling London have, it gives me the shivers (in the best possible way) and makes me wonder if there is a way to fizz up my own classic breton.
    anyway, your fashion blog match is a good one, my boyfriend writes a blog based on current affairs and political matters in Sweden (and in Swedish) which makes me seem UTTERLY frivolous in comparison.
    anyway, super ensemble, both of you!

  3. No bucket, thank you – I have been so much hardened by Cute Overload!
    I have been coveting that Sibling London shirt from the first time I saw it (probably here).

  4. Ok, I’ve never liked horizontal stripes or the Breton look. But that skull changes everything! All bets are off. And your bf is cute. I must post the matching skeleton hoodies my hubby and I have ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. the skull is the best thing i’ve ever seen… i love that you two are the pin-up couple for the fashion blogging world. possibly the only couple, but still…

  6. I was wondering – is the skull one an actual full on knit? Or is the pattern printed on it? I’d have to imagine so… but just in case I thought I’d ask. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Oh, you 2… First I thought you wear it better, but only until I saw Steve wearing the skull sweater, too. Then I realized the skull sweater is just the cooler one and you both look really pretty…

  8. Love the striped skull. And nice to have interchangeable clothing! I definitely don’t want to wear any of MrB’s clothes and vice versa.

  9. hi susie! i am jay from the philippines. i so love your blog. i check it every day.
    love the striped knitwear.
    london is my favourite city. i so miss the city. will be there again this coming august. hope to meet you in person.

  10. Love the looks- this is almost like the time last year when you guys played dress-up with the same pieces, it’s great to see the different take you have on each piece of clothing.

  11. I’m not into skulls at all but that jumper is just so cool. It’s like a magic eye poster but unlike them I could finally see this!
    How lucky you are you can wear each other’s clothes – my husband is too tall. I buy all of his clothes (he knows he’s useless fashion-wise and happily defers to me) and you can bet I’d have some foresight should I ever be able to pull off a switch.

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