Where is the Bod?

>> Where is the bod?  Where is the body?  Where are the bodies?  They're currently being hi-jacked by Bebaroque's new S/S 10 collection, embellished in a multitude of ways rendering me unable to resist carving out some kind of Bebaroque Body fund.  Cording, scallops, beadwork, velvet flocking and a lot of dainty embroidery completes this Glaswegian label's interpretation of the sea.  "Under the Sea" may have been slated as a somewhat amateurish prom theme in that terrible but oh-so-watchable film Never Been Kissed (don't ask me why I feel compelled to throw this reference in…it's THAT kind of a day…), what could have been a cliched fishy wishy tale instead becomes a touchable fantasy in all of Bebaroque's new motifs and patterns.  

In Selfridges, they're being stocked for S/S 10 in the hoisery department but I think they've extended their range far enough beyond just a few pairs of tights that they sort of deserve a new category of apparel for themselves.  Inti-wear (as in ')intimate'?  No, too much of a lingerie connection and these bodies and tights are definitely made for the outside world.  Bodywear?  Probably more of an apt fit but it sounds too basic and Bebaroque are definitely NOT providing garments to give a smooth silhouette or whatever Spanx and the like promise.  Hmm… a tricky one that will no doubt become trickier if they continue expanding their range.

Still, whilst their pretty pretty bods are doing the trick, it's not as though they've neglected their signature tights either and for S/S 10, we have acrylic cut-outs and pleated fans and tassels adorning the ankles for those that perhaps might be hiding their screen printed tights underneath longer lengths and want something peeking out from underneath a skirt.  In short, life was a whole lot simpler when Bebaroque had a handful of designs to choose from and now I have to get a calculator involved to work out exactly how many cups of Pret coffee/tomato croissant/Guardian (it's my excessive morning habit) I need to be cutting down on to get the majority of this… 


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  1. thank you SO MUCH for putting this information up, I’ve been scouring the internet for this information and found nothing! I only just emailed today asking about it too!
    I bought the ‘pearl’ tassle tights before christmas, but I want everything else as well!
    guess I’m just going to have to start saving…

  2. Oh my gosh I love the pink body with the frilly sleeves! I also love the sheer black footless tights with the pattern running down them, sort of tattoo like. Pricey though, I’m sure!

  3. Wow, these are so pretty and I Want them so much, I love tights
    Just a heads up on boudiche site the Bebaroque Lady Godiva Tights Teal are £17.50 and £3 postage. ( a budget friendly price to get in on the action)

  4. These designs are gorgeous. Finally something a to take bodywear further. Very creative and loving the candy colours – so springtime chic.

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