>> In the Question Time 2010 post, there was a call for "reasoning" behind outfits which actually makes me feel a whole lot better about empty posts with nothing but some outfit shots so I'll make it my mission to waffle on a bit… it's not really for the satisfaction of others.  It just makes me feel a lot better…

I try not to indulge in the 'multiple-shots-of-me' method when it comes to outfit posts.  Namely because it's tiresome seeing numerous shots of me in the same outfit.  I'm making an exception though for this one though only to illustrate the swathes of fabric that this Topshop Unique dress, which  I dug out, possesses.  It's got pockets at the sides which I use to dig my hands in to lift the dress up and swing about whilst walking.  I feel over-ceremonious doing so but it does produce a nice fabric-swishing noise and of course facilitate going up bus stairs etc.  I could also feasibly hide two children underneath the dress should I wish to shield them from crap snowflakes. 

I think I was trying to be a Flemish female painter crossed over with a inner-city bike courier.  Actually it was the hat that really prompted the painter bit.  I've figured that my voluminous hair bun isn't going to stop me from hat-wearing though as I strapped this wonderfully vibrant mustard velvet beret from Violetville Vintage to my head with a hairband.  As for the inner-city biker courier bit, I really think Tyres from Spaced would have taken a fancy to this Balenciaga jacket which I dug out for the day. 





(Vintage mustard velvet hat from Violetville Vintage strapped on with American Apparel headband, Balenciaga jacket, Heal grey jersey sculpted jacket, Topshop Unique dress, Heavy Machine shoes)

The real point though of putting together Flemish femme cycling artist outfit though was the footwear.  Now that the ice is thawing, today was the day to road-test these new Heavy Machine shoes.  I did say some 'running' would be in order.  Does a very leisurely 2 miles an hour whilst carrying a weighty dress in melted snow count?  Alright, it's not exactly a 100m sprint but there was a fraction of brisk walking involved and sole survey says the shoes are definitely comfortable.   Comfort aside, they have some plus points that make my heart swell a little; a curvy sheeny shiny heel, grey suede, a good patch of velcro and a name called "Tadao's Malachite" which makes me think of the name Malakai.  I've always wanted to meet a Malakai.


Et how to solve the very pressing matter of "How to show your Aztec-tipped nails and keep your hands warm?" Very chunky mittens, which in this case are courtesy of the other half as they're by Carolyn Massey.  Oh the deep DEEP issues that hurt the innards of my brain are so very mind-boggling! 


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  1. Ditte says:

    Strapping the hat on with that head band is nothing but genious!

  2. selena says:

    those shoes! omg. wonderful! and i love the colour of the headpiece too. completely fabulous.

  3. Leanne says:

    I like the mustard+green+blues colour combo

  4. Soooali says:

    The hairpiece is so striking, I love it.

  5. tanya says:

    so many things to comment on in one post…
    firstly you are looking quite ‘fashunz’ in this photo. i dont even understand what that means (and i definitely hope you dont take it as an insult) but that’s the first word that came to my mind when i saw your outfit…i remember the days that that Balenciaga jacket popped up regularly on stylebubble…why a FLEMISH female painter in particular?…have no idea how you manage to brave the cold in london with nary a uniqlo heat tech shirt/leggings/heavy coat in sight…MALACHITE! im taking that as a sneaky reference to my sailormoon english dubbed childhood of the 90s…ah the days of malachite and zoisite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXAPpdMDuB8
    stream of consciousness style commenting is strangely cleansing/purifying…? that definitely wasnt the word that i was thinking of but then again i think this comment is more for my benefit than yours 🙂

  6. michele says:

    Very very nice! Gotta see a close up of those nails!!

  7. Milky says:

    very cute, sparky outfit match, as your usual styole;)perfect cold color for this winter. but the dress maybe too long to show these stylish pair of shoes.

  8. Carina says:

    the shoes are outstanding. Love them

  9. Winnie says:

    Oooh I love this, so quirky, love the layering!

  10. hayface says:

    Very intrigued by your dress, can’t see what it’s really like under all those layers though!

  11. Helen says:

    I don’t suppose you know if Heavy Machine have any stockists yet? I always need to be able to run in my shoes…

  12. oh my what a unique shoes and jacket. love it!
    xo – TiffanysSmallWorld.blogspot.com

  13. daywalker says:

    I love every single thing you’re wearing!!! My god, you must have piles and piles of clothing and shoes – I’m sooo jealous – in a good way 🙂

  14. I feel like you just opened up a whole world with the whole “strap on a hat with a hairband” thing….like a whole new possibility for styling all the vintage hats in the world…

  15. daphne says:

    Oddly, I totally get the flemish female painter reference. Not sure how or why, but I do. Probably your hat reminds me of the cap Rembrandt is always wearing in his self-portraits. Although, his was not such an exciting yellow! Love it.

  16. Joy D. says:

    The shoes are gorgeous and I love the structured long dress.

  17. WendyB says:

    I covet the jacket.

  18. Dani says:

    i like how you’ve taken an absolutely huge and fairly shapeless dress and gave it attitude 🙂
    the nails are cute too. if i had got those, i would spend all day gesturing obviously to show them off. hee hee.

  19. Carla says:

    so cool. you’re outfit combinations/ways to wear them never cease to amaze me

  20. dress up says:

    Wow love the outfit…. you really should do a close up of those fingernails!

  21. absolute style. you rock it.

  22. Angela says:

    Wow you are amazing! Love it!

  23. MC says:

    THOSE SHOES!!!!!!!!

  24. MC says:

    The overall look is perfect too 🙂
    – MC

  25. Kamicha says:

    Personally I prefer to see few images of the outfit, it gives better impression… …well… …about everything.
    Those Heavy Machine shoes are so good! And I’m really feeling the long hems right now.

  26. Thamar says:

    Fantastic. Nothing more, nothing less. Just fantastic.

  27. Love the reference to Spaced – I was transported back to Friday night heaven.
    Gorgeous outfit. Love all the elements and colours. Those shoes are fab looking but I was gasping at no socks as I’m still stuck in two pairs and my wellies – oh to be able to wear clothes again.

  28. Brilliant outfit, subtle but not, ou have it down to a fine art!
    Make Lemonade x

  29. Brigadeiro says:

    I’m in love with this outfit from head to toe! The gorgeous dress, the wicked shoes, cute headpiece, funky jacket…love it all!!!

  30. Kiyo says:

    Love, love this outfit! I love the colors, how it’s like a gradation. I love your idea of strapping the hat, it looks unique and mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors. I would love to see how the hat would look worn regularly too 🙂

  31. en says:

    C’est un style fabuleux et qui te va √† ravir, j’adore les chaussures elles sont magnifiques

  32. en says:

    C’est un style fabuleux et qui te va √† ravir, j’adore les chaussures elles sont magnifiques

  33. NINETEEN74 says:

    Hey i soooooooooooooo love the shoes!!!!!
    this is something i tink you mabe interested in:
    http://www.nineteen74.com/ and
    trust me its worth a look xx

  34. abigail says:

    love the way u have put this together susie ~ absolutely gorgeous ~~~

  35. Steff says:

    Yes! Awesome Spaced reference. Tyres woud definitely love that jacket. And I love the dress.

  36. dreamsequins says:

    Love the design on your nails. The chunky fingerless mitts are a nice touch!

  37. I love how you’re posting more outfits again! The bubbley-ness of the dress is perfectly paired with that Balenciaga jacket! But what I really adore the most is that mustard colored hairband/hairpiece you’re adorning. Absolutely precious.

  38. frances says:

    you look lovely but I DO hope you still have all ten toes x

  39. J. says:

    fantastic outfit!

  40. Valerie says:

    Love the dress! you are so brilliant with layering. And as for the shoes absolutely amazing.

  41. melissa says:

    awesome shoes! love, love, love!

  42. nina says:

    colorblock effect:bright and playful. long dress tops it off.

  43. Shelley says:

    I just want to spend an hour (or two) in your closet–the whole outfit is classic Susie!

  44. firefly says:

    I love those shoes. I can’t walk in high heels, so those are perfect. Did you order online?

  45. elanowak@ymail.com says:

    i wanted to ask about the shoes, cos it seems impossible to order it on line at the mo:(( how did u get yours?? thanx :))

  46. bravo, Heavy Machine is absolutely fantastic!!

  47. jing says:

    en, fantastic cloth and shoes, love your taste

  48. Elly says:

    I did try on that exact same shoes when I went to the only shop that stock heavy machine in Taipei. I tried on most of them …. I’d say about 48.56%? haha* The one u’re wearing here was by far the most comfortable. Although, I must say, the only thing that pulled me away from getting them at last minute was the velcro. Maybe I have a big size 38 feet, but those velcro would not close properly everytime I walked. Love to hear what you think.

  49. Calinh says:

    love the shoes and the brand, i think i will buy one day !!

  50. Intan says:

    Great layering as always! 🙂 Everything is perfect from the headband to the dress, to the jacket, to the shoes, to the nailsss… *sigh*

  51. Dave Pike says:

    Thank you. I don’t know you but your blog sends a LOT of traffic to my Etsy site. I like your fashion sense too.
    Thank you.

  52. lolo says:

    there are so many cool things i want in the pictures!!!
    where can i get them from?

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