If I could come up with names for colours like 'celadine' and 'milkweed', I would definitely have a much more fun time describing my outfits.  In fact, I'd actually stop people in the streets asking them if they would like to know what I'm wearing and then I'd describe my outfit to them in great and elongated detail, taking the utmost care to emphasise each syllable.  Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles' second collection (launching 1st April) was presented this morning but alas, I was felt thoroughly pork-out after a round of bacon sandwiches at another breakfast so I couldn't make it.  The images though immediately tell me that this is a far more evolved effort than the first collection which some of you mentioned had a whiff of Lanvin about it.  Well, with her 'celadine' touches and 'milkweed' fabrics (the one at the bottom is apparently milkweed) and most importantly, the full moon-shaped embellishments, me thinks Ilincic has envisioned an altogether more exciting prospect this time round.  Given that it's a summer collection, I did expect something more along the floaty lines and sumptuous drapes of the last collection but with the help of stretchy cottons and the light colours, the hardware elements like the zips and the metal bulbous discs don't end up looking too heavy.  I'm of course immediately drawn to the MOST EMBELLISHED of them all, the first navy and cream number.  I'm quite embarrassed at my own predictability.  When will I learn about the whole 'less is more' thang?  I'll need to reassess this in a few years time me thinks…

Well, it's not JUST the number of metal discs on the dress but the fact that it is one of my favourite colour combinations.  Oh, and the buttons look like they might make different noises when pushed. 

MR0296WD_S1_149_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S2_111_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S3_002a_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S4-00031_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S5_080_V2 copy

Where will Londoners and surrounding UK peeps be on February 6th?  Will I be seeing you at a certain familiar location in the weird and random depths of Wembley per chance?  Yes it is that time again.. the famed Angels Warehouse sale is on again.  I don't know why I say famed really, since there has only been one proper sale (I'm excluding the uniform sale they had back in November) that set the precedent but what a riot that was (see video evidence ).  Just to quickly recap…famed film and TV costumier Angels clear their warehouses by having this sale where you stuff as much clothes into a bag priced at ¬£20 and ¬£50 (no tenner bags this time round…).  It requires a bit of scrummy rummaging but is *I think* BAGS of fun (emphasis on the bags…).  The fruits of that Angels Sale labour are still reaping the benefits in the form of some costume leather short type things that I have worn incessantly over the past year or so.     

On the basis of the roaring success, and over a year later, Angels are ready for another sale. I on the other hand, am not because I've inconveniently booked myself a video interview I can't get out of in the morning, so I alas can't join in on the crack of dawn queuing action.

Angels though very kindly let me into the warehouse to do a sneak peek of what is in store, though not for my own greedy purposes I might add, but for me to check out the stock and report back to you… in the form of another video…

(Music used 'Slow Burn Treason' by the lovely Holly Miranda)

Me and this very cold Wembley warehouse are pretty much on bum chum terms now…

This time round they're calling it the Angels Retro Sale which doesn't mean much other than the stock has shifted further to emphasise the 70s and the 80s more (though I still found some lovely bits of 50s gear…).  I only sifted through the boxes on the surface for the video as full-on rummaging needs to be reserved for the day but I definitely saw a few choice pieces that would make me happy if I had bought them individually for ¬£20 each.  The hat section is particularly good this time round…and…a few MIGHT even fit my bulbous head…

IMG_0413 IMG_0414

IMG_0415 IMG_0416

The only catch is that this time round, they're charging people a fiver which is fair dos if you do come out guaranteed with a bag of goodies… I guess it's similar to the entrance fees at a vintage fair (where I NEVER seem to be able to find anything… other than oggling at really REALLY expensive pieces…). 

So… see ya there?  See you whilst we both rummage at a box?  See you tugging one arm of a dress and me tugging the other?  I must warn you.  These arms have some GUUUUUUUUUNS to them…

Angels Retro Sale on February 6th at 7 Courtenay Road, Wembley, HA9 7ND. Doors open at 8.30am (though last time, there were people queuing since 3am in the morning???).  Cards will be accepted for purchases over ¬£100.  

>> I do have much to say about Ronaldo Fraga's latest collection shown at Sao Paulo fashion week….where to start, puppet masks, backwards wigs, plastic flowers, sweet wrapper jackets, reversed cut-out socks, combo coloured brogues… too much to say when I'm about to shut down the iMac and head home alas…


…instead, I leave you with this intriguing print… a bit of lovin' lovin' never did a dress any harm right?  Read what you will into the addition of the chair. 


I'm not entirely sure whether "lither" is a word.  I'm just assuming it is for my own greedy posting purposes.  Long and lithe is one of those word combos that just slips off the tongue pretty smoothly.  I'm sadly breaking that up though and not giving you the lithe bit.  I didn't post one of my annotated Topshop lookbook images where I had written "YES FOR LONGER LENGTHS" with a very long and very satsifying arrow (read that any way you want…hum).

Long, however is not necessarily some magical formula to stretching out and looking long-er.  Nope, I'm resigned to the fact that my cravings for long are going to somewhat stump me but the point is that I'm more in love with the fact that when walking there's material swishing about the knees and calves.  I'm even liking the fact that when you walk up stairs or get on buses, you have to lift up your skirts to do so which actually caused a woman behind me to make a small 'tutting' noise.  As in "Tut!  Who does she think she is?  The Queen of Sheba?"  (was it weird that I really tried to research WHO the Queen of Sheba was when I was seven when I first heard this phrase…?)

I'm currently liking layering different lengths to the volume.  So this slightly form-fitting Sretsis bow dress goes over the Margiela skirt…probably to disguise the latter's wear and tear from over-wearing…




Everyone likes a good BOOB BOW right?  And everyone just loves saying BOOB BOW no?

(Marks & Spencer black and cream satin floral dress, Sretsis bow dress, Margiela black and cream layered skirt, Acne shoes, Lanvin belt) 

Technically, these sheer dusky pink layered trousers isn't a skirt of course but there's SO MUCH fabric that it actually does require some lifting up.  They're Skirsers!  Or err….Skrewsers!  I have to thank a reader for tipping me off about these trews on eBay where I got them for about ¬£3.  I've had a hard time scoring things for under a tenner these days so this recent buy restored my faith that a ¬£0.01 bid price is still possible in this day and age.  The Michael Angel skirt definitely tames the amount of billowing fabric down a bit.  The dusky rose shade also conveniently does a matchy matchy trick with the Emma Cook ruffled shoes.  I still can't quite shake those scrunchies away.   




In fact I was half tempted to run out to the ickle chemist just to see whether they had more of these manky black and white scrunchies to cuff the sheer trousers up into a quasi-bloomer shape so that the black and white striped stockings could peek out.  Weirdly enough, I hadn't run out of shampoo/talc/toothpaste/Lemsip (it's always ONE of those that is missing…).


(H&M black sheer top, Sonia Rykiel for H&M bra, Michael Angel striped print and mesh skirt, vintage dusky rose layered sheer trousers, black and white striped stockings, Emma Cook satin ruffle shoes, cheapie chemist scrunchies)