If I could come up with names for colours like 'celadine' and 'milkweed', I would definitely have a much more fun time describing my outfits.  In fact, I'd actually stop people in the streets asking them if they would like to know what I'm wearing and then I'd describe my outfit to them in great and elongated detail, taking the utmost care to emphasise each syllable.  Roksanda Ilincic for Whistles' second collection (launching 1st April) was presented this morning but alas, I was felt thoroughly pork-out after a round of bacon sandwiches at another breakfast so I couldn't make it.  The images though immediately tell me that this is a far more evolved effort than the first collection which some of you mentioned had a whiff of Lanvin about it.  Well, with her 'celadine' touches and 'milkweed' fabrics (the one at the bottom is apparently milkweed) and most importantly, the full moon-shaped embellishments, me thinks Ilincic has envisioned an altogether more exciting prospect this time round.  Given that it's a summer collection, I did expect something more along the floaty lines and sumptuous drapes of the last collection but with the help of stretchy cottons and the light colours, the hardware elements like the zips and the metal bulbous discs don't end up looking too heavy.  I'm of course immediately drawn to the MOST EMBELLISHED of them all, the first navy and cream number.  I'm quite embarrassed at my own predictability.  When will I learn about the whole 'less is more' thang?  I'll need to reassess this in a few years time me thinks…

Well, it's not JUST the number of metal discs on the dress but the fact that it is one of my favourite colour combinations.  Oh, and the buttons look like they might make different noises when pushed. 

MR0296WD_S1_149_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S2_111_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S3_002a_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S4-00031_V2 copy

MR0296WD_S5_080_V2 copy

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  1. Sally says:

    Stunning. I’m drawn to the one where the discs serve as a belting element.

  2. Nayra says:

    well you wrote your opinion on the post “Haters gonna Hate! A wonderful text!These dresses are beautiful, a work of art! And there are people who despise the fashion thinking that is superficial…

  3. Maggie says:

    I agree about the noises thing—I have this strange need to press all of those buttons.

  4. paddy razzi says:

    Every one of these are just so… textury
    I want to feeeeeeel everything!!!

  5. So you have a wonderful style, and I like it:)
    I came to your blog through http://www.weardrobe.com/
    I greet and wait for new posts ;*

  6. The colours are phenomenal! I shall now name my first two progeny Celadine and Milkweed ;]

  7. wow, it is so cool! I like this style!

  8. Clare says:

    It’s like beads of oil in milky water, beautiful!
    Clare x

  9. Zenobie says:

    I don’t know why but there is something not quite right about the cut of these, I’m not sure if anyone agrees but to put these embellishment that are quite a bit fashion forward on what is essentially a standard shift dress seems a bit out of place. Am I missing something here?

  10. Gon says:

    I like it! A little simple though!
    kiss kiss,

  11. Jennifer says:

    These are awesome!The colors are just perfect! I love the second one so much!

  12. Emma says:

    they’re all nice, but i love the last one!

  13. How is it possible that the word “bubble” is no where in this post! All this time, I thought we had the same cheesy sense of humour…;)

  14. Clairey says:

    Love each piece! So feminine and summery! http://bloggamonsta.blogspot.com/

  15. Nina says:

    I love the beige especially. But I feel if I wore it my personal space would constantly be invaded by “OOOH BUTTONS! MUST PRESS!”

  16. Sabine says:

    What a surprise! I always thought Roksanda Ilincic too satiny, too floaty – in short: too flimsy (and not in a good, over the top Lanvin way). But this is so different, it has substance (in the real sense of the word). Favourite? no. 2 and no. 4 (oh, I’d kill for no. 4, I’d stop people on the street asking: What do you think of my dress? Milkweed, eh??)

  17. Style Eyes says:

    oooh I like! Love the beady button things and the combination of creamy blue colours (I’m not over descriptive when it comes to colours)

  18. all of these dresses are so beautiful!

  19. Eleanor says:

    The cut on the first three is a little bit simplistic, but maybe it would look too busy and comic on a floaty non-structured dress? The last dress is divine!

  20. Carla says:

    i love the colour palette and can’t decide which one I like more.

  21. Soooali says:

    What a fantastic collection, I havn’t seen something so different in a long time!

  22. Steff says:

    My favorite is also the top one. But I’m intrigued by the curtain bubble halter dress as well. What a great DIY idea…

  23. The Style PA says:

    The metallic ones look like little puddles of mercury. Gorgeous.

  24. Tatiana says:

    wonderful! really loved it!

  25. Helle says:

    Love your blog! I looked on youtube, and then I saw u, I just thought woah! You are there and got aksed about the Alexander McQueen show in same line as Nick Knight, thats respect! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=te6qlX3Jqgw&feature=player_embedded

  26. Winnie says:

    Yes that last dress is very Lanvin-esque. Oh and now you have me wanting to press those buttons, they have the lure of bubble wrap!

  27. M says:

    I want them all!!!!

  28. KD says:

    Love that 3rd dress! For some reason it made me think of the Museum of Natural History. Maybe the dots are vaguely aquatic-life-looking? Oh and when we were in 4th grade or so my sister LOVED the book Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli.

  29. ghanes14 says:

    “Miss, may I push you buttons?”

  30. Elizabeth says:

    That last dress is wonderful, especially with her upswept hair. So art deco! I’m not a huge fan of the buttons, though. Maybe they’ll grow on me. Figuratively!

  31. Mish Dish says:

    I love every piece in this collection. Beautiful discovery. xo Mish

  32. I’ll admit it. I’ve never even HEARD of the shade celadine till now!
    Love that first dress. It’s like landscapings answer to fashion.

  33. Infashuated says:

    I love the simplicity of each dress in this collection.I believe the answer to designing a dress is to have as few design elements and drive them home in an area that accentuate the figure.celandine or celadon I believe celadon is a willow green and celandine is a buttercup flower. Wonderful post Bubbles. Ive added you to my blog link. Check me out ! Infashuated.com !!

  34. Mylie says:

    The structure of the first few dresses is beautiful, but my soft spot is definately for the last white dress.

  35. These dresses are amazing!!! I love they!

  36. EJ says:

    The button things look like someone’s gone a bit mad with security tags, but in a good way. I really like that last dress but have already added it to my ‘would look like a bedsheet on me’ list.

  37. would this not weigh allot?

  38. Dani says:

    the button dresses are cool, but the last one is so simple it is just breathtaking.
    love love love.

  39. The first two look gorgeous. The second looks so much more simple just because of it’s nude colourings, but the last dress just looks plain and boring in comparison. Love the pewter looking embellishments, they’re like shiny pebbles in water. Summary = nice collection 🙂

  40. Katie says:

    …..dresses covered in…blueberry, vanilla, almond and licorice macaroons?-
    note to self- be careful when visiting Parisian bakeries, or tempting hungry fellows.
    Their appeal remains intact. More is more.
    (deja vous back to my first post- who macaroon.)
    Please pop by it would be ace- fashionclocked.blogspot.com.

  41. Pyxus says:

    YUM…. these dresses are fantastic and ‘milkweed’ seems quite appropriate. I would die to walk around and say “What do you think of my milkweed buttony disk dress? – nevermind, I know it’s fabulous” 8)

  42. melissa says:

    Love the second one! The applications are really amazing!

  43. Andreea says:

    wow, the second one looks so unreal. Utter perfection!

  44. Circles and spheres have always evoked a very visceral reaction in me. These dresses have blown my mind.

  45. Miss Fox says:

    Surprisingly enough (at least, it is a surprise to me), I really like this look–especially the last dress.

  46. these are gorgeous! the contrast of the pale colours with the hard plastic is really fantastic.

  47. Alice says:

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  48. katherine says:

    i really like this looks..original but no so funny (bad funny)even the i think the last look wosen`t very cohesent with the others according to the colour palet…and dosn`t see much things (tapes)on that one…

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