I'm not entirely sure whether "lither" is a word.  I'm just assuming it is for my own greedy posting purposes.  Long and lithe is one of those word combos that just slips off the tongue pretty smoothly.  I'm sadly breaking that up though and not giving you the lithe bit.  I didn't post one of my annotated Topshop lookbook images where I had written "YES FOR LONGER LENGTHS" with a very long and very satsifying arrow (read that any way you want…hum).

Long, however is not necessarily some magical formula to stretching out and looking long-er.  Nope, I'm resigned to the fact that my cravings for long are going to somewhat stump me but the point is that I'm more in love with the fact that when walking there's material swishing about the knees and calves.  I'm even liking the fact that when you walk up stairs or get on buses, you have to lift up your skirts to do so which actually caused a woman behind me to make a small 'tutting' noise.  As in "Tut!  Who does she think she is?  The Queen of Sheba?"  (was it weird that I really tried to research WHO the Queen of Sheba was when I was seven when I first heard this phrase…?)

I'm currently liking layering different lengths to the volume.  So this slightly form-fitting Sretsis bow dress goes over the Margiela skirt…probably to disguise the latter's wear and tear from over-wearing…




Everyone likes a good BOOB BOW right?  And everyone just loves saying BOOB BOW no?

(Marks & Spencer black and cream satin floral dress, Sretsis bow dress, Margiela black and cream layered skirt, Acne shoes, Lanvin belt) 

Technically, these sheer dusky pink layered trousers isn't a skirt of course but there's SO MUCH fabric that it actually does require some lifting up.  They're Skirsers!  Or err….Skrewsers!  I have to thank a reader for tipping me off about these trews on eBay where I got them for about £3.  I've had a hard time scoring things for under a tenner these days so this recent buy restored my faith that a £0.01 bid price is still possible in this day and age.  The Michael Angel skirt definitely tames the amount of billowing fabric down a bit.  The dusky rose shade also conveniently does a matchy matchy trick with the Emma Cook ruffled shoes.  I still can't quite shake those scrunchies away.   




In fact I was half tempted to run out to the ickle chemist just to see whether they had more of these manky black and white scrunchies to cuff the sheer trousers up into a quasi-bloomer shape so that the black and white striped stockings could peek out.  Weirdly enough, I hadn't run out of shampoo/talc/toothpaste/Lemsip (it's always ONE of those that is missing…).


(H&M black sheer top, Sonia Rykiel for H&M bra, Michael Angel striped print and mesh skirt, vintage dusky rose layered sheer trousers, black and white striped stockings, Emma Cook satin ruffle shoes, cheapie chemist scrunchies)

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  1. KD says:

    Always, always so so stunning. The wondrousness of both these outfits just blew my mind. This is why you’re my style icon! (The only one I have . . . Audrey Hepburn? Puh-leeze, you are so much more, well, interesting!)

  2. Jasmine says:

    i love you susie…i really do.

  3. susie_bubble says:

    Gah…you’re too kind KD!

  4. Amy says:

    These are great! I really love the second one, though! Very JPG!

  5. Jenny Cindy says:

    This is so amazingly creative. I love the dress in the first outfit, it is already quite a beautiful piece on its own but you took it to a whole other level with your clever combination.
    Also I love the colors in the second outfit and what you did with the scrunchies on the shoes.
    You never fail to amaze and inspire me <3

  6. Alex says:

    The top outfit is one of my favourites of yours of all time. I have trawled through your archives (but not in an odd way!) and honestly think this is one of my favourite outfit posts ever! Am feeling a need for maxi skirts and longer lengths too.

  7. AH-MAY-ZING! The sretsis dress is a stunner (Go Aussies!) I totally get the length/stumpy thing but you really make it work! Those Acnes~~~~aaarrgghh! The Ruffle Shoes! The skrewsers! The graphic prints! The bows! I need to stop…I’m hyperventilating.

  8. Eline says:

    This is all too perfect. These lengths, mixes and matches of fabrics… everything! Also, the bow dress is making my heart ache a little of jealousy.

  9. G says:

    OMG ! I HAVE GONE TO FASHION HEAVEN !! that first dress has to be the best ever !!!! i love it on you !! its like OSCARS BUT WITH STYLE BUBBLE =] LOVE IT

  10. Sarah Cooper says:

    WoW! This Stretsis/Margiela combo is my favourite of all your looks I’ve seen too! I love the black with ivory. Also long skirts with huge platforms is a BONUS as it adds so much height to the silhouette. 🙂

  11. susie_bubble says:

    G: Hah! The very idea of me going to the Oscars or any such event makes me want to fall off my chair… and also shudder with fear…

  12. Sally says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of floor-length skirts, no matter how short they make me look. Layering your shorter dresses on top creates some amazing depth.
    And gotta ask: Are those Acnes new or old? Just wondering if I’ll be able to pine for them come spring, or if I should pine via eBay …

  13. Corey Lee says:

    I agree the layering on the Marks & Spencer dress adds a nice amount of dimension to it. The ruffle shoes combined with the striped stockings is inspiring, although I’m not completely sold on the scrunchies.

  14. Sabine says:

    Oh hello, Queen of Sheba! I don’t know how you run to the drug store with these shoes but they sure look good. And such lovely peplum (was it peplum or preplum… a fashionable word I just learned and actually prefer to Boob Bow).

  15. tanya says:

    susie i don’t even know what to say to you that hasn’t been said before.
    instead i shall leave this following link:

  16. susie_bubble says:

    ^Hah! I thank thee for that….

  17. Lini Trinh says:

    wonderful … so creativ. I akways like ur style ^^

  18. Gon says:

    Lovely! I’m adoring these past fews photos of you Susie ;D! Great styleee 😀
    kiss kiss,

  19. Gon says:

    Oh and the bow dress is so gorgeous! Nice pick ;D

  20. Kate says:

    awesome combination 🙂
    have a quick question for you, received a letter from chictopia.com about Chictopia10 Social Influence Summit, 13 Feb in New York Fashion week and its says you’re a speaker there…don’t know what this is about so just wanted to see if it’s a scam or something important.
    Kate xxx

  21. Nora says:

    Oh, i love those acne shoes!

  22. I have to say I’m always very interested in the fashion on your blog, but it isn’t usually my sort of thing, but i LOVE both of these outfits- amazing.am in awe.

  23. Carla says:

    i love how romantic yet modern these two long skirted outfits look.

  24. Winnie says:

    Wow those vintage pink trews are amazing and what a bargain! I reactivated my ebay account the other day in anticipation of the day when I can get hold of a real bargain!

  25. wow this has to be my favourite post of yours in a while! Like I am obsessed. lol I love the first outfit! Beautiful beautiful!! 🙂 Come visit!

  26. Gem Fatale says:

    Wow the outfit with the skirsers is an absolute dream! You look marvellous. So creative!

  27. pretty face says:

    M&S?!? As in… Marks and SPENCERS???
    Sorry, I was so shocked I could barely get past that line to see your second outfit. Amazing! xx

  28. C. says:

    Susie, sometimes it just doesn’t work for me, but today is not one of those times. These looks are magical, especially the first. I don’t like to gush (especially not on blogs!) but I love these. You put me to shame in my floor length solid grey (sidewalk chic). And I have to say that you look really gorgeous in the first photo.

  29. style mews says:

    omg the acne shoes and striped (beetlejuice!) tights are incredibleeeeeeeee!!

  30. Joanna M. says:

    You go Susie!
    You’re totally iconic!

  31. Nina says:

    acne shoes acne shoes acne shoes. also, i envy your corset tops. how many do you own? can you do a special on just the corset tops? oh wait it says its a bra. well it looks cool.

  32. Isabel says:

    Goodness, that BOOB BOW dress is the most covetable thing ever.

  33. selena says:

    wow! the way you layer and put everything together is AMAZING!!! would love to see your wardrobe!

  34. Rose says:

    Layering to overwhelming heights is underrated.

  35. WendyB says:

    I’m all about the boob and butt bows.

  36. Jenny says:

    Oh I love your outfits! And I love long dresses for precisely the same reason–it’s so lovely to hold up your skirt when you walk up the stairs or look back and see it trailing behind you. We love your blog and your style, and especially your maximalist style.
    Jenny from Fashion for Writers

  37. Jennine says:

    what a beautiful silhouette! on both outfits! i like the long, but also the statuesque shape you’ve created with both of them.

  38. Claire says:

    Both of these outfits put me of a mind to throw my feet over the arm of a sofa I am lying on and eat truffles in front of white floor-to-ceiling windows.
    That, and to rob your wardrobe. You’re safe, I’m not in London.

  39. Britte says:

    Both outfits are some of the best things I’ve seen you put together in a while!! Im so inspired right now <3

  40. Paulinabelle says:

    the first shoes are AMAZING… im also loving longer lengths too but i really need a black jersey maxi dress and a grey jersey skirt

  41. Wow! what a lovely outfit. so cute.

  42. Mattamorphis says:

    That dress with the peplum is beautiful

  43. I am in love with both of these looks! The shoes are so pretty in the second outfit! Boob Bow. That is funny to say(:

  44. These outfits remind me of my favorite movie as a child. Beetlejuice. Susie, your outfit is incredible. I wish you lived in New York. As much of a fashion capital this place is all I see are blacks and grays. But you should be coming to the shows in a week so you’ll brighten and liven the streets of NYC soon. Hooray!

  45. Erica says:

    im at a lost for words! those shoes in each picture is fabulous

  46. I don’t know what to say except.. WOW.

  47. julia says:

    Phenomenal, seriously Susie! It could have been epic fail but you pulled it off smashingly.

  48. nora says:

    gosh, you are too awesome! i love how you layered these outfits! and the black/white scrunchy on the ruffle shoes?? who would of thought?? 🙂

  49. Kamicha says:

    I love the first outfit so much that I can’t really tell! But both are great ones. I’m seriously feeling the long hems, too.

  50. Oh lady, I love that Stretsis dress! And those mirror shoes are ah-mazing!

  51. Juliana says:

    Susie I absolutely love the first outfit. Actually, for all your outfits, even if I wouldn’t wear some of them myself, the fact that I can appreciate the thought and creativity that went into putting them together makes it worth something =) When you have the time, check out http://www.etsy.com/shop/junkbyjuju
    Hopefully you’ll love the accessories I make and sell =)

  52. Those sleeves in the first one are simply gorgeous. And I’m blown away by the second one.

  53. melissa says:

    Wow! Without words! These dresses and shoes are awesome!

  54. Laura says:

    this is so creative susie!
    i love your acne shoes 🙂
    i’d love to wear lnger lengths alas I fear they would drown me and i’d look ridic!

  55. Zoe says:

    wow! I think I love these two outfits more than anything you’ve worn before! Longer lengths are just perfect, I’m sick of people wearing skirts that barely cover their knickers (aren’t they cold?!)

  56. Daisy says:

    Totally fantastic ! I adore both looks, your outfits always make me smile and give me a little kick to be more creative in my outfits! x

  57. Bloody hell, these outfits blow my small little pea mind. I could never pull off anything like this. I suddenly feel that my entire wardrobe is dull mediocre dull!

  58. sioux says:

    you’re a real artist, I bow before your unleashed creativity

  59. The bow and floral dress-combination is superperfect.Later, the dusty-salmon pink and b&w stripes, again, amazing. I love the fact that the ‘composition’ deliberately pushes you into the feminine-sexy however casino-diva-alike image.
    All in all, well done Susie.
    Best wishes,
    fashion abuse

  60. Susie you’re really a genius.

  61. apparellel says:

    loving these looks! especially the boob bow—had to say it!

  62. in the second photo your outfit makes me think at a Japanese kimono. Your layering is genius! Congrats!

  63. boob bow!!!!! 😛
    you are the queen of layering!!!!!!!

  64. I want those Acne wedges!!!

  65. Achilleas says:

    you are so creative! i’m dying to meet you 🙂

  66. The firs dress is amazing!!! I love it!

  67. I think I need to say BOOB BOW more often. As always, you look lovely!

  68. reeraw says:

    ok, so this totally reminds me of 1940s Hollywood musicals. have you ever seen the films featuring the costume designs of irene? she played with length, embellishments, and brave technicolour combinations. in particular, yolanda & the thief. here’s the colours in action: http://bit.ly/bccZeX here’s a good representation of the length: http://bit.ly/cywAXH

  69. i LOVE those acne shoes, such a fresh take on those damn atacomas

  70. I’ve been feeling the longer lengths too…something in the air…
    But really, the most important thing to note is the Stretsis dress…how have I never noticed this piece before? Is it new? It’s so incredibly gorgeous. I love the way you’ve worn it here, so unexpected and so genius. And I do NOT use that word lightly. You need to be professionally photographed in that outfit. For real.

  71. Rachael says:

    I was going to write WOW, but someone has already done so not too far up on your long list of well deserved good comments. So instead I will break my reaction into the points that made me reach the resulting “WOW”
    a) your layering throughout is amazing
    b) that Stretsis bow dress is made to layer over the Margiela skirt (but also to be worn alone as it is fantastic)
    c) I like the bra over top thing; kind of a reaction against the knickers over tights thing that’s been kicking around…the reverse super girl if you will…plus I really wanted that bra but don’t have the energy for riots when designers mix with high street as I know now from sulking over the loss of a Jimmy Choo for h&m dress.
    d) tights waist line above trouser waist line? nice.
    and finally…
    e) lifting up skirts to go up stairs! Oh how I love that feelings! I am definitely buying more long skirts now!! You have reminded me of that wonderful feeling and given me an excellent excuse!

  72. AAS says:

    I really admire you!! those acne wedges look amazing with the long skirt!!!

  73. claire says:

    absolutely gorgeous, so creative and innoavtive and fabulous all at the same time, alexa who???? new girl in town, again love the blog susie, think my boyfriend is getting jealous,last night made him read your blog with me before going to sleep!!!! ha!!! keep up the good work, xx

  74. Nina says:

    The bow dress is spectacular!!!!!!!!!

  75. Lily-Rose says:

    Amazing, love the shoes.

  76. jodi bebe says:

    i love the idea of layering those dresses! both look great! and the shoes you choose to pair them with! was it easy moving about in town?
    also i added you on my fav blog list! hope u could do the same 🙂

  77. Tenisha says:

    the Emma Cook shoes are darling.

  78. Cammila says:

    I want to squee about the mermaidish silhouette you create with the layering, but I’m too busy freaking out about the shoes. All the shoes.

  79. XXX says:


  80. Maile John says:

    Yes, you look lither. Yes, lither is a word.

  81. Clairey says:

    OH. GOD. I couldn’t love these looks more! Absolutely Gorgeous! http://bloggamonsta.blogspot.com/

  82. selina says:

    woah what incredible silhouettes! this is styling genius!

  83. Manassinee says:

    It’s Sretsis, not Stretsis =D Just to clarify

  84. Alienor says:

    your outfits are really awesome ! love them !!

  85. susie_bubble says:

    Apologies! I think I got the web address right though…for some reason, it’s unnatural for me to type a Sr sound….

  86. missmilki says:

    The silhoutte of the first outfit really reminds me of a geisha – its probably the shoes as well. I love it! 🙂

  87. Harry says:

    the trousers/skirt, glad you won them !! they are so beautiful and go so well with the emma cook shoes.

  88. aNOUk says:

    love this outfit, made a little post about it on my blog
    u can check it here:

  89. laura says:

    You look gorgeous and the outfit is amazing. I love that you can take clothes from places like ebay and H&M and put them together in a way that looks designer.

  90. Tatiana says:

    liked that bow and both shoes! very criative your outfits. loved them all!

  91. M says:

    that Sretsis bow dress is delicious, well the whole styling were you used it was just gorge

  92. The Starling says:

    It’s been a while since I posted a comment on your blog Susie, but I still visit and admire. You’re styling in this post however is so genius that I could not just pass praising you!!! I mean…the b+w scrunchies on those shoes! Perfect…
    The silouette in the last outfit is one of my timless favourites…so flattering and beautiful. xx

  93. Pia says:

    You look so adorable in these pictures and the outfits are AMAZING!!

  94. Malize says:

    I just couldn’t resist 🙂 Hope you like it.

  95. your looks are sooo gorgeous! and so are your acne shoes! finally something different than those regular atacoma’s!!!

  96. adrienne says:

    I agree – ‘BOOB BOW’ is quite fun to say!
    I love the first outfit in particular. I’m going to have to use the word ‘architechtural’ even though it makes me a little sick at the cliche… but it’s very intersting with all the different shapes.

  97. Bess says:

    DO you actually own these shoes, or are they just a sample? Did they ever go into production because I need them in my life! Amazing post also.

  98. MagicNina says:

    Pretty cool outfit!!
    The first dress is amazing, it looks so sophisticated and dynamic.
    Love, Nina

  99. You look like a modern day geisha in these outfits. Fab! Especially love the first one. Those shoes…0v0 !

  100. susie_bubble says:

    Wowzers…. so MANY comments… weird as it’s not particularly something new I’m wearing here but I guess I have Steve to thank for the pretty pretty pics…
    About the Acne and Emma Cook shoes, they were show samples… and alas, never went to production.
    The Acne shoes I got through work as a perk (!!!) and the Emma Cook shoes I bought at a sample sale…
    I’m not sure why those Acnes never went to production seeing as their wedge designs seem to do so well… they are extreme though as the wedge itself is hollowed out… but still fairly comfy…

  101. i love u… i have gone to heaven… u are the best icon fashion….

  102. sadia says:

    fantastic stuff, u r supremely talented

  103. Sam says:

    First time commenting! I had to after coming back a second and third time to analyze these looks. just wow. The first look seems to be a modern take on a geisha’s attire. something about the sleeves and slim layering. I love them both.

  104. katherine says:

    this have to be my favorite look of you…the first dress was killing imitation of corset???
    love it…

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  106. zesoutBot says:

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  109. MaayaaW says:

    these outfits are awesome, i’ve looked at some of your other stuff but these are the best i’ve seen so far, ESPECIALLY the second one, which i love! i can’t help but wonder where you’d wear it though….which i could wear that just casually!

  110. MaayaaW says:

    And by which i mean wish…

  111. - says:

    true originality.

  112. DanilVMS says:

    The blog has hooked, I will tell fairly. Your articles in him even, in some measure, have affected perception me of some things. Very interesting. With pleasant expectation I prepare for perusal of new receipts.

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  118. ByperuDi says:

    There’s no half-singing in the shower, you’re either a rock star or an opera diva.

  119. Mdoisqhtory says:

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    Everyone is free to trust, in what he wants. I only against to force all to trust in something one

  122. ReequeFag says:

    –î–∞, –¥–µ–π—Å—Ç–≤–∏—Ç–µ–ª—å–Ω–æ. –í—Å—ë –≤—ã—à–µ —Å–∫–∞–∑–∞–Ω–Ω–æ–µ –ø—Ä–∞–≤–¥–∞.

  123. NariAdderge says:

    –ü—Ä–∏—Å–æ–µ–¥–∏–Ω—è—é—Å—å. –í—Å—ë –≤—ã—à–µ —Å–∫–∞–∑–∞–Ω–Ω–æ–µ –ø—Ä–∞–≤–¥–∞. –î–∞–≤–∞–π—Ç–µ –æ–±—Å—É–¥–∏–º —ç—Ç–æ—Ç –≤–æ–ø—Ä–æ—Å.

  124. –ñ–∞–ª—å, —á—Ç–æ —Å–µ–π—á–∞—Å –Ω–µ –º–æ–≥—É –≤—ã—Å–∫–∞–∑–∞—Ç—å—Å—è – —Ç–æ—Ä–æ–ø–ª—é—Å—å –Ω–∞ —Ä–∞–±–æ—Ç—É. –ù–æ –≤–µ—Ä–Ω—É—Å—å – –æ–±—è–∑–∞—Ç–µ–ª—å–Ω–æ –Ω–∞–ø–∏—à—É —á—Ç–æ —è –¥—É–º–∞—é –ø–æ —ç—Ç–æ–º—É –≤–æ–ø—Ä–æ—Å—É.

  125. –û—Ç–ª–∏—á–Ω–∞—è —Å—Ç–∞—Ç—å—è –°–ø–∞—Å–∏–±–æ –æ–≥—Ä–æ–º–Ω–æ–µ

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