It’s Been Too Long

Where will Londoners and surrounding UK peeps be on February 6th?  Will I be seeing you at a certain familiar location in the weird and random depths of Wembley per chance?  Yes it is that time again.. the famed Angels Warehouse sale is on again.  I don't know why I say famed really, since there has only been one proper sale (I'm excluding the uniform sale they had back in November) that set the precedent but what a riot that was (see video evidence ).  Just to quickly recap…famed film and TV costumier Angels clear their warehouses by having this sale where you stuff as much clothes into a bag priced at ¬£20 and ¬£50 (no tenner bags this time round…).  It requires a bit of scrummy rummaging but is *I think* BAGS of fun (emphasis on the bags…).  The fruits of that Angels Sale labour are still reaping the benefits in the form of some costume leather short type things that I have worn incessantly over the past year or so.     

On the basis of the roaring success, and over a year later, Angels are ready for another sale. I on the other hand, am not because I've inconveniently booked myself a video interview I can't get out of in the morning, so I alas can't join in on the crack of dawn queuing action.

Angels though very kindly let me into the warehouse to do a sneak peek of what is in store, though not for my own greedy purposes I might add, but for me to check out the stock and report back to you… in the form of another video…

(Music used 'Slow Burn Treason' by the lovely Holly Miranda)

Me and this very cold Wembley warehouse are pretty much on bum chum terms now…

This time round they're calling it the Angels Retro Sale which doesn't mean much other than the stock has shifted further to emphasise the 70s and the 80s more (though I still found some lovely bits of 50s gear…).  I only sifted through the boxes on the surface for the video as full-on rummaging needs to be reserved for the day but I definitely saw a few choice pieces that would make me happy if I had bought them individually for ¬£20 each.  The hat section is particularly good this time round…and…a few MIGHT even fit my bulbous head…

IMG_0413 IMG_0414

IMG_0415 IMG_0416

The only catch is that this time round, they're charging people a fiver which is fair dos if you do come out guaranteed with a bag of goodies… I guess it's similar to the entrance fees at a vintage fair (where I NEVER seem to be able to find anything… other than oggling at really REALLY expensive pieces…). 

So… see ya there?  See you whilst we both rummage at a box?  See you tugging one arm of a dress and me tugging the other?  I must warn you.  These arms have some GUUUUUUUUUNS to them…

Angels Retro Sale on February 6th at 7 Courtenay Road, Wembley, HA9 7ND. Doors open at 8.30am (though last time, there were people queuing since 3am in the morning???).  Cards will be accepted for purchases over ¬£100.  

36 Replies to “It’s Been Too Long”

  1. Pure raging that I’m not gonna be in London that weekend. Almost feel like canceling my tickets to Glasgow just for the sake of a good old rummage around some total gems. I am sending my brother, sister in law and pals off with strict instructions to bring me back a stunner of a surprise.
    Aren’t you lucky you got a sneak peak!

  2. Ahh Susie this is so funny I was watching your youtube video of last year this morning – “We’re free and I only got hepatitis”!!! I would go but that queue looked vicious and the prospect of waking up at 4am is not attractive at all, even for sacks of vintage clothing.

  3. 3am is waaayy too early. I got to the Vintage one at 7am but still managed to miss out on a lot of the classic designer dresses. It was a shame because by the time I got there, so many delicate sequeined 1930s dresses had gapping holes in them from ladies frantically grabbing stuff.

  4. oooh i want to go, tired thinking about it but maybe i can try to recruit a few others, cheers for the heads up,xx

  5. Last year I arrived at around 11am with le boyfriend (who was annoyed with me for making him get up that early on a Saturday), only to be met by the queue from hell. We didn’t bother with the queue and I had to take him for breakfast. Total fail for me on all levels. I will try again this year, really try!

  6. It would be idiotic for me to miss this considering it’s just down the road but a bit apprehensive of getting trampled….eek

  7. Arhhhh I just cannot tell you how excited i was when i watched the video!! But then i might not even be able to make it for the sale. Although i would really like one of those red marching band jackets and dresses!

  8. im quite surprised to the fact that i live in Wembley and yet have never heard of this before; nevertheless i shall be dragging my friend to this ;D x

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