“Drop your socks and grab something…”

**WARNING** Inklings of Mad Men S3 spoilers ahead…this is for UK peeps really… and I've seen other blogs do this sort of thing too and thought I should join this etiquette bandwagon…

>> In the whole weekend spirit of being tardy, slow and generally uninformed, I'm trying to make amends, albeit still in a sluggish fashion.  It doesn't help that being whipped around in the head by snow and winds has now brought on a cold.  Thanks a lot.  Now I'll go about infecting anyone who passes my way in Paris, Florence and Sao Paolo over the next two weeks.

Some of you might have seen from my manic Tweeting that I've JUST caught up on season 3 of Mad Men.  Evidently, I'm too slow for US-ers where the season finished before Christmas and too fast for UK-ers where the season is only starting now.  Caught in this TV no man's land, my current excitement over Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is both too little too late AND premature.  In one particular scene where G'pa Gene is dressing down for bed, I caught my eye on some sock garters.  Sure, peeps were banging on about these somewhat antiquated men's accessories as an emerging trend last year, but for me it takes a fictional senile Grandpa who is on his deathbed with a penchant for the history of the Roman Empire to convince me that sock garters are the way forward. 


Then coincidentally, a trio of Swan Diamond Rose comments on the blog slotted the perfect piece into this sock garters jigsaw puzzle.  She has been selling her unique sock garters on her Etsy store since Oct/Nov last year to much, MUCH blog acclaim with "OMG, AMAZING-NESS, EFFING COOL" being the general sentiment.  Problem solved and so Swan Diamond Rose comes to the rescue with her sock garters adorned with a wee ickle silver swan and available in black, white and lace… I believe some pink ones are on their way over to me so I'll have my Grandpa Gene moment too where someone will tell me to "Drop your socks and grab something" and I will laugh in a depressing ominous manner…


Another SDR treat comes by way of her Flickr photostream which she calls "A Life of Fashion Crimes"
but clearly means "Cool images of my very spontaneously stylish
modelling past".  It's another piece into the 90s puzzle that of course won't ever actually be solved/completed.  That Swan Diamond Rose's 90s memories include a mighty cool polaroid
like this, where her friend fashioned her an outfit consisting of a
fringed silver jacket and some silver cage leggings actually renders most of my style obsessions of the latter half (fringe, metallic and cage) of this decade an odd 90s redux and I didn't even know it… until I saw this image.  Clearly SDR's friend who made this ensemble was something of a fashion Mystic Meg…


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  1. I just had a look at the site and would love their “RUFFLE BUSTLE BUMBAG in BLACK COTTON DENIM”, but sadly $150 dollars is a bit too much for a bumbag atm… One year ago I would have said yes, but exchange rates change…

  2. Hurrah for Mad Men love! I watched all three series in a little over a week… I admit that in shame BUT I was ill at the time so I had nothing else to do… Consequently I’ve been seeing Mad Men fashion everywhere, especially Joan Holloway-esque ensembles. Eek, a little too obsessed. I love the sock garters too. Actually, I just love SwanDiamondRose. I wanted to get some this past sale but now that you mention there might be some pink ones coming, I might just wait for the Valentine’s sale and save up 😀 Eek!. The layering possibilities….

  3. hm, not yet convinced about those garters… thanks for bringing their fashion forward movement to my attention, though. i will follow their process & see if i can somehow get comfortable with seeing them popping up on fashion sites. i always, always have to think about gene hackman in heartbreakers when i see those things, & really, that is a gross vision!!

  4. hey thank you miss susie bubbles! always very flattered to be liked by you 🙂
    and wow, that photo of me. i’m glad you posted it even if i cringe! my friend scott mackie made that outfit. scott has since passed away. he was amazing. he was a club kid, like me, hence the crazy photos. he made me camouflage 50s style sundresses and so many amazing things. after being a designer he went to school for aerospace engineering, then became a dot com person, then went to teach in africa, and had a heart attack. he was a surreal person, and a huge sweetheart. i just had to mention that.
    ok, thanks to sock garter likers! and i love to hear the curmudgeonly thoughts about them too. i love that part of their charm is that they are part nerd & part vixen.
    and kamicha, your photos aren’t crap. i love them! i really appreciate you doing them 🙂
    and the colours are so far: black, white, satin cream, white lace, latt√©, baby blue, and ballerina pink. and yes there is a little Valentine’s sale coming.
    endless comment now over… xo Tara

  5. girl! i love sock garters. I bought some 4 or 5 years ago after having to hunt high and low and eventually could only find them at a mens’ shop. totally worth it though. i hope to find more … greay would be lovely, ivory too. xx

  6. Well, no wonder you’ve been kinda quiet… those socks are totally awesome! The stripes all match and everything! How cool are you? And you didn’t skimp and make little footies for your first pair, you went and made long, full-calf-and-shin coverage, honest-to-goodness socks. Yay, you!

  7. Those socks are totally awesome! The stripes all match and everything!Thanks for the insight! There is a lot of enjoyable post within those links
    puzzle bubble

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