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It's always difficult to post after there's been 'quite the discussion' going on in a previous post.  It's sort of like a weird anti-climax.  However I am a firm believer of mixing it up and now that my chunky ranting post is out there, then comes something light and fluffy.

As a reader pointed out "Eeeh… Outfit post please!  Wanna see all your post Chrissie sale buys!"  Alrighty then…jobs a good un.  As it so happens, I do have an incredibly silly and fluffy tale to tell about the post Christmas sales.  I didn't come out with a lot of goods but I am scarred for life.  So I ventured out to Topshop Oxford Circus on Boxing Day because I promised my sister I would.  After twenty minutes in there, I think I left a teary voicemail on my sister's mobile that went along the lines of "Pleeeeeease can we go now?  I'm scared for my life!" whilst cooped up in a corner in the safe region of the non-sale racks.  This voicemail may come back and haunt me later on.  

Topshop is a haven in the early mornings, in the late evenings but NOT when there are rails and rails of sale racks on Boxing Day.  I think at one point I was clambering over other girls on the floor who were looking for their size, that wound up looking like a mishapen cheerleading formation.  Everyone's clothes hangers were hooking onto each other, dress interlockings were getting caught on handbags and hands were being shoved in everyone's faces as people scrambled to find their size.  If it wasn't so frenetic, we might have stopped and realised that us strangers were all actually physically bonding with each other…

Given I was only gingerly looking, I came away with just the crushed teal velvet body and a rose-gold metallic bra.  The coppery tones of the bra together with the Emma Cook shoes are somehow converting me into being a rose-gold/copper lover despite my fear of copper tubing (I don't like the sound they make when they knock against each other…).  This is a variation of what I wore on New Year's Eve… some of the original components alas suffered some wear and tear of the stomach bile variety but instead, I've displayed my current unhealthy obsession with lame, the type that make very good outfits for Barbies but not much else…


DSC_2221(Topshop velvet body, Topshop leatherette bra, vintage blue lame skirt, vintage copper lame shirt worn as skirt, Tabio tights, Emma Cook ruffle shoes and black scrunchies)

The last bit of this post is even more fluffy given I have nothing to say about these Kurt Geiger cartoonish leopard print flats that I picked up in Liberty yesterday (not sure they're available on the KG site anymore…).  I just seem to be inextricably attracted to leopard print that doesn't look like an actual leopard.  I will definitely be seen but this time I'll try not to be heard…



(Topshop hat, New Look leopard print body, ASOS pink leopard print skirt, surfing neoprene shorts from Oak, Anna Heylen cape wrapped around waist Kurt Geiger leopard print shoes)

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  1. Ooh! Looks like you got to keep the new look body- I’m so pleased someone gets to appreciate the design that never got to production!

  2. I really like the leopard print shoes. You boxing day shopping experience sounds much worse than mine, which included 25 minutes waiting for a fitting room and another 35 waiting at the till at BCBG. It was worth it though.

  3. Oooh you’ve got such a good and unique style nobody’s able to copy. You always handle it so well with all the colours and fabrics matching together in some way.
    LOVE it

  4. Totally love how you worked the cape around your waist! Reminds me of Michael Van der Ham’s unbalanced edgy collection at Fashion East, so brill! Wrote about the influence of Street style on the Fashion Industry for my thesis in my final year and you were featured in it along with Facehunter and The Sartorialist! You each gave me the inspiration to set up my own blog so keep up the great work! Here’s the add if you feel like having a look..

  5. Hi. Your outfits are really unique and I kinda doubt anyone else could pull them off. Anyway, um, I tagged you.
    It’s at

  6. Have just got back from holidays…need a holiday! Missed so much I see! Must spend few hours catching up on the latest in the blogosphere. Lovin lame and totally love the second outfit-really inventive.

  7. love the crushed teal velvet against rose gold metallic…..and especially adore the vintage copper lame shirt worn as skirt….well, love the outfit in its entirety ~ … are precious…..
    🙂 abigail

  8. Oh I loove the top outfit! So freakin cute….. Though you make me haaaate the fact that I live in shitty scotland! I wana get trampled on to get the good sales! Im willing to put myself through that… I went to a topshop up here and it was shit. I was really busy with girls clambering over each other but I wouldnt have minded that if there was a decent thing to be found on the racks! It was rubbish…. i want a velvet body suit…… no fair

  9. Ok, I have a rather weird question for you:
    Have you ever found yourself taking outfit pictures on your balcony, minding your own business, only to see a neighbor peeking through a near-by window? If yes, how did you react? I’m only asking you, because whenever I find myself trying to shot on my balcony, I’m always checking over my shoulder for peeking eyes on the opposite windows…

  10. Wow I want those flats! i love these outfits. Check out this dress made out of nothng but newspaper on my blog:

  11. I had a very similar experience in Topshop this week. It’s the place that girls go with all their mates to spend their 16th birthday money. I was a little overwhelmed by the throngs of screeching girls.

  12. About last post, the attention seeking: personally I’ve developed my style this last year and a half mainly because I saw it in the streets and loved it, wanted it. I’m by nature a very shy person when it comes to face-to-face confrontal, but still I often dress in outfits that are pretty colorful and noticable. I’m not seeking attention, not even wishing for it, but just like to dress this way..
    About this post: w to the o to the w back again. That’s all.

  13. oh dear, sorry to hear your new years day and boxing day experiences were less than lovely! nevermind, the shopping crush and the hangover from hell are nicely balanced by the preceding days of christmas festivities & eating and new years celebration & drinking, non? love the emma cook shoes… what a gorgeous burgundy colour!

  14. you look so amazing! your outfits are incredible. i love all of the pieces and i love the way you put together your outfits. just perfect!
    love, dayna

  15. I’m glad you were scared in Oxford St Topshop too! Granted I waited a few days after boxing day but I distinctly got the feeling that if I touched something someone else was going for or stepped on a toe I may well just get lamped. In my humble opinion Cardiff Topshop is far superior, for a start it doesn’t need an information desk..

  16. The perfect fluff riposte after the overload of discourse on fashion.
    Love the hat, and love the colour combinations.
    don’t worry all voicemail messages go after 28 day on the handset but they do survive in a mailbox in the ether for a while!

  17. After your post I feel much better about not having gone to the topshop sales (although if you’re a murderous kickboxer you can get some great things!). Great outfits!

  18. wow this is like a blast from the past! have you worn an outfit like the first before? or maybe i’m thinking back to early style bubble posts where lame was just coming in and i remember you had a silver dress! love the crushed velvet, i got a black dress and it’s loony in flash photos! i started to wish i’d got the matt velvet, but you’ve persuaded me the crushed is the way to go!!

  19. I know this is an old posting; but that teal velvet topshop top is STUNNING on you!! I wish I could have been there just to feel the softness of it!! Thanks for posting.

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