Being Healed



My obsession with grey jersey has finally reached a holy zenith point.  In terms of construction, material and design, there is nothing really that can top this grey jersey beaut.  I placed this Heal A/W 09 piece next to my other grey jersey items (Uniqlo sweatshirt, AA vests, Muji bedspread etc…) and I think I MAY have heard the other items cry a little in exasperation.  They are the slubby, lovable and comforting pieces that I will ALWAYS, always turn to but this jacket made by the rising French label, with ribbed panelling that sculpts the torso and shoulders, is sadly a class above. So there on top of a grey jersey hierarchy that I've been building up for a few years now, this Heal piece sits quite proudly, waiting some fuck-up to happen, like when I haphazardly spill spag bol sauce all over it (or fish pie… making that tonight… up for fishy leftovers round mine?).  Even the zipper makes a smooth wooshing zipping sound that sends fears of impending breakages running up my spine.  If I previously turned to grey jersey as a form of comfort, then the Heal (I'm even forced to give it a definite article) is the protective armour, that isn't really meant for slobbing away at home squished up watching the Jeremy Kyle show, eating beef-flavoured Monster Munch.  It's an insult to any garment really when you're doing those aforementioned things.

Nay. The Heal has to go out.  It's still frickin' cold outside but that's no excuse to be hiding away expertly constructed shoulders and a streamlined shape…





(Worn with Emma Cook shirt, Yves Saint Laurent trousers, Bruno Frisoni sandals)

**EDIT** In my very hasty post and whilst being distracted by the abundance of structured grey jersey, Jeremy Kyle, the warnings of snowfall and the impending fish pie (it was delish… thanks Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall!), I did forget to say that Heal top was a very VERY kind gift from them, thanking me for writing about them last time round.  It is an A/W 09 piece so I guess this might be the last bits of their last season stock.  Some of you have asked about their online store and ordering from them and I can only presume they've taken it down from their site over Christmas because they're away or they're redoing it for S/S 10.  In any case, I will shoot them an email to see what they have planned for S/S 10. 

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  1. Actually looks a bit like neoprene from afar, great structure. Btw, I got the grey jersey slippers from Muji, they’re lovely.

  2. Good to see that Heal are carrying on with their underwater theme, the ribbed bust sections on this remind of a mermaids shell bra! Their website is unbelievable too.

  3. Yes, I do understand that the other grey jerseys get slightly intimidated by this supercut jacket. What a piece… it could go over a jacket, as a protective armour under a coat… And how brave of you to stand on your balcony in flimsy silk trousers and sandals! I’m impressed! Sabine x

  4. Garh I dunno, I love you so much I sort of stay away from commenting because I feel I might ruin something, but I just have to say, oh hello I love you? Saw you once walking down Davies St, or more like limping back when you had your foot injury, and sorta wanted to do the fangirl thing. I guess thankfully I’m shy?

  5. That piece is so striking! I really think the biggest challenge with designing is making something wearable but still interesting/new and this is definitely one of those pieces that balances the two perfectly. It looks interesting, but so comfortable at the same time. Its also such a perfect layering piece, I can imagine it a bundle of other ways…

  6. That jacket is absolutely beautiful. The shape, the padding…I look at grey jersey in a completely different way now, especially after your fascination with it!

  7. How did you get this? I had contacted them about ordering a S/S 10 piece and did not receive a reply. And now I see they no longer have an online shop. Harumph.

  8. I must have. Just hit the link and sent an email to HEAL, but from reading the post above, it seems that they don’t respond. Where did you get it? I’m in the US, so give me the details so I can hunt it down πŸ™‚

  9. I love the jacket, it is so amazing. And I love gray too, whenever I go shopping for clothes I always end up picking up something gray.

  10. omg susie, sooooooooooooo pretty i wanna cry!!!
    are you coming to Rio and S√£o Paulo for the fashion weeks here? it’s summer…… (me in my enticing voice). you’d shake the locals crazy with your fashion sense. πŸ˜€

  11. I think we should start an GJA, grey jersey anonymous, because you’re not the only one with a unhealthy obsession with the lovely stuff. I don’t even want to think off all the items of grey jersey I own, it would probably be quite unsettling. Love the shape of this zip-up, and on you it looks amazing! I see this piece being very versatile, it would look great paired with anything and everything!

  12. Wow, that definitely is the most beautiful piece of grey jersey I’ve ever encountered. Gorgeous outfit, too – and the shoes are great!

  13. Steff: I re-edited my post. The jacket was a gift from Heal to thank me for my words on them last time round. I’m assuming their online shop is down because they’re changing it for S/S 10 and that they haven’t replied because they’re on holiday (?) I will try and see if I can find out what they’re doing for S/S 10…
    Moi: Oiks…the piece I believe retailed at EUR1500 so I am indeed WELL and TRULY chuffed that they wanted to bequeath it to me….
    Kym: The piece was from the A/W 09 collection, so effectively it’s last season and I’m not sure whether they have any left… I will enquire though!
    Carol: I am indeed coming to Sao Paulo next week for Fashion Week!

  14. Thanks so much! I went to their site, but you can’t buy from it as far as I can tell. Hit the sweater, which is there, but just get a close-up of it. I’m a huge fan of gray/grey!! Look forward to hearing back from you πŸ™‚

  15. The shoulders on this jacket are absolutely brilliant. Love the juxtaposition between it and the trousers. Thank you for telling us about this beautiful brand!

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