Smarter with Somarta

>> Japanese label Somarta may be layered up, comprising of fabric experimentation at the fruition point of their fashion shows but peel them all back and at the core of it is a seamless lace bodysuit that designer Tamae Hirokawa, who set up Somarta in 2006, always bases her collections around.  Like I said before, delving and researching Japanese designers is always a bit of a clickety click mystery but from Somarta's website, I can definitely discern that her bodysuits have spawned a range of 'Second Skin' garments comprising of different lace separates; leggings, scoop neck tops, vests and opera gloves. They also come in two different lace patterns; 'Robin' and 'Guardian'… check the comic book references there!

I haven't quite figured out the part of actually ordering any of these things but when I do finally build up a complete set of Somarta Second Skin pieces, I will have accomplished my mission to look like a Kylie Minogue interpretive backing dancer… oh yes, oh yes! 



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  1. Up to now I thought I would skip Christmas, I didn’t need anything, but not anymore… I want these badly! Though looking at their website I realise I will have to learn Japanese before I can get my hands on a lacey catsuit.

  2. Haha love it, I wish I were a Kylie back up dancer too! Or do I mean I want to go home with one of the “dancers” from the Slow video… Oh well, either way!

  3. Really cool. I’ve always been intrigued by the Japanese fashion scene, but know little about it….language barrier is a bit of an issue. I’m sure to check out Somarta’s stuff! Lovely concept btw.

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