>> Do you remember those days when a 50p scrunchie made out of some sheeny shiny lame fabric would cheer you up?  No, actually, I don't recall those days and I'm not sure many people did get much joy out of a scrunchie.  With my abundant mane, no flimsy scrunchie is going to secure a ponytail.  However, I did get SOME minor joy out of these hair contraptions, yesterday when in my local chemist (not Boots/Superdrug…an ickle chemist…the type that only sell two types of shampoo and really really old lines of L'Oreal make-up…) when I picked up these black and white heart-cut-out scrunchies for 99p and used them as a solution for keeping these Emma Cook S/S09 ruffle shoes  developed from previous seasons but used from slipping off.  I bought them at the sample sale a few weeks ago, attracted by the copper-y satin and had intended to get some elasticated grosgrain and sew them on as straps.  But then my old friend procrastination struck.  That old chestnut again… 

Oh well, I have the trip for indigestion tablets to thank for these temporary shoe straps that paired with my stripy stockings, faintly remind me of the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady.





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  1. diane says:

    OMG Susie! That is total and utter genius! (groveling)

  2. Winnie says:

    Oooh it doesn’t look bad at all! Great idea and those tights are awesome…Jack Skellington eat your heart out.

  3. Fannah says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me, no you’re not, aaah so amazing.

  4. S says:

    Trip down memory lane! Nice use of them with your shoes

  5. These photos just put the biggest smile on my face!
    I love the color combo.

  6. Joy D. says:

    gorgeous and delightful

  7. Ruth says:

    Adore those shoes- Happy New Year Susie, from Ruth @ Matches
    You’ve made my Matches most stylish list 2009!
    Lots Love Ruth

  8. Catherine says:

    That is so freaking amazing. My Internet stranger talker ditched me and this made me feel so much better!

  9. Maggie says:

    These pictures are very magical I must say! The combo you’ve done is cute. I don’t think anyone would look at you weird for the scrunchies!

  10. Is says:

    These are so Cecil Beaton!

  11. WendyB says:

    Looks amazing…
    I never had long enough hair for a scrunchie!

  12. Leia says:

    Omg Susie… I want!!

  13. Lauren S says:

    Oh my gosh, I love those shoes! They are so adorable!

  14. glowing doll says:

    I remember scrunchies but only because they were handed down to me by an older cousin. Even at an early age I decided that wearing them in my hair (which is like early Cher hair) would be neither practical nor aesthetically pleasing. So I used them to decorate my bedpost and let my kitten wear them as giant velveteen collars.
    As for tiny chemists, in my old neighbourhood in SE London I actually spotted original troll dolls by the cash register and ancient boxes of tampons.
    At the moment I have been stocking up on dollar store hair accessories because as you have shown they can be used in a variety of surprising and useful ways that do not involve hair.

  15. Amy says:

    I like the combo of the sleek stripey tights and the ruffles of the scrunchies!

  16. Kate says:

    wow these are just divine, you’re a genius!
    20p Scrunchies never brought me that much pleasure, apart from a couple of musical ones I had. yes really, a musical scrunchie. oh the 90’s.

  17. Nina says:

    amazing shoes. pieces of art.

  18. KD says:

    Love it! That’s a super solution.

  19. tuwie says:

    OMG this is so creative and genius and it looks GREAT! love the combo! 🙂

  20. Très belles photos ton blog est vraiment super bravo
    Happy new year

  21. luxirare says:

    These images look like they sprang from a DSLR!

  22. roxy says:

    those stockings are what makes the shoes look great.

  23. Nibha Khungar says:

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  24. Gem Fatale says:

    Susie you are a bloody genius!!
    Happy new year xo

  25. Shelley says:

    Ah, Susie, you continue to amaze me with your ingenuity and joyful stylishness! Happy New Year…

  26. ohhh this is so cute!!!
    Loving the socks & yellow, lovely!
    If you’d like to follow me too my new blog is http://myunemployedlife-aysha.blogspot.com/
    love A.

  27. don;t ya just love it when procrastination gets rewarded by a find!
    Perfect and the shoes are gorgeous but did need such a solution. Very My Fair Lady in a 2010 way.
    Happy New Year x

  28. karoline says:

    These shoes are definitly love at first sight!

  29. Sabine says:

    They go so well with striped stockings and rose shoes… Sabine x

  30. Rosie says:

    those are hideously hilarious but you made them work…nicely done!

  31. now thats a smart idea, i’m wondering does that help to keep the shoes in place any better? i shall have to try it.

  32. heather says:

    Reminds me of Alice in wonderland, so whimsical I love the shoes with the tights. Tea anyone?

  33. Lara Tjoeng says:

    Alice-in-Wonderland-a-licious. NOW ALL YOU NEED IS JOHNNY DEPP TO CO-STAR. xxxxx

  34. nikkieve says:

    At least they are cute scrunchies! better then your average satin-esk scrunchies.
    btw good idea for a last minute save to keep naughty shoes on!

  35. isabella says:

    love your blog !
    happy 2010 *
    will you follow me aswell ?
    love, isabella

  36. Hollie says:

    Thats just pretty awesome! i love it <3
    hope you have a great 2010
    Hollie x

  37. K8 says:

    Incredible shoes!
    Fashion X K8.blogspot

  38. bubu says:

    I‘d like to invite you to visit my fashion blog:
    Thank you :).

  39. susie_bubble says:

    Thanks for all the shoe/New Years wishing….! Goes without saying, Happy New Year to everyone too…
    I didn’t even think of Alice of Wonderland so thanks for the observation…
    Obscene Rabbit: Yes, it does now mean I can wear the shoes without them slipping off….I think a stronger bit of elastic will do a better job but alas, it’s not as exciting as the scrunchie…

  40. Hahah, how creative susie!

  41. Amaaaazing shoes ! There is something creamy with them !

  42. selena says:

    those shoes are amazing. the colour and the detail is just wonderful! the addition of the heart scrunchies, amazing! amazing!

  43. selina says:

    i used to get way too much joy out of hair accessories! love these shoes, especially the colour! i’ve never experienced a sample sale, i wish i could!

  44. renee says:

    they really do remind me of alice and wonderland. lovely!
    God bless~

  45. FOXYMAN says:

    oh my god!!! this WHOLE combo makes me way too excited!

  46. xtong says:

    very delicate shoes

  47. nice shoes, if you are really looking for cool shoes then must check these out

  48. nike air max says:

    those shoes are amazing. the colour and the detail is just wonderful! the addition of the heart scrunchies, amazing! amazing!

  49. Ces chaussures sont tr√®s belles, j’adore.

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