Retrogading the 90s

90svint Everyone is getting in on the 'Let's look back on the decade' palava in addition to the usual 'end of year' round ups.  'Best of the Noughties', 'Noughties Review', 'What the first decade of the new millennium did for us' etc etc…

In my head, the year 2000 only seems like yesterday and thus looking back on the noughties in retrospect is a bit bizarre when so many things are still fresh and bubbling up at the top of the brain's cauldron.  Actually, come to think of it, the 90s, containing my tender teenage/formative years also, only seems like yesterday but I think when I received this invitation to a 90s' Vintage event that will be held at Selfridges in conjunction with Rokit and Beyond Retro in January, it finally thrusted the nail in that decade's coffin. That the 90s wasn't 'only yesterday', that in fact, it was over ten years nearly twenty years (see what I mean about me forgetting that the noughties happened?) ago and that I've grown a lot older than I thought I had in my head.  The event at Selfridges is really I guess meant to be an affirmation that the 90s as a period can now be considered somewhat 'old'.

In the typical referential nature of cycles that run in fashion, things were already starting to head in that direction anyway and for the past years, little nuances referencing the '90s' have been dotted about in various guises on the catwalks.  The real fact of the matter is though, that people who were barely toddlers in the 90s are now able to pick out items of clothing and say very briskly "Oh, that's so 90s!", thus referring to the decade as if it were something before their time, something remote and distant.  I'm not sure where these 90s impressions come from if not from pure memory but perhaps the re-runs of Saved by the Bell, Beverley Hills, ye olde Google Images and seminal films like Clueless etc help things out.

But what of the peeps who do remember that period in time and I'm not just talking about my generation either.  It seems like all decades get attributed with style cliches.  Sixties = miniskirts.  70s = flower power.  80s = legwarmers etc etc etc.  Of course, any person living through each particular period will know that each decade throws up a plethora of style variations with lesser-known sub-cultures, micro-trends perhaps going undocumented.  The internet will certainly lay bare the amount of stuff we were into during the noughties, so much so someone will probably build some sort of Wikipedia-like compendium.  The 90s falls in that tricky in-between period and I'm hoping it doesn't go the way of decades before where pork pie hats, bomber jackets and Brit-pop parkas become the 90s cliched signposts. 

Not being in any way representative of the 'generation of the 90s', I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you recall of the 90s.  You can leave comments here or email me.  It could also be an image too or perhaps an outfit made up of pieces from the 90s' that no doubt fill racks of many vintage stores today.  (Please send images to

For me personally, it was a pretty tumultuous decade that started with fake Disney printed tracksuits forced upon me by my mother (my sister had matching ones in a different colour…) and ended with pretty much the foundations of my personal style that hasn't really shaken much in spirit since 2000.  By that, I mean that by the time I was 16/17, my attitude towards style was geared towards the sole aim of making myself happy.  Somewhere in the years spent at an extremely enclosed girls' school environment, I started being fed on an inspiration stream of Camden markets, J-17, Japanese/Hong Kong magazines, Claudia Kishi, shopping in Hong Kong and DIY tutorials found in old Bunty annuals that I bought from jumble sales.  Pragmatically speaking, I had also developed an affection for skirts over trousers and discovered that layering was one way of counter-acting the fact that I didn't have a 'sexy bod'.  So the 'spirit' of my 90s memories results in something like this… an updated version of what I wore involving quite a few items originating from the 90s, what with all the charity/vintage fodder accumulated in the noughties that of course could only really be classified as 90s second hand rejects.

DSC_2025 (Vintage tweed blazer, vintage plaid shirt, vintage stripy top, vintage polka dot satin trousers, Cacharel skirt, plaid Doc Martens, Yokoo cowl)

DSC_2057 (Uniqlo stripy top, vintage 90s floral lace body, vintage floral trousers from Market Publique, Miss Sixty net skirt from charity shop, H&M knee highs, Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse rubber platforms)

So, yes contributions please if you do happen to physically recall that decade… and well, for the peeps who can't remember a thing, perhaps if this blog still exists in ten years time, I'll have the urge to recall the noughties…

*I do realise that it's a bit crass of me mentioning Clueless without of course saying the obvious… RIP Brittany Murphy.  I don't wish to bestow an outpour of false affection but it has to be noted here, that her famous Tai line from Clueless, "You're a virgin who CAN'T DRIVE!" did forever haunt my formative years up until I err… wasn't a virgin anymore.  I still can't bloody drive though!

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  1. I watched that Noughties programme! It was quite funny look back at all those things and seeing how we’ve progressed in a decade. I was only born in the 90s, but I could get some photos of my sister and myself as children, and family aswell.

  2. To me, nineties style = super unfortunate proportions like miniskirts that sit on the widest part of my stomach. Square proportions in general. Everything from My So-Called Life, however, is stellar. Born in 1990, though, and I wasn’t exactly watching fashion as a kid, so I’ probably missing something.

  3. In about ’93, I treated my boyfriend to a John Richmond rollneck ‘jumper’. It perfectly channeled the ‘Belgian deconstructionist’ trend of the moment as it was knitted from string coloured wool – but it came down to his knees and the sleeves ended well past the tips of his fingers (Think Kurt Cobain in a ladies’ knitted tunic dress). Throughout the 90s we’d make our post-pub visitors try it on for amusement. It finally went to the charity shop…In about 2005 I saw a photo shoot with David Bowie and I swear he had that bloody jumper on!

  4. From what I remember? 90’s for me as a kiddie was denim shortalls, crop tees with slogans, stirrup pants and kung-fu canvas shoes…which I just bought the other day for $6 from kmart!

  5. i absolutely love this reflection on the nineties period…it seems like i am always over hearing people writing things off as ‘TOTALLY 90’s’! or ‘TOTALLY 80’s!’ when in fact it seems very modern to myself…
    I absolutely agree with the post above about unfortunate/awkward proportions…but beyond that? the decade boundaries have been totally blurred over the past few years…
    my most nineties memory? oversized acid wash t-shirts with wolves/assorted indian icons printed on them…

  6. Being born in the late eighties I didn’t spend much of the nineties thinking about ‘proper’ fashion, but I was still aware of my own style and of my idols'[ie Spicegirls, eek] and I’m not proud of what I remember! Post Disney tracksuit/ cycling-short-and-tshirt-combos [a Hunchback and Esmeralda all over print springs particularly to mind], I wore lime green, florals, dungarees, fleeces [cringe], experimental hair and denium… a lot of denium. But my overall impression now of what was going on in adult fashion then is pared down or loosely tailored clothing, and a lot of leather?!..

  7. If you were (like me) an art student at Saint Martins mid-to-late nineties you were likely to channel at least 3 of these: Jarvis Cocker, Chloe Sevigny (in Kids and MiuMiu), Stella Tennant, Red or Dead, Biba, Farahs (trowsers), spaghetti straps, tank tops, Buffalo-platforms, Magic Colour (crazy coloured hair dye), bus drivers’coats, This Life, the seventies & psychedelic sixties (esp. in prints department), skinny eyebrows, space age (remember space boy?), lurex, very tight tops (baring midriff) and bumsters, the Japanese ‘Fruits’-kids, skiing jackets, one tried hard to look wasted, but as a Swiss of v healthy complexion, I always failed (very much like the then popular Chris Evans catchphrase ‘I tried – but I failed’). Uh. What a decade. In comparison, the noughties looked rather conformist;-)

  8. I can, but don’t. Not sure I should (drive). Which is worse? Was toying with rubber winged rocking horses because they reminded me of some plastic Red or Dead platforms I had in the mid Nineties. They were fine until I got too warm in a large marquee once and nearly killed my ankle and all the people sitting in front of me. Hot day & plastic platform shoes=bad. Rubber, however should be ok.

  9. Awesome post Susie. Now approaching 25 I suppose I’m a bit of a 90’s kid.. Now that I think I was ever vaguely cool as a serious late comer to fashion. Basically my staple uniform was floral leggings (often the stirrup kind), some sort of loud t-shirt, quite possibly either Global Hyper Colour (the sort which changed colour, handed down from my sisters) or Fat Willy’s Surf Shack because having the word Willy on my top was just, er, hilarious. Side ponytails (still ‘rocking’ that look today..), cycling shorts…and a sequin boob tube I wore cos I thought it made me look like a spice girl! My icon was Clarissa of Clarissa Explains All.
    Also – I still can’t bloody drive either!

  10. Ah,the 90s…I was born in 1990, so didn’t really form any sense of fashion in that decade, but I recall being rather fond of a horriffic pair of multi-coloured leggings which I wore with a green, ribbed, velour t-shirt.
    I also remember rocking double denim quite a lot as a kid, and dreaming of the day I could wear dresses like the ones Baby Spice had. My most prized posession was a pair of silver platform trainers. The Spice Girls had a lot to answer for, fashion wise.

  11. Great post! I will have a rummage through my wardrobe to see if I can find any nineties pieces to put together into an outfit. Unfortunately, my hoarde of clothes tend to be from the fifties and sixties.
    Unfortunately, when I think of the nineties (and early two thousands in my case.. Being only 14) I remember the phase of dressing I went through when I was little that involved way too many tie dyed items, patched jeans and sports hoodies.
    But I will have a look to see what I can find! Talking of emailing you, I was just wondering if you got the message I sent you about some designs I did? I really admire your style, so as part of a project I chose you to do two sketched designs for based on your style and blog. If you had the time, I would really appreciate an opinion on them. (I’ve also posted them on my blog.)

  12. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I love the second outfit that you’ve put together here.
    Great mix of layers, patterns etc. Pretty knee length socks too, with crazy shoes!

  13. Ah the 90s… I was wearing crop tops with “hilarious” text like “too hot to handle” and “sxe plaese” (goddamn you french connection), but I totally agree with the above comment that “My So Called Life” sums up the 90s. It’s all about the grunge for me (and Jared Leto, yum!). I think a lot of the mesh and bodycon things that are cropping up in editorials these days are pretty 90s inspired. Not to mention those miu miu SS2010 block heels!
    Oh, and Susie, 1990 is like 20 years ago, not 10… eeek!

  14. I remember wearing cut off denims with tights and a purple polka dot shirt with creepers with red laces and loving it – I thought the 90s freed up fashion in lots of ways.
    I also recall my All Saints combat phase mixed with Marc Jacobs and Chanel. It was that or Prada power suits and I was no power suit person!

  15. I was born in 1969 and have to say the 1980s was much better than the nineties. The music, fashion and general quality of hipness is something we’ll never get again. I found the nineties to be a very dark decade fashion wise with people wearing darker clothes while in the 80’s everything was happy and gay. I lament the loss of shoulder pads, big hair and being able to smile without having a ulterior motive.

  16. I was born in 1988, but since i was 8 my mom had the terrible idea to leave me wear and do everything I wanted to do.. !! It was a chaos, a creepy mix of her and my brother’s clothes, colored contact lenses and small parts of fake dyed hairs ( there was a kind of mascara for the hair..!!)I’m Serbian but I was grown in Florence so I’m trying to explain the situation of a small part of the ’90 that I’ve lived .. Converse and Doc Martens was the kind of shoes that the geeks used to wear, Japanese manga and anime was the entertainment of the “heretic” kids, Spice Girls and the Boy Bands was the only kind of music that was important to talk about( I was in love with Cranberries..!) I regret that I wasn’t able to see what was really happening in fashion and music, anyway looking back I miss those years..I think after 2000 everything is changed, something in a good way, but a lot of things in a bad one.

  17. I was born in 86…and had a pretty much similar upbring in the way of clothes as you. I too had fake disney/Sailormoon/Mango character tracksuits, fake hello kitty leggings, leggings with smiley daisys, random parcels from HK which included knitted jumpers with mini knitted jumpers attatched to them (for decoration), tartan trews and hairbands galore. My mom used to dress me and my sister exactly the same too. I remember Sabrina the teenage witch, Saved by the bell, Canto Anime by way of Sailormoon and Superpig, watching ‘Live and Kicking’ avidly on a saturday morning…with my poptarts AND reading Smash Hits magazines and sticking stickers of East 17 and 911 all over my wardrobe! Haha. I miss those days!

  18. i literally just spent a whole day scanning about 500 old photos that i’d kept in a shoebox and putting them on facebook from the 1990s (think i single handedly kept boots in business with my disposable camera usage) and this is what came up: clarissa from clarissa explains it all has A LOT to answer for. denim shorts with coloured tights, a lot of patterned waistcoats, doc martens, clogs (think me and my friend had different colours and swapped one each), raiding tammy girl/ clockhouse, 9-15, miss selfridge (remember how topshop was uncool yet miss s was the bomb!) hideously baggy surf clothes, red or dead platform foamy wedge things, spice girls phase of buffalo trainers, PVC skirts/trousers, citrus colours, zig-zag fake missoni tops, babydoll dresses, belly tops and combat trousers, trousers by AMAZING which after about 5 washes showed the white threads of elastic all around your bum, kickers, acupuncture, carrying your PE kit in a river island bag, backpacks on ONE SHOULDER ONLY, sun-in, bindis, meticulously painting our nails with tiny pictures, kappa tracksuits, shaggy fake fur, camouflage.
    all this influenced by (the band) shampoo, clueless, empire records, my so called life, kenickie (the band), just 17, bliss, sugar, spice girls, all saints, sister sister, baby sitters club (me and best friend still call each other stacey and claudia and we recently bought nearly the whole collection off ebay), sweet valley high, the faculty, other girls at the roller disco on friday nights.

  19. I was born in 1984 so the 1990’s were my pre-teen to teen years. I was a “grunger” from age 13-15 which meant I had blue hair, wore flares and then a tie dye slip dress over the top and like Gwen Stafani I wore Indian Bindi’s. I did change a few times in those years and want to dress more like Cher in Clueless, so I would do mini skirt + blouse + knee high socks but my blouse and skirt would be in clashing plaid and floral patterns. I blogged ages ago about what I used to wear back in the 1990’s

  20. The 90s were my kid-to-teen years (1984-born here, like Hayley), and I spent a lot of time in mom-bought hideous clothes that made me miserable until I finally decided, circa age 12/13, that I’d had it.
    Specifically remembered clothing memories include the following: shirts worn knotted at the waist, denim pinafores worn over t-shirts with combat boots, massively oversized t-shirts over baggy jeans during my ‘fat’ years (still the same size now, only I don’t mind it now), my hideous school uniform that looked like it was trying to satisfy nurse fetishists AND schoolgirl fetishists in one go, skorts, a long red and black checked wrap skirt that I still wear, denim overalls, high-top sneakers, 3-inch tweedy-looking wedge platform heels that I wore when I was 15, baggy sweaters and oversized sweatshirt jackets, turtlenecks, baby tees(never wore any but my friends did), cargo pants, and zip-up/button-down skirts, which I owned about a dozen of. Also one plaid shirt, which I loved to bits. I remember finding a copy of FRUiTS (long since lost, boohoo) in a flea market towards the end of the decade- it pretty much changed the way I thought about dressing myself, forever (and like you, I was a J-17 and Claudia Kishi fan- they started importing the Babysitters Club books to my hometown when I was about 12, and it was always so much fun to read about what she wore)
    Unlike Ian, I actually think the 90s were a good style decade, and better-looking than the 80s in many ways (I never got completely sold on the 80s revival, though I don’t mind the updated styles. That’s half of why I started reading fashiontoast, really- it was a refreshing change to see a blogger who actually referenced the decade I remembered best.

  21. I can’t even think of the fashion of the decade — I’m still in such shock that it’s going to be 2010. 2000 REALLY seems like yesterday to me. I remember things from 2000-2001 better than I remember yesterday, to be honest.

  22. Hee hee, some of the answers above really make me laugh!
    I was aged 11-21 over the course of the nineties; as you say, very much my formative years, and it seems like just yesterday.
    What is nineties? Grunge! Plaid, layers, clashing prints, florals with big boots (or, indeed, ON big boots), dressing like the boys, seventies revival(platforms, flares)…
    I would definitely say my style was formed in the nineties. I also love minimalistic avant-garde stuff, but maybe can get away with blaming the eclectic nineties for my inability to limit myself to the streamlined.
    Thanks for the post.

  23. I’m 40 now, and I started working in the italian fashion industry in the 90’s..In the early 90s there was a new generation of young and avant-garde designers that constitute the spearhead of a new movement: the deconstructionism. The deconstructionists clothes were usually black and as regards the size they could be oversized or shriveled, or look worn backwards, with uneven hems, visible seams and cuts ( the Anversa design school)
    During the 90s there were revolutionary changes: it became available a range of styles much wider than it was ever happened in the past. The magazine no longer present the dominant trend for next season,but by contrast, emphasize the variety of themes, shapes and materials proposed. There were mix of styles from the 60s and 70s (miniskirts, flared trousers, hippie dresses, wedges shoes and punk clothes), and a huge number of other trends, from the cyberpunk to the ecological fashions, from ethnic styles, to the grunge, from the recovery of school uniforms to the use of activesport clothing.
    The most important success and the more effective novelty is the rise of Gucci, which shows how a traditional company, a manufacturer of luxury goods can reinvent itself by calling a new stylist, and adopting an advertising campaign with a plus. In the mid-’90s under the direction of Tom Ford, Gucci became the most sought after brand.
    At the turn of the millennium, then, the leitmotif was the reinvention of the classic pret-a-porter mason, the main creative movements take their inspiration from the street, no less than the catwalk, while the border between the two areas was becoming increasingly blurred.

  24. So true about people talking of the 90’s when they were born in …2001 or something..I grew up during the 90’s (born in 85) and I remember those disney tracksuits very well! You say your mom forced them up on you, but I actually had to fight my mother and beg her to let me wear those kinds of things, she was the one who wanted to put me in all black semi-goth/punk outfits…hahaha. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  25. looking back on the 90s at the end of the noughties kind of makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    anyway, when i think about it, i can’t recall owning a single pair of jeans back then that fit properly. were all 90s jeans of some bizarre shape or was it just me? i had blue hair for a couple of years and of course doc martens and layering were the basic elements (i was so jealous when my best friend got her ‘party martens’ – disgusting beige docs with roses on them). i remember we started to make more of an effort with clothes and projecting an image when we discovered pulp; then suddenly all the boys were wearing purple velvet suits and the girls tried to look more feminine in babydoll dresses, we were all desperate to be ‘indie’ and ‘brit-pop’.
    anyway, i strongly believe the reason why we all dressed the way we did in the 90s, was simply that we’d wear the first clothes at hand that were somewhat clean. haha.
    i’d say the 90s were amazing, though i resent the label ‘vintage’ in this context. makes me feel terribly old.

  26. i was in primary school in the 90s so i was a spice girls fanatic, not quite old enough to appreciate boy bands. i had a lime green stretchy dress that was basically a top and mini skirt attached by silver rings across the middle. i went to a dressing up party in it as a hairdresser! i wish i was a 90s teen, being a moody teenager would have been so much better in grunge rather than emo wear!

  27. oh god…the bloody 90s are not vintage!
    what i remember: plastic dummy necklaces – that was a fad that Robbie Williams started I think…buying mens boots with stacked heels from Saxon for school…also a trend adopted by Take Thatters, as was a black cagoul thing with ROB written on the back (which my mother binned as she thought it was ‘neddy’). Body suits were HUGE!!! I had a floral one from tammy girl which I would love to wear right now! Back then I wore it with pink denim bermuda shorts and jelly shoes. We used to wedge stones in our jelly heels so they clip clopped, but maybe that isn’t 90s specific!

  28. I was born in 82 so in the 90s I was 8 – 18. There were alot of mistakes in there but as I began to choose my own clothes and break out of what everyone else was wearing (jeans and sports tops & Skechers – the more you blended in to the crowd the better!) the 90s for me was loving Docs (I always wanted the flowery boots, I may have to buy them for myself this year!), tie-dye, string tops, skirts/dresses over trousers, long flowy hippy skirts, anything purple, painting my nails in rainbow colours or with tiny flowers, Jansport backpacks, very wide legged jeans, crop tops, plotting to dye my hair purple but never having the courage. Its hard to know what my influences were but early Friends has to be one because we were pretty obsessed!

  29. Born in 1974 here! I feel like early-mid and mid-late nineties were quite different, each being different from the eighties. I remember clothes having fairly simple shapes through the mid-nineties–a-line minis; very straight-legged jeans, neither tapered nor wide; simple tee shapes. Stripes, lots of stripes! And knee-highs. A general home-made aesthetic, but more punk-rock than crafty–I spray-paint stenciled a lot of stuff, for example. Shoes were chunky but not platforms. And slips! I wore a _lot_ of slips all through the nineties. There was a company that redyed vintage slips and charged a _fortune_ for them, which was silly as you could just do it yourself.
    (And the mid-nineties was when Doc Martins became terrible–I have a pair from 1991 that lasted for years and years and years, and the same style from the late nineties fell apart. Believe me, the docs you get now (even the “original specifications” ones) are so cheap and shoddy compared to proper ones. In fact, that was a nineties trend–“revitalizing” an old brand by making it cheap and trendy instead of well-made.)
    Oh yes, we didn’t have knee boots except lace-up docs; we had spectacularly unflattering mid-calf zip-ups like the Spice Girls.
    By the mid-late nineties, I had a _lot_ of platforms, including some gorgeous forties-style ones I still have. Most of them were mary janes with a chunky rounded toe. Just-below-the-knee skirts in a tight-at-hips-then-flared shape.
    Then in the late nineties, all this boho/sparkly/embroidery stuff came in–Prada was the first big label to do that, or at least the first one I noticed. Embroidery on menswear fabrics, very seventies avant-crafty. It looked very fresh at the time. A lot of gilt thread. Embroidered pants! Embroidered corduroy cargoes!
    Hair was very simple through the early nineties. Or rather, in magazines it was. Instead of eighties perms, everyone dyed their hair all the time; I had really unsuitable red hair for years, when it wasn’t blue or green.
    It was more fun than it sounds, actually.

  30. My memories of the nineties fashion wise: belly baring (or in my case gut-bearing) tops, low rider flare jeans, tight stretchy tops, those friendship and bead bracelets, tribal-like plastic choker necklaces, old-school Adidas trainers, oodles of lipgloss
    wish I had been a bit more creative in the 90s, maybe gone a bit more grunge-y/cool instead of the wannabe sexy look I wore (still embarrassed to look at old pictures in my hideous outfits)
    Another great post 🙂

  31. I was born in ’83, and I generally cringe looking at pictures of myself in the nineties :s. I went a bit overboard. This is me during the nineties (in Belgium):
    Elementary school: headbands (the stuffed velvet kind) and a lot of purple. There were no cool stores with childrens’ clothes (I talked about this to my mom the other day as well, she said it was crap back then too) so all my stuff came out of mail order catalogues (La Redoute etc). I also started borrowing my mom’s stuff (she’s very petite). There were a lot of leggings, I had such an overdose that I refuse to wear them now.
    And yes I had a Minnie mouse sweater tracksuit and my little brother a Mickey one. But we’ve had matching tracksuits back in the 80s too.
    Junior high: plaited mini skirts and thigh high socks, fake cow fur skirt, furry sweaters, a lot of “house” wear (the music, not the building) including godawful “Systeme Nouveau” clothes and Zino & Judy. Fluorescent orange. Walter van Beirendonck’s techno children’s collection (W&LT) and white bleached stripes in my brown hair. The boys started wearing skater gear, I had baggy jeans as well (actually a pair of men’s jeans which I belted down).
    Highschool: bootcut jeans, bomber jackets, spaghetti straps, tight midrif bearing t-shirts, nailpolish in all colours, huge plastic rings, and platforms – lots of platforms. Was first one at school to wear platforms (12cm high even) and got mocked a lot, until 3 months later they all started wearing them, even some of the guys. Mostly Buffalos. I had a pair of fake tigerfur Buffalos myself.
    I didn’t want to blend in with the masses (looking like everyone else was the worst possible thing for me) so I usually went quite over the top with what I wore. Didnt’ really matter if it looked good on me as long as I thought it was “cool” and “unique”.
    My favourite brands back then: Diesel jeans, Fiorucci, Miss Sixty
    Inspiration: Tank Girl, Clueless, “Fancy” magazine (Dutch), “Bravo Girl” (German) and the occasional J-17 import
    If I look at teenagers nowadays they look a lot more stylish then me and my friends at that age. We lived in our own little teenage world, the kids now are actually involved in fashion. Must be the internet and better highstreet stores I guess.
    BTW, Tokyo Banhbao did a 90s outfit post (well, drawing) a while ago, was very funny.

  32. To me, the nineties can be split in two – staggering out of the eighties into lycra – tube skirts, and living in leggings for 3 years (much like people do now). Followed by grunge with hints of Britpop…. army surplus khaki combat trousers (for me, always the real thing and not a ‘fashion’ version!), tight black tees and vests… DMs and adidas… weirdly the first image that comes to mind with how I dressed in the late 90s is Natalie Imbruglia in ‘Torn’, with much, much messier hair.
    I also have a distinct memory of the first appearance of Marc Jacobs’ grunge on the catwalk, and me subsequently layering one of my mum’s button-through floral frocks over leggings etc back in 1992, and my tubeskirted friends thinking huh?! (of course ‘Marc Jacobs’ meant nothing to me then, I was just copying the look all the papers were up in arms against the anti-fashion fashion)
    It’s still slightly weird to me now how everyone 12 and upwards dresses in many ways pretty much like older women do (with teenage aplomb). Heat magazine just started in 1999 and I’m sure it’s the mammoth amount of celeb mags, cheap fashion rags (Looks etc), the speed of light copies by high street stores of what’s on the catwalk, and not least of course, the growth of ‘tinternet and digital photography (never a chance to dress down when everyday outfits can get posted on the net) that means even the average joe is a billion times more style-conscious than 20 years ago. Topshop in the early to mid-90s was a LONG way from the catwalk (I still have a 1992 pair of denim shortie dungarees!)
    Images? The cool thing is, as digital and phone cameras were a long way off from being ubiquitous, there is little evidence of my fugly 90s student look!

  33. Love the 90s! So glad they’re back! I’m all about the bustiers, bike shorts & crazy florals.
    So glad to see you’re loving your floral trousers too 🙂
    Wish I were there so I could check out the Selfridges event!

  34. Enjoyed reading all the posts. It’s so true that teenagers, 20 something’s were far less sophisticated back then and it was still clear what ‘tribe’ you belonged to – indie, townie, raver etc etc. I was aged 11 – 21 in the 90’s, here’s what I remember good and bad, mostly bad – benetton jumpers, next catalogue, head bands, kickers, coloured jeans, dungarees, crap jeans, baggy jumpers, head bags, plaid shirt, doc martins with long floaty dresses, baby doll dresses, charity shops, 60s clothes, mod revival, velvet flares and electrib blue silk shirt with high healed loafers ala Gucci, Madonna! addidas, vans, ski jacket, red or ded, shellies, ahhhh I’m getting nostaligic, now I know how it feels to be old!!

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