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As work is winding down and my time is freeing up, rather than concentrating on the recipe to the perfect roast potato (no point really as Style Salvage Steve has the formula DOWN to perfection), I'm instead going to be playing catch up with posts that have been hanging around my desktop for FAR too long.  To take them beyond 2009 would frankly be a travesty to the very nature of blogging.

So Anna Heylen. Dolls. Antwerp.  Right, Antwerp… wasn't it yoooooooooonks ago that you went there, Susie?  You would be right and every other blogger who took part on the Antwerp Shopping Trail has covered this already but I a) wanted to salute the dolls that hang on the walls of Antwerp-based designer Anna Heylen's store (and maison) and b) give praise to this ickle cape that I like to swing about like an amateur matador.

It was interesting to learn that long before Barbie got involved in Roksanda Ilincic-clad limited editons or Lanvin had ceramic dolls made up as gifts, Heylen created a set of dolls in 1993 that started off an obsession where the designer can mess about with miniature versions of her clothes.  They've also evolved from faceless, hessian-dressed identikit dolls to mutilated ones covered in red latex and now the ones that sit proudly on the feature wall at her store are swathed in luxurious fabrics.  There's plenty of great prose that explains her dolls on her website but basically to sum up what her current incarnation of fashion dolls do… "Drowned in their vanity, they examine themselves in the reflection of the mirrors and pearls."



IMG_4637 IMG_4638

IMG_4640 IMG_4643


Unrelated to the dolls, Heylen has a small range entitled "Fur Recuperation", that uses salvaged vintage fur to reform them into different pieces  The little strip of re-used fur on this blue pleated cape, which I bought, is just enough of the soft stuff for me though the jacket with this wood-like patternation was also fairly tempting.




It's not a rigid cape as such but the pleats in it keeps it in place so it doesn't floop about too much…


DSC_2030 DSC_2041

(Worn with New Look body, which is still in my possession for now, Swagga and Soul leather trousers, Acne shoes)

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  1. You should do a post on how you do your hair. Did you get some sort of hair clip thingy from HK? Because we have those Japanese hair clip in Taipei which you could use to make a very nice round ‘man tao’ shaped hair bun.

  2. What a fantastic cape…you need a muff of the handwarmer variety in matching fur (poss. fake) to go with that. I actually saw one in New Look the other day and resisted…

  3. There should be a legal limit to how much awesomeness you can fit in one post, because Susie, you are faaaaar above the limit. Awesome and slightly creepy which makes them more awesome dolls/absolutely stunning fur collection/super outfit.

  4. Those dolls are amazing! Like little mini works of art.. I actually did a project in art last year where I spray painted three barbies in silver and blue and then used them as mannequins for a recycled fashion project. There is just something so intriguing about things in miniature.
    Great cape too, very whimsical. Beautiful bright colour!
    Oh, I just wanted to let you know that I have done some sketched designs inspired by your style. I posted them on my blog and I’ve also sent you an email. I hope you like them!

  5. I love swagga and soul’s leather goods. Their is so much detail in all of their designs. I would love to actually get to a store and really take a look at some of their designs. The construction looks really clean on the website.

  6. I know this is way random. But I’ll be living in London for a couple of months
    (January until May). I don’t know exactly what I should be packing?? I’ve never been there so I don’t know how the weather is..

  7. Hey Susie! Been a while since I commented but I just wanted to say that I ADORE the way you’ve been wearing your hair all knotted up like recently. It looks fab. And you look fab. Just wanted to say hi!

  8. Haven’t commented in AGES and now it looks like Typepad will only let me do it with my silly url….but I still have to tell you, you look fab! And I second all the people commenting on your hair, how do you get it to do that?
    The dolls take my breath away. Especially the one in the basketweave dress, the one in the crinoline cage, and the one next to the basketweave dress. Actually, all of them are stunning- how big were they in real life, Susie!

  9. Lemontartletsandwinegums: Phew…your name is long but it feels good to type it again… welcome back!
    Regarding all questions about my hair, I’m surprised people are so intrigued by it… there’s no proper technique at all! I have so much hair that it’s kind of the only way of getting it out of my face… I just tie it up into a high pony tail. Then I fold the ponytail in half and secure it with another hairband. I then use some kirby grips to tuck the end bits in. I’m not sure something as simple as that warrants a video tutorial or anything….! I’m personally NOT capable of doing anything complicated with my hair anyway… so much so that I didn’t even know what a bloody top knot was until you guys started talking about it! Oh dear…

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