Gallery de Vie is a store in Hong Kong that I wanted to check out for a while as it has a definite part to play in the whole 'indie' boutique development of Hollywood Road/Soho area.  Walking around on streets and going into physical stores isn't really the normal shopping regime in Hong Kong given the mall culture that is hugely rampant be it huge glossy malls like IFC or Pacific Place or smaller underground malls like Ginza or Rise Commercial Building.  After blipping around in malls for a while in HK, there was alas, only so much Christmas jingle music I could take (beware Scrooges, they take Christmas veeeery seriously over there… at least on a commercial level anyway…).  So it was refreshing to physically walk into Gallery de Vie… and go through their selection of labels that are quite evenly spread between European (A*N*D, Swash), American (Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Creatures of the Wind) and of course Asian designers…

Gdv Gdv1

I love this crumbling wall at the back of the store that leads to the basement…



Gdv5 Gdv6

Gallery de Vie is also…erm…a gallery for and is currently hosting RCA grad Lilia Yip and her collection D.A. Acitivist in the basement.  Rather than being a fashion collection, it's a series of garments and prints (by Mona Choo) that her observations of her environment…



Gdve3 Gdve4

In particular, Hong Kong labels get a lot of lovin' from Gallery de Vie and one such label has been plaguing the head for a while ever since a fluro bit of fluffiness landed on my desk in the form of this shopper tote that is covered with a mass of tangled up fluro orange thread and has since been taken on shopping excursions around Waitrose, needlessly grabbing attention.  PLOTZ is the label responsible for this perfect bit of mess.  Sing Chin Lo, the designer happens to be entirely Hong Kong trained but PLOTZ has already been presented in Paris and is pretty successfully stocked. 



It was good to see a few more of PLOTZ's pieces from the A/W 09 'River Filled With Stories' collection and also to see that the tangled up thread has also been applied to the top half of shirts and dresses…



From Plotz' autumn/winter 09 collection came this pleated top (as shown in this ye olde photo that for some reason makes me look like a tourist standing in the middle of Newburgh Street).  At Gallery de Vie though, I rummaged through the sales pile and came out with a PLOTZ piece from their S/S 09 collection that worn with bare legs and nothing underneath is officially my 'airy fairy' dress but for the sake of current climate, needs something underneath to withstand what is officially winter.   

On an unrelated note (apologies for my relentless use of 'unrelated notes' lately…), my DIY dip-dye tight attempts should have been stowed away, given that in Hong Kong for a mere ¬£2.50 in every cheapie mall, you can find dip dyed tights in all kinds of colours… here are the black-to-grey ones.   



A LUCKY 12 (I combed meticulously through emails and comments but if I have missed out any, please say so now!) answered my challenge for "Let's cram as many colours into one outfit just using solid block pieces and no prints and patterns" and it's well overdue that I shared the results.  I think I may have demanded a little too much seeing as I also stipulated 10 plus colours.  I realised this was a blogger-diva in action and so on Twitter, I did say five plus colours would be acceptable too.  I must be honest though, my challenge was rather a half-baked, spur-of-the-moment sort of thing so I didn't actually expect someone to take the time to send something in or make a post on the matter so I'm touched that people were willing to bend to my preposterous whimsies…

That said, a lot of challengees also noted that they were invigorated by the challenge and that it forced them to look into their wardrobes and realise they either had a lot of colour to play with or not much at all.  Whatever colourful/not-so-colourful conclusions you came to, I'm hoping there'll be other challenges on the way just because there are some of us that will always have time on our hands to indulge a bit in completely useless tasks such as this one.

In no particular order… I give you… the colour-meisters-who-answered-this-silly-blogger's-pleas…

Ali of Hello Birdy


Laura Whittemore


Kamicha of The Door in My Wardrobe  // Camilla of A Butterfly By Day (pretty pretty mother n' daughter blog)

Kamicha Valerie 

Crystel Hadley

Diane Nguyen (broke rules slightly with a printed skirt but I'm not one to be choosy what with my blogger-diva requests…) // Eline of A Fluffy Blog

Diane Eline

Rowena of Rosiepop


Style Eyes // Tomorrow of In the Bedroom

Styleeyes Tomorrow 

Tanya – not sure why she's covered up with an angry badger…


Danelle of Dani-D


A huge bout of Fantasy Friday Surfing is in order especially when I'm supposed to be 'loving' things for the new AnOther Loves website for work (it's terribly painful clicking and pointing out all the things I LOVE but can't afford…).  This FFS activity bought me back to 20 Ltd, a highly curated gallery e-shop that I mentioned aaaaages ago when I was going through my love affair with Sir Robert Dudley (1532-1588).  The concept of the store is that the products are LIMITED but I see some things that are still there since the site launched so perhaps Ltd isn't making things sell out faster as one would think.  Still, I guess that prolongs the fantasy a little while longer so that perhaps a ¬£1 a day could potentially go toward the funding of any of these items that they currently have on their 'Ltd' roster…

Bordelle's Angela girdle dress -  – I should be running miles away from this dress that could so easily fall into one big Dita-themed burlesque cliche but something about its uniform elastic bandaging, literal bum shape and hardware is telling me that I too could take a risk and go for the 34B (I'm something like a double AA aka non-existent…).




Natacha Marro Heel-Less Red Glitter Platforms – – So people keep banging on about how Natacha Marro shoes are the comfiest thangs in the world with their chunky chunky platform and I've yet to try them myself to add to that vouch and something tells me these heel-less platforms aren't the torture instruments they ostensibly look to be.



Victim Victorian Lace Print Dress – What's better than actual antique lace?  A print of it so that I don't get the opportunity to snag it on an tube railing or door handle or something of the like.



Jacqueline Rabun Ring with Floating Sapphire – I'm not a lux jewellery type person so it was a good thing that Jacqueline Rabun's ring and the other pieces I tried on at a press day reminds me of numerous challenges on the show Crystal Maze, which I avidly watched… (let's all listen to the stellar theme tune shall we?)



Oliver Goldsmith Norum 1958 Sunglasses – I want hand-carved yew tree temles and I want them now.  And a pony.  I'd really like these glasses to be delivered on a pony.


20 Ltd also has some great photographic prints on sale including Nick Veasey's negative print of Kylie's Knickers… I can't verify by the title whether it's THE Kylie's knickers but I don't think that's the point…


And every one of these Marc Quinn flower Polaroids alongside my wall would be brilliant, ta very muchy…. I guess Kinkos print outs of the web images will have to suffice…

Productimage-picture-untitled-16-814_jpg_800x800_q85 Productimage-picture-untitled-3-801_jpg_800x800_q85

I was pretty much ready to run around on the streets wearing nothing but an elongated bra and a pair of silk shorts after seeing Clare Tough's S/S 10 collection.  It would have been something like a crazy spoof of a Lenor advert or something.  Me waddling around (waddling being the operative word post Hong Kong food binging…) in a delicate bra and shorties through a green green meadow (note of the TWO greens) could only have been induced by the prettiness that I saw at the press day.

On top of her intepretation of knits for the summer, an accomplishment that many knitwear designers are overcoming with much competence, she's also expanded her range of underwear aka pretty delicate things that you would want to gratuitously show off as more than just underwear. 


Claretough19 Claretough20


Claretough21 Claretough22

Tough had me fantasising about Wham!-esque cabin fires, chunky knits and undewear underneath last season (to complete the cliche, I think there might have been a box of Ferrero Rocher somewhere in the picture) and quite rightly the knits are still there for S/S 10 albeit lighter and sheerer with an emphasis on embroidery and mosaic beading to add weight…

Claretough1 Claretough2

Claretough3 Claretough4

…to the sheerness of the knits… here's an instance where I'd be inclined NOT to layer away and to just let the light flood in through the sheer knit.


Claretough6 Claretough7


As well as plays with opacity, Tough has created knitwear that as opposed to keeping one warm, uses the chunky yarn as an embellishment in itself with this draped rope motif…

Claretough9 Claretough10

Claretough11 Claretough12


… then to balance out the abundance of prettiness in this collection of Lenor ad-ready frolics, some very thin and soft leather strips have been woven together for these skirts and short shorts…

Claretough14 Claretough15