I was pretty much ready to run around on the streets wearing nothing but an elongated bra and a pair of silk shorts after seeing Clare Tough's S/S 10 collection.  It would have been something like a crazy spoof of a Lenor advert or something.  Me waddling around (waddling being the operative word post Hong Kong food binging…) in a delicate bra and shorties through a green green meadow (note of the TWO greens) could only have been induced by the prettiness that I saw at the press day.

On top of her intepretation of knits for the summer, an accomplishment that many knitwear designers are overcoming with much competence, she's also expanded her range of underwear aka pretty delicate things that you would want to gratuitously show off as more than just underwear. 


Claretough19 Claretough20


Claretough21 Claretough22

Tough had me fantasising about Wham!-esque cabin fires, chunky knits and undewear underneath last season (to complete the cliche, I think there might have been a box of Ferrero Rocher somewhere in the picture) and quite rightly the knits are still there for S/S 10 albeit lighter and sheerer with an emphasis on embroidery and mosaic beading to add weight…

Claretough1 Claretough2

Claretough3 Claretough4

…to the sheerness of the knits… here's an instance where I'd be inclined NOT to layer away and to just let the light flood in through the sheer knit.


Claretough6 Claretough7


As well as plays with opacity, Tough has created knitwear that as opposed to keeping one warm, uses the chunky yarn as an embellishment in itself with this draped rope motif…

Claretough9 Claretough10

Claretough11 Claretough12


… then to balance out the abundance of prettiness in this collection of Lenor ad-ready frolics, some very thin and soft leather strips have been woven together for these skirts and short shorts…

Claretough14 Claretough15


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  1. Oh Christ what an amazing collection. I literally love every single piece. That’s rare!!!

  2. dreamy says:

    wow! everything is just. so. beautiful.

  3. KD says:

    It’s all gorgeous, but the leather pieces are really wowing me with the craftsmanship. Super!

  4. Pretty much perfect but I just know I couldn’t pull off those last pants!

  5. Becca says:

    these pieces are feminine and beautiful!

  6. Aaah, it’s all so amazing!

  7. Brigadeiro says:

    The sheer pieces are stunning!!!

  8. Wow Susie!
    These are really great. Innerwear as outerwear, one of my faves. I love how you have actual photos of the garments b/c often times things look so different in person. The exaggerated crocheted shoulders are just divine!

  9. Oh wow, I love it all. Where is she stocked?

  10. Jezebel says:

    This is all I’ve ever wanted out of apparel. Leather teeny-tinies are the answer.

  11. some people just have…IT. and she is one of those people. beautiful collection!

  12. oh! really amazing. Great collection.

  13. Florenz says:

    I’ve really been craving modern lingerie, this stuff is perfect.

  14. Danielle says:

    Love this post! And your blog in general. I’m a new blogger, if you get a chance check me out at http://www.antiquatedtreasures.blogspot.com

  15. Phyllis says:

    wow this is an amazing collection – love all the contrasts and esp using the chunky knit as embellishment… thanks for sharing!

  16. All the pieces are beautiful. Not sure I wouldn’tdo layering though, I’m not quite brave enough to pull those looks off as they are.

  17. Karoline says:

    The underwear is gorgeous, it has such a beautiful vintage feeling.

  18. Stacey Kelly says:

    haha i love your thought process, im glad you shared your lingerie to sweater idea, i adore.
    fall in love with Tanya Dziahileva:

  19. michelle gosse says:

    I am in love with those skirts

  20. what a beautiful photos, love looks with lingerie touch. Powerful shape and wearable

  21. LarsS says:

    Some of the clothes were really nice actually! But a – is the model, she looks ”sick” in some way! :S I don¬¥t know. But i don¬¥t think she looks cute! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  22. Miss Media says:

    The sheerness of the knits! The contrasts of the heavier detailing!!
    This could be a disasterious thing to show me Susie!!

  23. alix says:

    are the shoes by her too? i love them!!

  24. Villedela says:

    So elegant and drape-y!

  25. Marta says:

    I’m in for the bra/knickers trend! the collection is so beautiful!

  26. The camisoles look really pretty.
    Interesting to see a knitted shoulder – it looks really good. The white dress and white sheer cardigan look so ethereal and gorgeous.

  27. MidnightsSun says:

    wowwww these are insane! they are out of control beautiful!!

  28. The Style PA says:

    Bralets are definitely about to hit the mainstream. I find them a bit uncomfortable myself, but fashion usually prevails… for a while at least.

  29. Caroline says:

    The elongated bras are fantastic, among all the other things. Deffo something you want to show off than just as your underwear.

  30. That is awesome collection, thanks for the share, i am impressed!

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