An Oasis of Trompe

>> It seems a little strange posting about things I haven't yet seen in person and are being talked about but I'm not one to miss out even if I am 5,000+ miles away.  With my very weak signal, I'm trying to keep an eye out for any significant happenings but bear with me if I am on the slow side…

For instance with design graduate Rosalind Keep's Trompe L'Oeil mini collection for Oasis, Disneyrollergirl very shrewdly spotted the pieces at the press day but now they're finally gearing up to launch and with a price between ¬£35-¬£40, all the printed oversized tanks and dresses are a not so tricky/trompe-y price.  It isn't Oasis' first time snapping up graduates immediately and putting them work on collections that bear their name and apparently they're set for more of the sort.  Keep's collectioon is set to go on sale in December so I'm told but Vogue has reported it as next Monday… I'm hoping it goes online if it does, as I'm of course still out here and the simplicity of the white tee below is far too 'me' in design NOT to snap up.


Image002 Image003 



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  1. It’s so kind of you to reply me.
    I’m quite excited when I know you are coming to Hong Kong, I don’t know why though.
    Do you wear the same way like what you are wearing in London?
    I think people in Hong Kong are surprised to see your style.

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