Ready for the Twin?

Ready for the Twin?

>> I've just come off a Skype chat yakking about the ye olde blogs vs. magazines argument (not sure why this old chestnut is STILL coming up and knocking about but there you go… read the latest installment on Tavi's blog) and what I think magazines need to do to stick around.  I'm no real authority on the matter but my feeling is that mags need to have that permanence about them, that feeling that you're reading in something that feels like it should be treasured and re-read or the images should make you want to frame them or linger a lot longer than a quick flick. 

I was thinking I might be slowing down on the new magazine front but actually there has been a flux of new super-focused, fairly niche-led publications on the loose now; Lurve, Love Want, Sketchbook and Wanchor to name a few.  New to the list is a fashion and arts bi-annual Twin that is launching 5th November.  What was interesting to me was that helming the title is Becky Smith, founder and ex-creative director of Lula Magazine and looking at this taster of Twin, it's pretty far away from Lula,  content-wise and stylistically which for some people, it's a good thing if you can't take heavy doses of girly dreamscapes, floaty frocks and err… Tennesse Thomas and Karen Elson. 

For me personally, I'm already drawn to it with its pending profiles of photographers like Ryan McGinley and Niall O'Brien in the first issue.  I also recognise a lot of names from working at Dazed; writers like Francesca Gavin who has freelanced for practically everyone, newer photographers like Mari Sarai and Carlotta Manaigo and stylists like Celestine Cooney.  There's a roster of high calibre names from the art world that are also contributing; Miranda July, Seb Pantane and Sam Winston.  In short, I'll be keeping an eye out for Twin in Borders when I'm on my next mag spree (just chucked out precisely 40 kg worth of old mags to make room for new ones…). 



Twin2 Twin3 Twin4 Twin5 Twin6 Twin7


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  1. Nina

    2009-10-19 at 10:19 PM

    Oh! I love the Chanel and Louboutin paper bags! mmmm….

  2. mylittleempire

    2009-10-19 at 10:21 PM

    i don’t get this whole debate really… just because i read blogs doesn’t mean I don’t consume EVERY magazine I can get my hands on… they’re entirely different mediums with very different qualities, totally incomparable in my humble uneducated opinion!

  3. Tallulah

    2009-10-19 at 10:43 PM

    As the Editor of a online magazine I think blogs/online mags definitely seems to be the way of the future. But I think you’re right they’ll always be room for quality print publications. There’s nothing quite like a quiet night in spent poring over the latest issue of Elle/Lula/Pop.
    Glossy Magazine –

  4. The Style Strutter

    2009-10-19 at 10:50 PM

    Looks interesting! Love the paper Chanel:)!!
    And have to agree with the 2nd post, I read blogs and mags non stop!!

  5. All Women Stalker

    2009-10-19 at 11:32 PM

    That Tavi is a firecracker. I don’t think mags will ever go away. I understand if newspapers do but magazines are just too pretty. They smell nicer than newspapers, too.

  6. Gerri Ward

    2009-10-20 at 12:04 AM

    OMG! Those paper bags are too FABULOUS!!!:))

  7. mimi

    2009-10-20 at 12:44 AM

    ok, im intrigued…it was the paper purse, the trash bag lounge, and “love bomb”

  8. Isabel

    2009-10-20 at 3:58 AM

    There is such a sad lack of good magazines in my life right now… The void is growing wider.

  9. Caroline

    2009-10-20 at 6:51 PM

    Will also keep a look for Twin!!
    According that debate that is kind of getting very old , as in grand mothers grand mother mother old, I totally agree on that magazines must have a more aggressive content i.e better pics, better stories. Though myself being one who just love to read my mags and look at the pics over and over don’t really embrace the whole internet thing.

  10. Lucy

    2009-10-20 at 8:35 PM

    Another magazine to covet…I’ll be on the lookout for Twin…hopefully after I’ve found a place that sells Lula.


    2009-10-29 at 7:29 PM

    the paper bags are really nice,
    seen something similar before
    and i love both
    blogs for their accessibility, cheapness (v. important) etc.
    magazines because you can just spend hours reading and they feel great

  12. gorelina

    2009-10-30 at 12:46 PM

    that magazine looks great.

  13. mrs rubbish

    2009-11-02 at 9:56 PM

    Looks very beautiful, would expect nothing less from Miss Smith!
    Love and luck for the launch
    Mrs Rubbish
    a fan of anything inspiring, both virtual and tangible…

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