Paris Fashion Week S/S 10 Days 2,3,4…Rush Rush Rush

>> Rush rush rush and I'm giving myself two minutes to type this post…  "Here's the Susie Show brought to you with the help of Phil Oh of Streetpeeper…and Anthony Vaccarello's eye-popping jackets from his S/S 10… this blog is not responsible for any feelings of repugnance felt towards the following outfits."

(Anthony Vaccarello jacket, American Apparel navy mesh dress and vest, Louise Gray pink fluffy skirt, navy stockings, TUK creepers)

(Natascha Stolle for ASOS dress, grey tights, Preen colour blocked pastel dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes)

(Anthony Vaccarello jacket, Christopher Kane for Toppshop body, Clare Tough skirt, LD Tuttle shoes, Natalia Brilli furry clutch)

54 Replies to “Paris Fashion Week S/S 10 Days 2,3,4…Rush Rush Rush”

  1. I love the outfit in the second pic most. The dress is cute and the coat looks really cool. And I also dig the skirt in the third pic

  2. Ugh, stop showing off your amazing pink fluffy skirt. IT IS KILLING ME! It’s too amazing to not own it BUT I CAN’T!
    Okay, I’m off to cry in a corner now D:

  3. Love all of ur outfits, esp all the jackets, the asos dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes and the pink skirt, soo Koool,I think i’m goin to buy myself another jacket 2moro. 🙂

  4. I did a little squeal of delight when I saw you in person on Friday. The same squeal that Dita got… You are a celebrity to me, Susie Bubble! Hope to cross paths again during fashion week

  5. I SOOOO love the second outfit the most. The accessories are amazing – you should try it with some cool cat-eye eyeglasses or sunglasses. Very retro-chic.

  6. Darling i saw you the day you wore that second outfit! you looked great and i was fascinated by the jacket…
    hope you are enjoying the craziness

  7. You are such a fashion inspiration! You look more unique than many models who are immersed in it on a daily basis – good job! I would wear your 2nd outfit anyday!

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