>> A few people commented how I seemed to thrive wearing the colour orange and indeed everytime I do wear my stock sale bargainous Dries Van Noten jacket, people do tend to drop the 'Wow, you look fresh!' comments (I'm thinking that perhaps, at any other time, I look like a bit of limp lettuce… with furry mould threatening to take over…)…

So it was pure chance that Michael Angel, puveyor of all manner of wonderful digi-prints came to my 'orange-aid' (geddit, geddit) and this pocketed silk taffeta dress (link is to the closest approximation of the one I'm wearing…) nestles perfectly under the Dries jacket and thus I achieve the look of a flickering flame weighted down by the Emma Cook for Topshop boots and hopefully not burning anything up as I go along…

Michael Angel is having a 50% off online sale at the mo and though a lot of things have sold out already, there's still a good array of leggings, tanks and dresses in various fabrications and of course, prints to be had for a more-than-reasonable price.  If flickering flame isn't your bag, maybe embodying burning sulpher, crystal rocks and other natural phenomena is more your thing…?





32 Replies to “Orange-Aid”

  1. Wow, the shop must have crashed! Fortunate for my credit, methinks…
    Colour really suits you, Susie! Black hair looks incredible with shades like those.

  2. I love love love this! The colours are perfect. This outfit tells a story. Beautiful. And orange really does suit you. I think it just makes me look sickly. 🙁

  3. as an orange-lover, i adore this!! especially with the clash of those crazy-fun shoes. alas, i’m not sure how to wear orange these days, since i just got my blond hair dyed auburn. hmm…just not sure how to work that. your look here is an inspiration- maybe if i work in some related colors to the orange…perhaps that’s it. sure works for you!

  4. C’mon, Susie, you never look like limp lettuce! You are far cooler than you give yourself credit for! You do look pretty awesome today as well. 🙂 I love that dress.

  5. I love that blazer and dress so much.. It’s fun to be the brightest one on the block. Orange is a wonderful color. When you pair it with blue, it’s soooooo pretty.

  6. Orange is a very daring color, but it is really fresh and brightening. It looks great on you! Those boots are amazing as well.

  7. You’re daybreak and a sunset, all in one. 🙂
    I was always told, also having fair skin and dark hair, that the one color I could not wear was orange. Silly, as clearly creative color- mixing can incorporate (even showcase) it without screaming “Halloween”.

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