>> Whilst I'm revisiting the Blow Presents S/S 10 show where Charlie le Mindu got wiggy with it, I thought I'd gladly note that another designer has turned the satirical joke in William Klein's cult film "Qui êtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?" into something that can certainly be taken seriously as a fashion piece.


Gemma Slack's S/S 10 collection is probably more of a culmination of getting nostalgic about designers like Paco Rabanne and Thiery Mugler than my own theory that Slack looked at the Baschet brothers' metal 'avant-garde' dresses (recently displayed at the Model as Muse exhibition at the Met) made for the opening sequence of Klein's poke-at-fashion flick.  Still I couldn't help but make the connection when I saw the smooth sheets that wrap the waist as an A-line skirt and the conical shaped neck ruffs, and actually giving the impression that the metal could well be a wearable fabric (as opposed to the actual screw and riveted armour pieces that Dolce & Gabanna did a few seasons ago…)…

The joke in the film was that the editors, namely Miss Maxwell played by Grayson Hall (a character modelled after Diana Vreeland) are in raptures about these metal dresses that cut up the models making them bleed.  Somehow though Gemma's garments don't look like they're cause a blood bath especially when coupled with leather tops and conical bras.  I didn't get to see them in Slack's Paris showroom but I'll let it be known to her that I'm highly intrigued to see how much of her metal weight I can take, even with my weakling body.


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Photography by Patrick Lindblom

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  1. marcia says:

    It does look very nice. Love the leather/metal contrast. I’m thinking about a way of taking it to an everyday look (or at least one that will allow you to sit down).

  2. Erika says:

    I was at the showroom with Gemma and she is amazing!

  3. Em says:

    Love the slightly blurred photography! looks so good in cintrast to the hardness of the clothes!

  4. Brandie says:

    Gaga needs to have that last outfit.

  5. this is all so very outre’….cool pics!

  6. Styletastic says:

    oooh, i just really want to reach for my gong…

  7. Fannah says:

    in that last picture.. don’t people wear those neck things when they have an ugly disease or something? and i’m not too sure about the pointy-bosom pieces but the top dresses are amazing 😉

  8. Marisa says:

    Metal has never looked so great. If only I had some of these pieces..

  9. kirsty says:

    all i can say to these pics – is wow! x

  10. katie says:

    ooh, hope they don’t let those ladies out in the sun for too long, could get burny..ouch!

  11. Sam says:

    dominatrix 3CP0 so cool. I could totally see Lady Fag from stylelikeu.com in this

  12. Colleen says:

    the models look like they’re in pain! =/

  13. Gerri ward says:

    WOW! Solely FABULOUS!!!:))

  14. luxirare says:

    Mugler derivative indeed! Nonetheless these pieces stand on their own, and they are incredible. Wish I could wear everything in picture #2.

  15. juliet says:

    So cool! Though the last a-line skirt wonders me, how did they get it on? they have a zip on metal?
    juliet xxx

  16. Mumbling Elf says:

    That last one – there’s my new sunbathing outfit. Right there.

  17. Olviya says:

    very Paco Rabanne))

  18. where do you even find this stuff? because it’s all amazing, and i hate you for showing me them because now i want everything you post. sigh.

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