Kron Feet

>> Kron Kron shoes have hopefully been sending waves of blogger's delight despite their slightly complex website which they promise will be revamped. I wasn't going to make the tough choice of picking a pair until later on in the year when I have a more decisive manner within me.  But then Kron Kron forced my hand and very very kindly offered to gift me a pair of shoes as a way of thanking me for sending out the Kron Kron waves.  So I did um and ah a bit and in the end it was the combination of the dusky pink and blue together with a nice curved heel that did it…  in my head when I look down at them, I'm thinking of the colours and pretty hoisery that Saga used to style her Kron Kron pics so likewise in reality, I'll have to ransack the tights box to ensure, they shoes aren't just bunged on the feet willy nilly…



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  1. Ah, I’m totally submerged in Kron waves. Memories of my spring Kron fitting session do not help. I need some colourful shoes in my life.

  2. gaahhhh lucky you ma cherie*, lucky you!!
    *please don’t be freaked out by this bout of affection, i am but a crazed woman between lectures.

  3. The colours are just splashing, I’m feeling a lot of dusty pink right now! The heel look so comfy as well. Good luck to you with yr new shoes!!Good choice!

  4. THEY GAVE THEM TO YOU FREE?! *envyenvyenvy*
    they are beautiful, mind. totally worth, y’know, the free-ness…

  5. I’ve been wanting a pair ever since I saw your post, but most of the shoes only come in size 40 or 41!

  6. I think you’re becoming annoying with your ‘oh look what I got in the post from so and so’ posts. It feels like you mention people in your blog to get presents off them. Well done, though, it works!

  7. ^^Kathy C: EJ is right…this is now a law that you have to state how your items are procured…. would it have been better if I had lied and said I BOUGHT them???
    I don’t post expecting gifts to come my way…. it’s just generally a pleasant surprise but I guess that is hard to believe for cynics…

  8. i’ve been in love with Kron Kron shoes for months! i really want their shoes for prom. too bad it’s impossible for me to get them. πŸ™

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