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>> Hopefully some of you Londoners made out to the Stella McCartney sample sale (apologies for not pre-announcing it beforehand but I only knew about it at the last minute…) early because by the time I arrived, an hour in from the start time, it was pretty much tumbleweed blowing in amongst the racks.  Stella fans seem to have a grown-up efficiency about them as most were sifting through racks in rampant speed, Blackberry in one hand, with a pram by the side.   I wasn't out to get any clothing, as my main objective was the lingerie, which I did score some of (no knickers alas because of the sizing…).  Not really having the time to rummage properly I literally grabbed some catwalk sample shoes and this heavy knitted racerback dress.  Both happen to be S/S 10 pastel shaded and the first thing that sprung to mind with the dress in particular, was that I could accentuate the nips nips a bit more (sorry, the bad boys came out in the cold in these photos…) by adding a pointy bra a la Louise Goldin S/S 10…



The shoes are from S/S 09 I believe and I love how the lucite heel is REALLY REALLY chunky, and actually the whole shoe is completely dancing around the line of being ugly but at ¬£40, I'll live with the questionable potential ugliness… seeing as I love to have a good twirl around that particular line anyway….


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  1. Love the dress – not so gone on the shoes, i think they tip over the ugly line for me – but the dress is great. I can see you using it as a base for layering. I love that it is basic and functional but with details.

  2. Wow, those colors are AMAZING. That dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the shoes as well. I saw them everywhere this spring in black and nude, and I didn’t like them that much, but I like them a lot more in that lovely seafoam color.

  3. to elaborate[!]… i love their sporty soft/hard contrast with the mesh/thick edging, and the soft pretty colour and the thick strappyness… plus i’m not adverse to bit o deliberately tacky plastic usage in a shoe! great choices!

  4. those are some crazy shoes, hard to describe, but i really like them, being the sucker for weird footwear that i am. i also have a fondness for that A-line dress shape. so i think this look on you is stella-stellar! sorry, bad pun, i couldn’t help myself. but really, you look so retro yet ultra-contemporary, and very pretty in this outfit.

  5. I cannot imagine how in the world they could be termed as ‘ugly’ – that pair of shoes is simply gorgeous in their own right! 😀 So in love!

  6. Saw you at the sample sale and wanted to tell you that I like your site, but chickened out in the end! Lol. I got there at 8.30 and people had already grabbed a load of clothes and shoes to try on in their little corner. Too much maddness in there, wished they had more stuff out every hour or so.

  7. i do like the shoes. haha i see the whole potential ugliness, but i think they are fantastic. 😀 i have a strong penchant for the weird and the might-be-ugly stuff too… ah well

  8. This is a delightful look. Very svelt. I think the only thing that bothers me is that I can see your bra straps — because everything is so clean, its a bit of an eyesore. Also, those heels are amazing! Are they Stellas? Even if they aren’t, the lucite heels is completely bossy.

  9. i have your shoes, susie 🙂
    only mine are the black stiletto version, and i literally wore them out in summer. fantastic dress btw. you look great,but you always do!

  10. Ooh! LUCKY you!!! Would’ve LOVED to attend a Stella sample sale! And SNAP! I have the same heels (except mine are blush/nude), love the shoes & dress!!! I nearly had a tear in my eye…40 pounds for those shoes?!?!?!? What a bargain!!!

  11. Oh, I actually really like the shoes, I even prefer them to those desert boots. This shade (grey? eau-de-nil?) is wonderful on you btw, and I love your hairdo here!

  12. LOLOL oh you’re too funny..
    I LOVE the shoes! I saw some pairs online in black but i don’t remember the lucite heel at all. lovelovelove! and that’s a reeally good price, and even with the horrible US dollars to pounds exchange rate, I would’ve snapped them up myself!

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