Don’t Forget the Forget Me Not

>> Ack, double negative hell there but I meant it, when I say that if I ever did get a scarf by label Forget Me Not, I would have to have some kind of permanent post-it note attached to my sleeve, like a watch, to remind me NOT to forget it somewhere; on the bus, at a restaurant, in a park…err… at the meat counter in Morrison's.  I'm fiddly with jewellery but even more so with scarves.  It's just tough luck that I've recently developed a re-crush on scarves (re-crush meaning I crushed them a while back and now the scarf lovin' is back with a vengeance).  I could be walking down a street and suddenly feel the urge to take off the scarf, flick it around a bit, wave it about and before I know it, I've left it somewhere and it's floated off into the bin. 

Nevertheless, I'll get onto developing permanent post-it notes especially for these digital print scarves by Forget Me NotCoco is a French, London-based illustrator whose work you might have seen in Vogue, Elle, Nylon and Muse…. where she combines hand-drawing and watercolours with digital techniques.  Now she's put her work to scarf and that has worked out well as the large 120cm x 120cm silk canvas provides her with a space to explore her particular fields of interest… enchanting woodland creatures mixed with space and geometry. 

They have an online shop but Forget Me Not has also recently done a collaboration with ASOS which I think is less of a diffusion line but more like an extension of her main scarf FMN collection…

I'll be wary though of flitting around in Morrison's with one lest they end up nestled in between the jars of different mustards (I have a fascination with condiments…)…



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35 Replies to “Don’t Forget the Forget Me Not”

  1. These should be paintings.. not scarves! But wot the hell.. you cant carry a painting on your shoulder.. so let them be. Awesome stuff!

  2. I am happy to see the post on her scarf, nobody speak about it. I love her illustration work since I saw it in Nylon, I think the owl is a amazing piece I bought it in cochinechine london and in real it s just fantastic. I can t wait to see the next spring/summer X mimi

  3. Lovely scarves! I really like how the edges make them look equally good when they are tied around, as when they are unfolded. How much do they cost ?

  4. i know what you mean i lost mine on saturday! i even took it off and put it in the arm of my jacket in the hope that i wouldnt loose it! but it didnt work i am a scarf missing lol xoxoox

  5. i saw coco’s lovely work on a scarf in a little shop named jumelle (williamsburg, brooklyn) about a year ago – never caught her name and have been searching ever since. thank you for helping me find her scarves again!

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