Cooperate with Me

Cooperate with Me

>> After a month of practically living in Cooperative Designs' wool ribbed skirt (I believe Browns has it in black) it's only fair that I dedicate a post to their S/S 10 collection which is a birthday ode to Bauhaus.  Annalisa and Dorothee always play with the similar codes that marks out each collection as definitively being Cooperative Designs such as stripes, unexpected cut-outs and a sense of freeform pattern-cutting…. but this time round, they've really pushed it with their knitting techniques, trying to be as experimental as possible.  In particular there's a pattern that looks like the knit has been splotched with bleach giving a sort of 'cow print' patternation.  


There's some textile work where a woven square pattern fades into a printed organza…


The key thing is like most of the knitwear designers that I'm into, Cooperative Designs have full control of their knitwear niche and they have made summer knits look like they make the most sense in the world, that OF COURSE they're the THING to be wearing on a hot summer's day. 

Look4 Look5

Look6 Look7

Look9 Look14


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  1. amanda

    2009-10-14 at 4:40 PM

    falling in love with this label. those shoes, i mean clearly they aren’t meant for the real world, but SPEECHLESS. the styling is always so great with cooperative designs too…always convincing

  2. taylor

    2009-10-14 at 7:23 PM

    I love the colors used here- the bright primaries really pop against the b/w. And those shoes!

  3. KD

    2009-10-15 at 12:33 AM

    A tight knit skirt seems like a perfect winter basic, and its super awesome in that pattern.

  4. amber renee

    2009-10-15 at 8:40 AM

    i LOVE your blog!!!
    so glad to find you~
    would love to be friends or swap links!

  5. Anthony Assefi

    2009-10-19 at 2:19 PM

    It would be so refreshing to hear more about newer talents .. rising stars ..
    Here’s one
    Ole Yde of Denmark,8076

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