London S/S 10 Shoe Fest

>> What with a backlog of London Fashion Week stuff to plough through, I've had to try and be methodical and break it down and what better way to start it off than with a good batch of shoe porn.  In exhibitoins and in show, I've gathered up a pretty diverse bit of shoe porn because I'm going for an Argos kind of vibe here where there's something for everyone…

So to begin with an even better look at those Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte shoes that kind of got obscured in all the smoke… they're bolted, plated and also metal-toe-capped… basically shoes for serious arse-kicking…


Ok, not the best shot as it looks like the model's foot is too big but the point is that there are grey jersey slouchy socks with tan sandals.  It's surely got to be my dorky Heather Matarazzo as Dawn Wiener in Welcome to the Dollhouse shoe look.


Temperley's circus theme translated into something less flamboyant than expected… steel-toe caps on brogues and…

IMG_1945 IMG_1946

…pearly king and queen boxing boots…

IMG_1947 IMG_1948

Lemon slash melon (honey dew to be exact…) at Christopher Kane by Manolo Blahnik…


Michael Lewis' got NewGen sponsorship this season and he did more of these delicate heels that are slightly too pretty for me but the colour combo fully makes up for that…



Jean Pierre Braganza's cut-out heels for his Psychedelactica collection… they're most definitely SOMETHING-galatica…


FINALLY, I get to post something about Atalanta Weller that doesn't just involve shoe specimens like these that will only see the light of a fashion shoot… whilst she has also been busying herself designing the shoes for House of Holland, she has now got it all together to make her first SELLING collection…



As below… whilst the wedges are extreme in shape, these and the mid-wedges below are definitely comfy looking…



My original Christopher Kane for Versus chelsea boot option is probably never going to happen so I may have to refocus my attention on this chelsea boot option…


Atalanta explained that the leather was impressed with the imprint of a hand to get this texture… hands on, hands off… just thinking of all the possible press-worthy headlines with this feature of Atalanta's collection…


Opening Ceremony had an exhibition stand at LFW and once again, pulls out some covetable, walkable options… I particularly like the smudged chalky print that means any number of S/S10's pastel shades would go with them…


I saved the best till last though as I got to touch and feel the Kron by Kronkron shoes at their stand… these are their A/W 09 collection shoes which some of you have had a hard time picking through on their website (and also translating the pricing system…all will be well though as they're upgrading their site to make it easier to buy…)



…then here is their S/S 10 collection…if the previous batch of shoes was like choosing candy, then these are literally candy incarnated… I'm once again stumped as to which ones I actually want…




58 Replies to “London S/S 10 Shoe Fest”

  1. The lemmon melon shoes and opening ceremony pastels along with the last few pictures are making me need ice-cream coloured shoes in my life…or just ice cream for the moment.

  2. I have to admit, the way I’ve seen it on the runway, I kind of love the look of slouchy socks with sandals. It’s very doll-like. And that last pair…they’re straight out of Marie Antoinette. I want to go shoe shopping now! πŸ™‚

  3. Steel toe caps on brogues and Kron by Kronkron, that’s all I need. What an amazing selection! Thank you so much for doing your homework Susie. xo d

  4. Atlanta is definitely entering to new territories of shoe design. It would be fab to get a pair of those wedges!
    And Kron by Kronkron – sswwwweeeet! I really crave a pair, although they are bit out of my comfort zone.

  5. ThereΒ¬Β₯s some shoe porn!!
    I love the grey slouchy jersey socks and if it wasnΒ¬Β₯t rsining cats and dogs I would prob wear it today.

  6. I adore them all! I love the crazy ones too even though they seem highly unwearable. πŸ˜‰
    Fabulous post! πŸ™‚

  7. All I have to say is: OMMMGGGGGZZZZZZZZZZZZ
    (But I’m very sad that I’ll never be able to afford any of these shoes.)

  8. Shoe WOWsa. I saw some of Atalanta Weller boots for House of Holland on Browns website, but I wasn’t familiar with her work. It looks amazing. Thanks for your coverage!

  9. i think the term “Shoe fest” definitely sounds more appropriate n interesting than “Shoe porn”. Oh my, i want and love them all!!

  10. Oh man! I Dreamt about shoes last night. I was walking in a high fashion runway show. They were gladiator wedges in black. love love! thank you for this post.

  11. wow these are all gorgeous! my favorites are the nicolas kirkwood/rodarte and jean pierre braganza ones – if they look this good in photos I can’t imagine how cool it would be to see them in real life!

  12. Shoe Fest indeed… For the love of my God and everybody else’s, I come up with a way to make more shoe money… I NEED to have so many of these… Amazing!!! Great post.

  13. Shoe Fest indeed… For the love of my God and everybody else’s, I come up with a way to make more shoe money… I NEED to have so many of these… Amazing!!! Great post.

  14. Shoe Fest indeed… For the love of my God and everybody else’s, I come up with a way to make more shoe money… I NEED to have so many of these… Amazing!!! Great post.

  15. Shoe Fest indeed… For the love of my God and everybody else’s, I come up with a way to make more shoe money… I NEED to have so many of these… Amazing!!! Great post.

  16. I bought the Atalanta weller black platform boots fall 2009 from and I can actually walk in them because they are so light.

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