Gorillas and Crocs Ahoy

>> This is a collage that really couldn't have happened without London Fashion Week, or rather, the Christopher Kane for Topshop collection coinciding with LFW.  Phil of Streetpeeper peeped these guys and gals wearing an array of Christopher Kane t-shirts, both mainline and Topshop collections so you get a nice mix of gorillas and crocs.  Then he bunged them in the jungle here…

I don't usually reduce myself to using internet acronyms in a post but… LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…

That's not laughter at the tees or the people wearing them of course, but it's just the assembling of them all together in one happy jungle that is giving me the chuckles…


55 Replies to “Gorillas and Crocs Ahoy”

  1. hahaha wow! yeah agreed, the upside down guy is the best and the girls in the boat. i still want a croc shirt

  2. LOL thats brilliant! I like the line up of crocs on the bottom! I must say tho that I LOVE the girl in the gorilla tee and the grey pants in the middle, great look.
    And I am once again thankful I dont live in London, I am yet to see another person in croc or monkey up here, which is fine by me, if I’d seen this lot I’d of been straight back to Topshop for a refund lol! x

  3. haha, I love this photo and these looks. I was a bit frightened when I read the title of this post due to the “crocs” being mentioned, I thought a pair of those terrible shoes would be involved.

  4. Very funny. I was tempted but I had a feeling I wouldn’t want to wear it after about two weeks. This pic confirms my suspicion!

  5. WHen Isaww this in my rss reader for some reason I thought you were gonna be posting about those horrible Croc Shoes. I was getting very scared

  6. Is it me or is the mouth of the crocodile just a little bit low on some people, making it just a teensy bit wrong?

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