>> I won't say too much because I think there are some deets here that need to be investigated in person.  It's a smear of favouritism again as I'm once again, super psyched and super egg-cited about posting the new collection of my friend Anthony Vaccarello.  Favouritism is only one teensy tiny contributing factor though and perhaps my faith is slightly blind but I'm truly in awe of his talent and actually being his friend can make one feel a bit wee and feeble because I end up wretchedly looking at my own hands and mock-crying to the skies "Why am I such a loser-ish mediocrity?!?"

After the silly boo-hooing and mock-crying though, I of course am immensely proud of Vaccarello and his achievements with his ideas, his execution and of course, the clothes.  From last season's concentration of high-octane dresses that are heavy with embellishment, he lightens up for S/S 10 collection, focusing on his idea of two summer staples; the bathing suit and the statement jacket.  You might query the word 'staples' but there's something quite refreshingly severe about concentrating on just a jacket and a swimsuit.  Willful perhaps but I guess that's better than bending to expectations.

I haven't been to Paris in a while so I haven't seen any of this in progress yet so I'm really REALLY psyched to see it all in person… deets will be posted imminently of course… 

Those in Paris can also see the collection at the Joyce Galerie in Palais Royal…

Anthony vaccarello invitation2







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  1. hek says:

    Incredible! I LOVE this.

  2. Brigadeiro says:

    Incredible geometries & lines!!!

  3. Ava says:

    WOW. I am absolutely blown away!!!

  4. ©hu says:

    You inspire me soo much!! :] loove <3

  5. amanda says:

    that piece in the last view photos reminds me of either veins or rivers!

  6. Mimi says:

    great lines, especially in the back. and i absolutely love the lapels on the jacket!

  7. Nathalie Doucet says:

    Soon in Philadelphia: Anthony V with Arnaud M will teach a masterclass… and Anthony will show his collection on the runway of the Philadelphia Museum of Art!!!

  8. Sweet_Tooth says:

    Truly evocative creations! His vision is certainly ahead of the times and I think this line will do well to force people to think outside the box in terms of style conventions.

  9. such dramatic looks! i love the plunging back– the plunging front is way overrated 🙂 so exciting to support your friends in the industry!

  10. Gerlando says:

    GENIOUS! simply gorgeous, great work bitch

  11. OMG I wore earrings like that for my 18th birthday. I do like the blend of minimalist structure with star tropper-esque inspiration.

  12. David D. says:

    It’s to die for!!!!!

  13. klee says:

    these are awesome!

  14. fashion-able says:

    Yet more cut-outs!

  15. frog says:

    just wawwwwwww

  16. Bajunka says:

    earings are stunning, but can anyone consecrate me – why is the model sooo ugly?:D

  17. zorro says:

    c’est ta m√®re qui est ugly

  18. Ed says:

    im loving the panelling..its amazing…

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