Clothes for Jenny

>> When leopard afficionados Roberto Cavalli goes all countrified and dainty on you for S/S 10 you know something has got to give.  Still, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to go to Cavalli for patchwork florals when some people have been doing it ever since they started out.  Lu Flux, an Edinburgh graduate is an… ethical designer (buzz buzz 'e' word…) who uses salvaged or organic fabrics and traditional knitting and patchwork techniques to make her clothes.  In the past, her collections may have danced around the folksy line too closely for me, but her S/S 10 has hit patchwork haven by exaggerating the variety of fabrics with a scalloping detail that is best seen in the second image below. 

It's the kind of gardening/picnic/country attire where if I was ACTUALLY wielding a shovel or erm… walking along a country trail, I'd get sniggers for not being properly dressed.  Like the exaggerated cliched airhead version of 'outdoors' dressing.  This is making Lu Flux's collection sound awful but I am saying that it's something of a good thing to be a little cartoonish and overly literal. 

On a separate note, the collection is called "The Eco Life of Riley"… which makes me think of Rilo Kiley as I can definitely see frontwoman Jenny Lewis rocking some of this, with a straw hat and vintage espadrilles…






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  1. This stuff is pretty clever.
    (I saw Rilo Kiley open for Coldplay (in San Diego) some years ago, and people didn’t know who they were. Are they a big deal in the UK?)

  2. When you casually mentioned the scallop edges in the second pic I wasn’t expecting to scroll down to something so birdylicious! If only I could get over my sewing fear I could attempt my own Peggy Patch outfit..

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