Calling in on Kron

I had meant to post about Kron by KronKron's shoes ever since seeing them on a) The Coveted and b) The Neverending Story and perhaps purchase a pair or two.  The choice has been baffling me given that their online store seems to stock all manner of colour ways and I've literally been umming and aaahing for a month with no conclusion.  Whilst similar in style, there are textural, shape and trimming differences that keep me in a choosy mood.

The beautiful and talented Saga, who has recently been shooting for Dazed Digital and doing a lot more photography work, has pushed me into a corner which forces me to finally choose a pair of Kron shoes, with these wonderful lookbook images that she shot in Reykjavik…

She's really highlighted the candy confectionary quality of KronKron's shoes that is basically forcing me to narrow it down to just one or two pairs from  the pick 'n' mix that is…








… their online selection… just try and pick one…. no, really, is isn't supposed to be rocket science but it is actually an effing tough ask…


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  1. If you go down four and one to the right, I love that pink/nude ruffle one. It’s a little more pricier than the others, but I adore it. Not having the funds available at the moment makes me weep.

  2. I love these. I love that 40’s fashion is back, it’s so good. Also do you know if there has been any updates on the Lula magazine situation. I’ve been harassing all of my local borders about it. I’m just really scared that lula is all over.

  3. I honestly believe I’ve just fallen in love. It’s not an affair if it’s with shoes is it? The lookbook photography is stunning.

  4. Oh suzie it’s SHOEHEAVEN!!!!
    Aw… they don’t have my size left in any of my favourites, and perhaps that’s a good thing!

  5. suzie!
    i checked the website… then got to and got trapped. marc jacobs boots for 100 quid…
    so, yeah, now i`m waiting for postman :)))

  6. I’ll take everything in this entry please! In my next life, I want to be a mid-twenties New Yorker forever so I can wear these sorts of things. Midwestern mom isn’t working for me right now!

  7. i’m confused by the currency conversion at the online store – they’re amazing! need to work out why they are currently seeming to cost 35 aussie cents.. too cheap!

  8. Susie,
    I want to buy but don’t get the conversion. Do you know what average price is in U.S. dollars? Plz let me know, are they around $400-500.

  9. I really tried to pick one, I would be so set on one and then change my mind again…and again. They certainly aren’t guilty of a lack of ideas. Love these.

  10. Yeah Cynthia the conversion is confusing? I don’t know whether they have printed it right on the web page. ie. the first pair of shoes in the top left hand corner of the grid are marked as Price: 34.900,-Kr. When you convert that to aus dollars it works out for under a dollar.. i’m thinking that maybe you need to calculate it without the decimal place, then they are more like AU$374 – which seems much more appropriate.
    Susie do you know how much they are supposed to cost?

  11. Oh great that you posted these! I tried them on while visiting Reykjavik, loved them but did not buy a pair – and forgot the brand name.
    I would probably go for a pair with a roundish profile heel, or those with striped platform on front.
    The prices are around 200 €.

  12. Hey guys: You’re converting with the decimal place in which is wrong…I think in Icelandic Kroner, a decimal place is really a , so you must convert 34,900 as in 34 thousand and 900 Icelandic Kroner which is about USD275 I think…

  13. hihi and thank you for all your great comments on our shoe collection Kron by Kronkron
    and thank you Suzie for your great blog.
    and Saga´s pictures amazing, she is one of a kind,super talent there
    As i notice that everyone is having trouble with converting their prize then i just wanted to point out that at our webpge then it appears converter from Bank of Europe if we need some help. But f.ex then 10.000isk is like 51GBP. So a pair is about 160-180 GBP. Pictures of the new collection will soon be online.(1-2weeks)
    love from the kronkron team

  14. Wow, those are amazing! But you’re right, its hard to narrow it down to one pair. They’re all a great mix between architectural and sporty. Congratulations on which ever ones you choose.

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